In what feels like the blink of an eye, SmartyAds has already marked significant milestones since gaining two VideoWeek's Awards: Best Buy-Side Platform and Best Customer Service. Today, we're thrilled to announce yet another achievement as we find ourselves shortlisted for two prestigious categories at The Drum Awards. This recognition highlights the impactful contributions of Mykyta Plastomak as a Future Leader, as well as our relentless dedication to exceptional Customer Experience initiatives.

The Drum Marketing Awards celebrate excellence in marketing and advertising, showcasing the most innovative and impactful campaigns and professionals across various categories. SmartyAds' double nomination underscores its commitment to leadership, innovation, and customer-centricity within the competitive landscape of advertising technology. Let's dive deeper into why these nominations are significant and why SmartyAds deserves to emerge victorious in these esteemed categories.

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Nurturing future leaders: the impact of Mykyta Plastomak on AdTech

Mykyta Plastomak's journey at SmartyAds exemplifies our dedication to nurturing visionary leaders who drive innovation and excellence within our organization. From his beginnings as a Business Development Manager five years ago, Mykyta has continuously demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and a deep understanding of the dynamic programmatic ecosystem and digital advertising landscape.

As a Senior Business Development Manager today, Mykyta's leadership extends beyond business achievements. His initiatives in various fields, such as supply-path optimization (SPO) and demand-path optimization (DPO), underscore his commitment to transparency and efficiency in ad delivery, driving tangible value for advertisers and publishers alike. Mykyta's visionary approach to identifying and addressing industry gaps, coupled with his emphasis on knowledge sharing and mentorship, has not only propelled SmartyAds forward but also positioned us as a leader in AdTech innovation.

Elevating customer experience: our commitment to excellence

At the heart of SmartyAds' success lies our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and empowerment. Over the past year, our dedicated team has undertaken significant initiatives to enhance the customer experience, focusing on simplifying platform management, reducing campaign setup time, and driving better campaign results for our clients.

Through proactive engagement and leveraging insights from both qualitative and quantitative data, we have continuously refined our products and services to better align with client needs and preferences. Our collaborative approach, fostering open communication and cross-functional collaboration, has been instrumental in driving innovation and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Awaiting victory

As the winners of The Drum Awards are soon to be announced at a live awards show on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, at the Edison Ballroom in New York, NY, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to celebrate our achievements.

Winning in these categories would not only validate our efforts but also serve as a further testament to our commitment to delivering the best quality service and technology for our customers. We are confident that our dedication to excellence will continue to drive success and innovation, empowering our clients to achieve the best possible advertising outcomes with us.

What’s next?

As SmartyAds continues to navigate the evolving landscape of AdTech, its focus on leadership, innovation, and customer-centricity will undoubtedly propel it to greater heights of success, reaffirming its status as a trailblazer in the industry.

In conclusion, SmartyAds' double nominations in The Drum Awards serve as a testament to its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, reflecting the dedication and visionary leadership of Mykyta Plastomak and the collective efforts of the SmartyAds team. Keep your eyes peeled for how this event unfolds, and let’s celebrate another company’s achievement together!

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