SmartyAds White Label Solution. Reduce your ad spending and increase the effectiveness.

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Advertising drives sales. It’s a well-known axiom.

Every successful business uses it and spends big money on it. And what if we told you that you can reduce your spending while increasing the effectiveness of your ads? Maybe it sounds like a pie in the sky but it’s true.

SmartyAds Bidder as White Label Solution is a technical solution that enables direct server to server connections between Supply Side Partners and Bidders via OpenRTB protocol following OpenRTB Specification with all versions included along with a User Interface to create and maintain ad campaigns.

How does it reduce your ad spending? Thanks to our Deep Learning Algorithms we came up with few solutions, which will significantly reduce your expenses. Our CTR-booster will analyze your statistics and boost your CTR. SmartyAds’ Win Rate Optimiser with the help of modern machine learning will improve your Win Rates. And our Second Price Predictor will gather data about publishers and predict the second price.

Besides reducing your spending SmartyAds White Label DSP will give you more benefits that increase the effectiveness of your ads. Core Programmatic Bidder provides fast real-time interaction between auction participants, it processes a huge amount of data in a few seconds enabling you to pay the lowest possible price for the best impressions. Geo Edge User Security Pacer continuously verifies that ad quality parameters are in line with your predetermined policies, so your ads won’t reach anyone besides your target audience.

Certainly, there are many more benefits for our clients. Our Front-User Interface is incredibly transparent and user-friendly, If you have direct agreements with SSP, you may operate on their data via our Bidding platform, if client`s needs we’ll provide servers with the highest throughput capability you can possibly get, we’ll implement any feature you’d need and much, much more. But it would be too long to describe all of our features and tiring to read so many pages. Contact us at and start advertising now like it will be customary in the future.

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