Very soon, just in a few weeks, Lisbon will host a massive event dedicated to the most progressive digital technologies and tech innovations. On November 1-4 Web Summit will take place, bringing together about 70,000 professionals in one place to exchange experiences and promote web technologies to a new, even more, advanced level.

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Why are we going to Lisbon?

To share insights and to meet our partners and friends!

This is an inspiring event devoted to digital innovations, with big, medium, and small businesses presenting major updates and revolutionary technologies. At the conference, there will be many specialists from TOP-rated tech companies, with whom we would very much like to exchange experiences and observations regarding latest trends: privacy-friendly advertising, Metaverse, CTV development, recession-proof mobile marketing, and sustainable growth for digital companies.

As the world has been changing rapidly, especially during the last couple of years, the ad tech landscape was rocking like a boat in a severe storm. In such realms, any industry can either climb on the crest of a wave or go to the bottom in the blink of an eye. We want to share how we cope with these massive swings, and still manage to progress.

To network

Since the event is going to be attended by a lot of people from different areas of the digital business, we're sure to meet people and companies interested in our services or companies with whom we can build productive partnerships. It's a great opportunity for us to acquire new business connections and strengthen existing ones.

To learn

There will be many high-level speakers, informative workshops, and round tables at the Web Summit. All of these are sources of new knowledge that are relevant at this moment and will be applicable in the near future. And that means we can implement them in our work and increase the efficiency of our interaction with our partners and clients.

We hope to meet you in Lisbon

Web Summit is a truly large-scale and meaningful event for everyone involved in the world of digital technology. That is why we strongly believe that it is not worth missing and hope to meet some of you at this event.

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