Mobile Advertising

Discover rapidly evolving world of mobile advertising with SmartyAds

Ever wondered what mobile advertising solutions can bring to your business?

We offer essential keys to fuel successful business. SmartyAds self-serve platform for mobile solutions is an advertising tool that can be a valuable asset for every advertiser and publisher; our offering brings a powerful network where market players can choose among large selection of ads to show on Internet websites or apps.

Our mobile advertising kit offers premium tools to facilitate monetization of websites and applications employing targeted advertising streams designed to grow revenue coming from mobile traffic.

We focus both on mobile web and in-app ads

In a digital world where stiff competition is growing day by day, advertisers and agencies can cover wider audiences and spread a word about their brand faster. With mobile advertising popularity growing rapidly, SmatyAds platform allows companies to promote their products and services faster in more efficient way. SmartyAds opens new horizons for ad agencies and brands adding value to businesses through its network of trusted partners.

Mobile solutions for Demand and Supply partners

If you are an advertiser, think of direct benefits SmartyAds mobile advertising solution provides to increase brand awareness:

Personal touch

Using targeted data and cookie info, SmartyAds helps businesses to keep an eye on the viewer they want to serve the ad to. Target the right user by infusing mobile advertising in winning marketing strategy and reach to potential clients with SmartyAds DSP.

Creative ad types

Choose the ad types that are favored by users the most. Mobile banner or native ads, SmartyAds serves handful of opportunities across multiple ad formats. We help you achieve new heights and score the results that matter.

Success monitor

Control marketing efforts spending less with mobile promotions and digital advertising tools we offer and keep low CPM to improve margins. SmartyAds mobile advertising technology brings comprehensive kit to track conversions, campaign effectiveness, and obtain insights after promo launch.

Launch digital marketing campaigns using mobile advertising and harness effectiveness of handheld devices along with us. We bring a bunch of top notch app creators as well as mobile web publishers in front of you offering next to none mobile advertising options powered by RTB.

If the application development business that you have craves for the right promo strategy, finding a winning app and traffic monetization approach may become a real struggle. This is when SmartyAds’ mobile advertising offering steps in to the picture and secures ROIs.

Explore these advantages of advertising with us on mobile:

Global reach

Offering premium worldwide traffic, we take care of app monetization allowing developers to see their marketing investments bearing fruit. Generate more profit by exploring the world of innovative mobile advertising along with SmartyAds.


We equip mobile publishers with necessary tools to convert clicks into cash. Driving traffic to a particular app becomes effortless after joining forces with us and utilizing our mobile advertising solution to boost effectiveness of app promotion.

Programmatic optimization

With SmartyAds automatic inventory optimization app developing companies have loads of success stories to share bringing apps they create to new heights. At our mobile advertising platform, we unite numerous advertisers who look for exclusive ways to promote and present their products through related mobile websites and apps.

Don’t miss the chance to roaring trade and quick mobile web or app monetization SmartyAds offers!