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Another good news on the October's agenda: SmartyAds has partnered with Equativ, a global developer of ad tech solutions previously known as Smart AdServer Dynamic and LuguidM. With a shared vision of the digital advertising ecosystem, SmartyAds and Equativ are planning to create a mutually profitable environment that lets publishers and advertisers benefit from consistent and advantageous media trading.

Joined forces will help both parties to expand the opportunities of programmatic by strengthening existing capacities. Within the framework of this collaboration, SmartyAds will help Equativ to gain cost-efficient access to proprietary digital ad inventory globally, particularly in such regions as North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, Central, Southern, and South-Eastern Asia. Monthly SmartyAds serves billions of impressions, particularly about 300 000 000 only in South America. Advertisers of Equativ will be able to reach traffic across the same verticals currently available to SmartyAds advertisers:

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Meantime Equativ will provide SmartyAds’ publishers with an opportunity to connect to a new source of premium advertisers that offer competitive prices within a fast-growing programmatic market.

Such continued growth coincides with Equativ's vertical integration strategy. Currently, Equativ is moving from a supply-oriented platform to a comprehensive, global solution with the development of its demand. Just like SmartyAds, Equativ keeps being committed to its customers by providing innovative capabilities and supporting the independent programmatic advertising ecosystem as a robust, independent solution.

Having a clear mission ahead, we as partners will level up advertising opportunities for advertisers and publishers in the long run, so that they could trade in the beneficial and transparent ecosystem. We are very excited to work with Equativ towards achieving that goal and we believe that our synergy will redefine the global ad tech standards that will change the realms for many advertisers and publishers.

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About Equativ

Equativ (formerly known as Smart AdServer) is the global programmatic provider of robust ad tech solutions designed for demand and supply partners. In 2019, Equativ acquired LiquidM, a global Demand Side Platform (DSP). In 2021, Equativ acquired DynAdmic, a Cookie-Free CTV and Video Advertising Platform providing Managed DSP services. Finally, in 2022, Equativ acquired Nowtilus, a German Advanced TV specialist.

Now Equativ has headquarters in Paris and New York and works globally with a team of more than 450 employees in 20 offices. In 2022 Equativ has its own independent ad server, SSP, buyer tools, and media services to fulfill the promise of advertising technology.

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