Breaking news: From now on, it is possible to advertise with DOOH and audio on SmartyAds DSP. As audio and DOOH mediums grow increasingly popular, providing our advertisers with yet another chance to expand and impact their reach became of utmost importance. Advertising on these mediums can be smart, relevant and, therefore, more memorable than ever before. While audio and DOOH gain momentum and reach their peak popularity, advertisers can diversify their media mix and achieve outstanding campaign outcomes. Let’s see how to get started and why you should start advertising now.

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Why DOOH and audio ads should be blended with programmatic

Static ad formats were once mainstream; however, new ad mediums and user screens have given birth to new dynamic and interactive ad formats that more effectively capture user attention. Today, for example, programmatic has also effectively entered the audio advertising medium: in certain circumstances, audio ads affect long-term memory 49% better than radio, 36% better than TV and 29% better than mobile video ads. Other sources claim that audio ads can be the most effective form of advertising, and the growing digital audio spending only proves the growing desire of advertisers to invest in this medium.

audio ad spending

When it comes to DOOH advertising, ad spend will soon increase significantly due to the fact that lockdown restrictions are loosening and people are starting to spend more time outdoors. Understanding this, advertisers are actively preparing to address people outside of their homes. In the future, DOOH ad spending will hit the mark of $3.84 billion, and audio ad spend will show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 8.88%, resulting in a projected market volume of $9.83bn.

But why, exactly, are audio advertising and DOOH better when blended with programmatic? Programmatic allows advertisers to reach audiences on these mediums with the power of campaign automation. With global RTB coverage, the advertising platform instantly connects to the global pool of available ad placements.

Most importantly, with targeting, advertisers can decide who they reach with their ad messages instead of appealing to mass audiences. Meanwhile, being this selective in targeting is impossible for the advertisers in case they use traditional advertising on billboards or ad placement in between radio broadcasts. In such cases, advertisers have to rely on choosing the right radio station or broadcasting time (or physical venues if we talk about outdoor ads). With programmatic, the ads get delivered only to the audiences whose digital characteristics match the targeting criteria chosen by the advertiser. Inventory type, time of the day, physical location and other important campaign details are also easily selected on demand-side platform.

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Digging deeper into DOOH: What opportunities does it offer to advertisers?

DOOH advertising is truly innovative for a number of reasons; the most important is it enables brands to advertise with digital precision in the offline world. Targeting, attribution and campaign measurement were available in apps and on websites a long time ago. Now is the time for the offline world to become digitalized. Billboards, media facades, digital city formats, big screens in private airports, medical facilities and buildings - all can serve as inventory for displaying DOOH ads.

With the impact of big screens and the digitalized advertising experience of DOOH, the advertiser obtains numerous advantages, among which are:

  • Targeting. Although it is not possible to target ads individually to every user, DOOH leverages strong targeting mechanisms to make ads relevant to the outside environment.
  • Smaller cost per impression. The ads on DOOH are usually seen by particular groups of people, so the advertiser addresses more people with a single served impression.
  • Measurement. The digital component of the outdoor ad experience makes it easier to attribute outdoor campaigns.
  • Immersiveness. While people are tired of conventional static ad formats, big-screen, interactive, outdoor ads still effectively capture user attention.

By launching DOOH campaigns with SmartyAds, advertisers will accomplish the following tasks:

  • Running effective branding campaigns outdoors: restaurants, stores, apartments, offices, medical practices, health venues, private airports, condo office buildings, etc.
  • Targeting outdoor ads
  • Connecting instantly to a global pool of publishers
  • Achieving better brand awareness and reach, thanks to the impactful big-screen, interactive experience.

Wondering how to start your first video for DOOH campaign on SmartyAds DSP? Follow the steps:

1) Create your video campaign.

video DOOH

2) Fill out the campaign settings and activate DOOH traffic type as featured on the screen below. 

where to activate

Digging deeper into audio format: What opportunities does it offer to advertisers?

Audio ads have a lot of benefits to offer, starting from a unique advertising experience and ending with very beneficial advertising pricing. Let’s review:

  • Uninterrupted experience. While static ad formats can be placed side-by-side on a web page, audio ads are served one at a time, which reduces the competition for user attention.
  • No ad blockers. Audio ads are not obstructed by ad blockers, which means all ads are delivered as intended, and no ad budget is wasted.
  • Unique audiences. The users reach unique audiences who are normally represented by tech-savvy and well-educated people with an income above 100K.
  • Affordable price. Advertisers usually pay $4-10 for 1,000 listener impressions of a 30-second podcast ad. In programmatic, the price per impression will also depend on the chosen geo, placement details, and other factors.
  • High memorability. People usually listen to audio content when they are on a walk, in the gym, driving, or busy with other daily activities. That’s why their attention is focused on audio content, and thus, memorability of the ads increases.

By launching audio campaigns with SmartyAds, advertisers will accomplish the following tasks:

  • Run effective advertising campaigns across digital audio channels
  • Connect instantly to the global pool of audio publishers

Wondering how to start your first audio campaign on SmartyAds DSP? Follow the steps:

1) Create your audio campaign.

create campaign

2) Then upload your audio creative in the campaign settings. 

adding creative

To wrap it up

Audio and DOOH advertising can be emotionally engaging, memorable and very effective, as they provide unique advertising experiences. Being stirred by digital transformations, new targeting capacities and growing demand, DOOH and audio advertising will grow and develop in the future. Delivering exclusive advertising opportunities, SmartyAds is proud to be among those companies that pioneered these mediums. Advertise with us and stay tuned to discover what new capacities we add to DSP and how to leverage them to achieve really outstanding results.

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