Today is a big day for SmartyAds. For the first time, we are striking a remarkable collaboration that integrates creativity with innovative advertising technologies. SmartyAds has just partnered up with a global creative production agency Jam, that delivers digital & traditional content, creative localization, and adaptation of advertising.

Jam has been creating branded content for print, digital, social, TV, and interactive channels for years and now features renowned brands like Amazon, Duracell, Pokemon GO, +Babbel, FIFA, and others among their clients.

Now, SmartyAds’ advertisers will tap into infinite opportunities to amplify their creative strategies. This creative partnership opens up a completely new era in our development. SmartyAds shifts from just a programmatic tool for serving and optimizing campaigns to an all-encompassing full-cycle solution.

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Importance of impactful creatives in programmatic

The effectiveness of ad campaigns depends on a variety of factors — correctly adjusted targeting, reach, traffic quality, and campaign optimization. However, there’s nothing like creativity itself that will influence the overall success of the campaign.

In essence, creative is the combination of visual and textual components that drive people to view or click on the ad. When these components are combined correctly, the ad becomes catchy and memorable. On the other hand, when the creative is weak, the results of the entire advertising campaign will be far from expected.

Creatives determine up to 75% of ad impact! The right message on the right platform delivered to the right person will drive the maximization of clicks and conversions.

“The more attractive the creative, the more it encourages users to click on it and interact with it, and thus, the better campaign outcomes will be. Aside from memorizing the brand, the user will most likely dig deeper into the product’s details, and this, in turn, will also foster brand loyalty in the future. In case the creative is poorly crafted, the user will either close it, skip it, or won’t memorize it. Plus, affected by the “banner blindness” phenomenon, these days, many people often don’t notice ads on the webpages altogether. In such cases, advertisers will waste their budgets as ad campaigns will fail to bring desired results. That’s why it is so important to diversify your approach to creatives and develop different ad units for different audience segments. Such creatives will take into account digital portraits of each audience segment, and thanks to this, engagement will come easier.” says Dmytro Sekiro, Head of Demand Side Platform.

Aside from this, advertisers need to remember the following truths about advertising creatives:

An ad creative influences sales 4 times more than a media plan

The quality of the creative is four times more important than the media plan if we talk about boosting sales. The right creative accounts for 50% of the changes in a brand’s sales.

marketing variables influencing brand sales

An ad creative is 5 times more important for brand awareness than targeting

Within the framework of 270 studies that included 40,000 survey participants, it was revealed that in 47.3% of cases the ad creative itself determined the probability that it would be looked at (rather than targeting — 10.7%).

High-quality creative increases the ad viewing time x6 times

Additionally, it is 93% more effective in terms of raising purchase intent among viewers. It was also revealed that ad formats that enable greater creativity and interactivity are more impactful than those that offer less space for it.

We can provide cutting-edge strategies and creative content, to simplify your digital marketing challenges.

Adjust your creative design & strategy

Previously, SmartyAds DSP added an auto-resize feature that automatically adapts the creative size to the suitable parameters so that it easily fits the ad placement — without affecting the creative quality. Now that we partner with Jam, advertisers will be able to adapt ad creatives with ideal respect to the channel and the user’s screen.

Big advertising ideas and creative concepts are sometimes hard to develop for brands unless they have a specialized team of designers and creative specialists. More so, stifled by budget limits, performance goals, and deadlines, the teams often prefer to play it safe while crafting commercials, so the result appears too rational but not engaging enough.

To produce great results, brands and advertisers need a clear-eyed view of how to create stellar campaigns that catch the attention of new and returning customers. That’s when an agency like Jam should come into play with the correctly chosen creative strategy and implementation.

About Jam

Jam is a global creative production & localization company that bases its work on a multilevel collaborative approach, the diverse creative skill sets of its team, and cost-effective smart technological solutions.

Among their services are creative & conceptualization, content production, photography, design, copywriting, graphics and motion graphics, content automation, sound design and mixing, retouching photography, post-production, animation, CGI & 3D, translation & transcreation, and brand & agency overflow studio services.

They work across the following channels: TV, cinema, digital, social, online video, radio, DOOH, OOH, email CRM, digital banner display, print & press.

Find the latest examples of their creative projects on the official website — section ‘work’.

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What’s next?

Now that the data-driven campaign automation of SmartyAds is merged with the best Jam’s creative adaptation practices, you can take the guesswork out of your creative preparation plan. From now on, you can create, launch, fit and adapt your creatives with real global professionals that will ensure that your creatives interact with your audiences effectively on each channel and platform.

For all of those advertisers and marketers who need expert tools for creative development and optimization, SmartyAds and Jam prepared especially favorable collaboration conditions. Be the first to find out. Contact your manager now to find out the details.

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