SmartyAds DSP never ceases to win titles when it comes to customer satisfaction - for the second time in the year the platform has been ranked as a high performer on global tech comparison platform G2. Previously it was recognized as a high performer of winter 2021, G2 utilized a number of quality criteria each of which enabled to pinpoint advantages that positively distinguished technology among competitors. This summer SmartyAds DSP has also appeared best in the category of demand-side-platforms. How this ranking was formed by G2 and what platform functionalities are highly appraised by our customers this summer? We’ve done a little research and can’t wait to share with you our findings.

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A little about G2

G2 is a globally renowned online software comparison platform that contains over 1,390,700+ independent and authentic user reviews. Utilizing these reviews 5 million buyers across the world review, compare, select the software products monthly. This way managers, entrepreneurs, and investors can make the right choices as they get the insider’s view on the product without having to test software themselves. Project management systems, CRMs, ERP systems, E-conference platforms, Marketing automation software - in all these categories you can find pages with particular software descriptions which are accompanied by genuine customer reviews.

As well, each product page on G2 has a rating. The ratings are based on user testimonials and stars that users attribute to the product while leaving reviews. Using this data algorithm evaluates two key indicators: the level of customer satisfaction with certain products, as well as additional criteria such as market share, vendor size, and social impact. Additionally, for the convenience of the comparison, the system applies comparison grids and reports.

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How SmartyAds DSP reach top performers in summer 2021?

The system attributed SmartyAds DSP to the list of winners taking into account 15 customer reviews on its product page. As seen right on the product description page, G2 displays that Advertiser Campaign Management features are among the highest-rated features on DSP, namely - notifications (22% above average), in-app ads functionalities (16% above average), and geo-targeting (9% above average). Ease of use and the quality of support also received quite high marks from G2.

The absolute majority of customers gave the platform a five-star rating, they also described what features they liked most about using our DSP. In case you want to compare SmartyAds with competitors and obtain in-deep functionality analysis, select 4 platform options from the list of demand-side platforms. We decided to go ahead and randomly chose 3 other platforms (in a similar SMB segment). Then the system generated the comparison grid so that we could see how exactly Smarty DSP stands out.

g2 smartyads dsp reviews

Campaign management is really something that SmartyAds can brag about. As seen from the grid campaign dashboard and optimization, and campaign reach received higher ratings than alternatives.

The dashboard of the DSP is simple and straightforward even for people who don’t have profound experience in setting up self-served programmatic advertising campaigns. ML campaign optimization enables our advertisers to bid only on those impressions that can be optimal for their budgets and beneficial for their campaigns. With traffic across top-tier countries and business verticals, advertisers receive access to the broadest categories of inventory globally.

g2 smartyads dsp ranking

Brand safety and fraud protection also received high scores as SmartyAds DSP connects to the global traffic safety providers and has its own in-house team that monitors the quality of traffic. On top of that DSP regularly integrates with direct publishers who have premium well-vetted high-quality inventory (Xiaomi, Meitu, KaiOs, and others).

g2 smartyads dsp features

SmartyAds DSP also appeared to be stronger when we talk about targeting, retargeting, and geo-targeting rankings. No wonder here - the platform has over 30+ targeting options to choose from and also strong mobile retargeting technologies. Mobile ad formats (including rich media) and highly interactive rewarded video ad formats enable advertisers to serve impactful programmatic campaigns easily and effectively.

SmartyAds DSP team is incredibly happy to be honored for excellence by G2 just another time - this all wouldn’t be possible without you, our dear customers. We are grateful to every one of you who took a minute to leave the review on the product page. We are also grateful when you reach out to us and leave your feedback and suggestions regarding platform improvement, your opinion always inspires us to continuously improve the media-buying experience for you.

A good analysis of our capacities and your feedback has also helped us to define the roadmap for the next platform updates that we want to delight you with:

  • Autoresize for creatives. Very soon you will have the opportunity to use the “Resize” toggle in your campaign creative settings. This will help the system automatically resize your ads and serve them on the most popular ad placements, as a result, more potential customers will see your ads.
  • Adaptive CPM. This is the function that will automatically optimize your bid price adapting it so that it brings your campaigns more impressions and, hence, more opportunities to reach your audiences.

Read a detailed tutorial about these new features in our next article.

A brief summary

This award is another milestone on our way to the greater DSP. We are proud to have the privilege to be called the high performer by G2 this summer. As always, we are committed to providing you with the best quality service. We will always be happy to update and improve our technology so that you could get the utmost of your ad campaigns. Our team is grateful for your support and attention, in case you want to share your opinion of SmartyAds DSP don’t hesitate to leave your feedback on SmartyAds DSP G2 page.

Lots of exciting updates are coming, join SmartyAds DSP and start advertising effectively!

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