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SmartyAds DSP is a user-friendly self-serve demand side platform for running targeted,
measurable, and engaging ads that turn your audiences into customers.

Do More While Spending Less Time

Single-View Dashboard

A single transparent, one-view dashboard lets you manage ad campaigns in one place, optimize your media budget, and obtain full information about traffic and campaigns' performance from custom-generated reports.

Clear & Easy Navigation

Have you ever got lost in the settings of demand-side platforms? With SmartyAds DSP, setting up an ad campaign gets easy — start in a matter of clicks. We simplified and optimized the flow to the core of our programmatic platform to let you spend less time on campaign launch and management.

Do More Spending Less Time

3-Steps Campaign Launch

Choose a Campaign Type
Fill In Campaign Settings
Targeting, budget distribution, day parting, filters, optimization, tracking
Upload Creative
Set up creative choosing from the library or 3rd party tag. You are all set!
Campaign 1
Campaign 2
Campaign 3

Automatic Media-Buying
with Self-Serve DSP

SmartyAds self-serve DSP helps advertisers to run AI-powered programmatic
ad campaigns across channels, formats, geos, and business verticals.

More Impressions, Lower CPM

Adaptive CPM helps you get more impressions for the same price/spend by adjusting your bids to the most optimal level.

Saved Advertising Budgets

A smart bidding mechanism keeps your bids optimal yet competitive enough to win impressions and prevent overspending.

More Clicks on Your Ad

With a click booster feature activated, your campaign will automatically receive significantly more clicks and recognition.

Predictable Outcomes

With optimization rules, you can prioritize or automatically remove sources - according to criteria you set.

Dynamic and Interactive Ad Formats

Build your own creative library with engaging desktop, mobile, in-app, and CTV ad units. Upload tag-based creatives from major creative tools directly to the SmartyAds advertising platform and enjoy advanced tracking and optimization.



Mobile Web

SmartyAds self serve advertising platform opens a gateway to banner, interstitial, mobile display, in-banner video, and rich media ad formats. Serve banner ads in various sizes and configurations, including IAB Leaderboard, Skyscraper, and Billboard.



Mobile Web

Wrap your content into immersive pre-, mid-, and post-rolls or rewarded video ad formats and appeal to broader audience segments. Combine various video ad formats on SmartyAds DSP and reach peak ad message performance.



Mobile Web

Use DSP for native advertising with in-feed, in-app, custom, and recommendation widgets that seamlessly blend with the website's interface, deliver additional value to the users, and maximum ROI.

Rich Media
Rich Media

Rich Media

Mobile Web

Creatives that play, expand, and float on the screen are available on SmartyAds DSP as rich media formats. Select among interstitials, pushdowns, sliders, and expandable banners, and add third-party creatives in JS tags, HTML, or JavaScript.



Mobile Web

Deliver personalized audio advertising experience powered by programmatic targeting in real-time. Advertise with audio to effectively capture the attention of audio content listeners.



Outdoor Digital Displays

Reach your audiences outdoors by broadcasting your ad messages on immersive digital screens in public places: office buildings, private airports, health & fitness venues, etc.

Varied Targeting

Reach your target audiences exactly when they need a product or service like yours.
Channel your ad message to the right people at the right time and screen to turn ad viewers into customers and brand fans.

Time of the day (day parting)
Device brand
Connection type
IAB categories

Single Out Impressions That Are Right For You

Use filters
Apply your own whitelists and blacklists
Only aim for impressions within bid price you set
Set your rules to prioritize or exclude inventory
Retarget audiences in your subsequent campaigns

Capabilities That Matter

Campaign Builder
Campaign Management
Campaign Analysis

Advanced Targeting

Find your customers across channels — desktop, mobile, in-app, and CTV.


Users who once visited your website are 90% more likely to convert. Catch up on them launching retargeting campaigns.


Select days of the week and the exact time when your campaigns will be running (by hours).

Budget Distribution

Limit the daily spend, the number of daily impressions per visitor/IP based on your goals and budget.

Bid Price

Set a comfortable bid price to define how much you are willing to pay per ad impression.

List Management

Add blacklists and whitelists to the system.

Self-Serve Advertising

Use one convenient dashboard to access all essential tools for launching and running campaigns.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our skillful professionals will help you navigate, optimize, and measure your advertising campaigns seamlessly.

Automated Optimization

Apply CPM optimization and click booster to let the campaign reach its peak performance.

RTB Deals

Purchase high-quality traffic on real-time bidding programmatic auctions.

Direct Deals

Go to the 'Inventory' section and enter the direct deal ID to trade directly with your publishers.

Top-Notch Inventory

You access the finest quality inventory from RTB, PMP auctions, our direct SSP publishers, and global partners like Google, Xiaomi, Meitu, KaiOs, and others.

Analytics In Real-Time

Measure any metric in real time via automatically generated reports — ad spend, the number of served impressions, CTR, win rate, and more.

Conversion Tracker

Track conversions through available third-party tags — a conversion Pixel or Postback.

Campaign and Creative Analysis

You will see your best-performing campaigns and creatives right on the DSP dashboard.

Ongoing Improvement

Have a question about your campaign performance, analysis, or future improvement? Our friendly account managers are here to help you out.


Our DSP ensures that all the payments in the system are fair and transparent.

Clear Payment Terms

Register for free, make a deposit on SmartyAds DSP.

Trusted Supply Partners

SmartyAds is trusted by thousands of businesses globally for proven traffic quality, extensive 8+ years of experience, and an exceptionally safe advertising ecosystem. Our traffic partners include:

Smaato Bidmachine Google Admixer Mobfox Opera Loopme Mezzomedia Rakuten Advertising

Creative Partners


Award-Winning Technology

SmartyAds DSP has been highly praised by ad tech experts and acknowledged with International awards.

G2 Summer 2021 G2 Winter 2021 G2 Fall 2021 G2 Winter 2022 G2 Spring 2023 G2 Fall 2023 Forbes The Sammy SIA Winner 2020 Martech International Business 2018 Red Herring The Drum Dadi 2018 The Drum Digital Advertising 2021 EVA 2023

Happy Customers

Wondering what customers say about us? Read testimonials on G2

What Do You Like Most?

Tried SmartyAds DSP to air campaigns for my clients in technology and education niches. Both campaigns were in-app; for the first one, I used an interstitial banner, and for the other one — rewarded ads.

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What Do You Like Most?

I have been working with this DSP since the summer of 2020. With this self-serve platform, I have traffic in many business verticals, so my advertising campaigns always perform very well.

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What Do You Like Most?

If you want to get your ad campaigns delivered with good inventory at good speed, I would recommend Smarty.

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Global Reach Through All Geos
and Business Verticals

Global Reach Through All Geos and Business Verticals

Global Monthly Impressions

North America

500 000 000


300 000 000

Middle East

180 000 000


70 000 000


85 000 000

South America

150 000 000

Southern Asia

150 000 000

Eastern Asia

90 000 000

South-Eastern Asia

90 000 000

Central Asia

50 000 000

Starting Is Easy!



Register your free personal
account on DSP



Fill the budget, create campaigns,
upload creatives



Run and manage
campaigns in real-time

Need a Simple and Easy-to-Use
Tool For Media buying?

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What budget should I have to start a campaign on SmartyAds Demand Side Platform?

The first minimum prepayment on SmartyAds self-serve platform is $1000 (the amount for all subsequent prepayments is $500).

What are the payment terms of your Demand Side Platform?

The demand side platform works on a prepayment basis — to activate your DSP account, you'll have to fund it first (in the Billing section of the dashboard). Payment methods — credit cards, wire transfer. Before you make payment, make sure you meet our demand policies and our terms of service .

What payment models do you support?

We work only on the CPM (Cost Per Mille) model.


What are the most common sizes on your self-serve DSP?

  • For Desktop web: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600
  • For In-app and Interstitial: 320x50, 320x250, 320x480
  • For CTV: 1920x1080

What are your bid floor rates?

  • Banner - $0.5
  • Native - $0.7
  • Video in-app - $3.0
  • CTV - $10

How do you ensure traffic quality?

We use Protected Media and Pixalate on a daily basis, along with our own in-house solutions, to scan and verify all kinds of traffic and inventories.

Targeting & Retargeting

What verticals do you work with?

Our DSP has traffic across all popular verticals except those prohibited by our demand policies . Make sure you also read our privacy policy and our terms of service.

What types of conversion tracking does your self-serve DSP support?

Third-party impression analytics tag, Postback URL, Conversion Pixel.

Can I target campaigns by language or by certain domains or apps?


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