"Adweek Nextech is an event where digital marketing professionals can discuss the latest media and marketing technology trends that will define the coming year. The digital advertising ecosystem is going through some challenging times. The industry has been tossed around in different directions over the past few years; it's hard to say what will be trending next.

The pendulum has swung from mass surveillance and user tracking to more privacy-focused practices. How display advertising, audience targeting, alternate identifiers, and campaign measurement will eventually be implemented remains to be seen. However, this is one of the most important topics of concern for experts worldwide; therefore, it is the main topic of Adweek Nextech.

Adweek Nextech is a great opportunity to understand and learn how to cope with the challenges of digital marketing and to find out about the latest technologies that can help develop advertising services. The event takes place on December 6-8, 2023, and we will definitely be there; we hope to meet you there, too! "