The Web Summit conference has started today, and the SmartyAds team is excited to be among the participants. The event is being held on November 6-9, 2017 in Fil & Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal.

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About Web Summit

Web Summit is among the world’s largest tech conferences, bringing together professionals and leviathans of the tech industry. It’s an annual event, which gathers more than 60,000 attendees from 160 countries, over 1000 speakers, and up to 2200 journalists. Hundreds of brands showcase their unique promotional materials and cool branded items: cardholder stickers, anti-stress balls, sleep masks, and custom T shirts. Yes, this is all about annual Web Summit. It provides a huge exhibition area, inspiring talks from the industry leaders, workshops, and round tables. Web Summit is a perfect place to discuss everything about the latest trends and challenges of digital marketing. Naturally, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to join the event that defines the tech ecosystem.

SmartyAds at Web Summit

At Web Summit we are going to share our insights on the cutting edge technology, as well as our experience of implementing these innovations. As the world goes crazy about the blockchain tech, we are going to discuss the decentralization initiatives to determine how and when the blockchain technology will affect the programmatic.

Also at Web Summit, the SmartAds team will be happy to talk about our white label solutions, Blockchain AdStack and OpenRTB partnerships. We see Web Summit as an excellent opportunity to build bridges with the community and establish new partnerships.

Size the opportunity to meet us in Lisbon! To set up a meeting during Web Summit or hop on a quick chat, please contact us via

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