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Brands and Agencies
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Publishers and App Developers
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Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners
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Our mobile monetization platform connects you to the most valuable demand partners all across the world. Join highly-efficient marketplace where mobile publishers and developers monetize on in-app ad formats of their choice and achieve highest app installs, fill rates, and ad revenues.

What is app monetization platform?

Our mobile monetization platform is an ad revenue driving machine created by developers and for developers. The platform for app monetization is a real-time programmatic decision that helps to obtain the maximum revenue for every served ad impression in your app via integrated lightweight SDK.
Mobile publishers & developers send an ad request to the marketplace via SDK.
A unified auction evaluates the bids in real-time and choses the highest one.
An advertiser offering the highest bid for impression wins the auction & sends the ad to the publisher’s app in microseconds.
The SDK renders and adapts the ad, serving it in the highest resolution.

Achieve much more from In-app monetization

The best competition
Our mobile monetization solution connects your app to the biggest pool of DSPs and mobile ad networks. The global reach ensures the better competition for your inventory that results in better monetization opportunities.
The mediation of preference
Our flexible monetization platform enables developers and app publishers to work with demand partners they chose. Select the partners you want to work with, aim for certain creatives in order to suit your campaign goals.
Our mobile monetization platform tells you where your campaign is heading. Configure custom reports and obtain analytical insights in real-time about impressions, revenue, fill rate, etc.
Payment on your
Choose the most convenient payment models. Opt for CPC (cost-per-click) and receive the payment for every click from your app, or get money every time your users initiate installation CPI (cost-per-install).

Optimized for ad formats of your choice

Rewarded Video Ads
Rewarded video ads pay the users for viewing the ad with virtual currency inside the application: en extra life, the game coins, hints, weapons & other privileges. Win-win for the users & app developers.
Playable Ads
Playable ad is a short demo version of the game build inside the ad message. Intrigued with the gameplay the user downloads the full version of the mobile game, that’s why it’s best for driving installs.
Interstitial Video Ads
Interstitial video ads pop up at the middle of the game and cover the whole screen. Interstitial video ads are hard to miss, that’s why they’re among most watched and memorized.
In-app Native Ads
In-app native ads imitate the form and function of the website’s content where they are placed. Oftentimes, they’re delivered as a useful sponsored content so the ad gets shares and repostings.
In-app Banner Ads
In-app banner ads are never-dying classics of mobile advertising. Universally supported by almost all ad platforms they can feature in-built video ads and rich media.
Action time!

Joining our monetization app platform is easy!

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