In September we are celebrating a serious love to SmartyAds - the company that has been nourishing and growing us as a team since 2011. We are turning 9 which means we’ve already spent together 2920 days and that’s approximately 70080 hours, to be precise.

One thing that we love most about SmartyAds is that each and every one of us knows how to work hard, however, we never forget to play harder as soon as we get the opportunity to celebrate the company’s special day. The other thing that we love even more than throwing parties is the ability to share valuable experiences, reflect upon our mutual efforts, and contemplate how far we’ve progressed since day one. Well, that makes three but should there ever be a limit for the good things? Sincerely, there’s more than three and we’ve just lost count.

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One more year in the ad tech business

Summer has come and passed, 2020 has gone so fast, at least the first half of it. Frankly, this year has been turbulent for every company but we’ve managed to get through without losing corporate spirit and faith in the brighter future. Every day we’ve been giving each other ‘live long and prosper’ Vulcan salutations and sending virtual hugs as we tied to stay physically isolated but mentally connected, until this day. This day we’ve ventured out to the corporate party, the real touchy-feely corporate party with delicious foods, drinks, and epic playlists that encouraged us to compose heartfelt speeches about what we’ve learned from working together for almost a decade.

Truth 1. Life is a box with chocolates

Well, in case of ad tech rather a box of cookies but the story is not about that. Every business is a giant roller-coaster and ad tech, which is especially sensitive to economic disruptions, will always be changing faster than other industries. If the team has the essential knowledge, energy, and skills to respond quickly to changes the company will always prosper and reach higher heights no matter how challenging and daunting circumstances appear. You might not know everything beforehand but the more you are open to changes, innovations, and constant improvements, the easier it will be to find the balance in the future.

Truth 2. Business is people

Business is first and foremost about people. The people you meet on your way will have a greater impact on how quickly you get to success, compared to other factors. Despite the common misconception, people are even more important than technology for ad tech companies. The professionalism of the people who support internal processes and clients at every stage plays a special role in this. If you want to be a leader in what you do you need to use every opportunity to strengthen your relationship with people - your employees, clients, and partners.

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Truth 3. Trust is a key

Trust simplifies daily routines and propels all processes in ad tech companies forward. If you trust your employees, your partners, you can function faster, more efficiently in a collaborative mode. Lack of trust is a kind of relationship tax, figuratively speaking, when there is no trust, everything costs more. The atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in all processes is an indicator of a successful company. That’s why exactly Google, the rest of ad tech giants, and we, SmartyAds always introduce trust as an integral attribute of our corporate culture.

To be continuing

For almost a decade SmartyAds has been developing cutting-edge programmatic advertising software that’s regularly honored by international awards for excellence and quality. This year we’ve turned 9 years old, we are still young and up for great discoveries, however, we are already experienced to share our success stories with others. How did we get there? Only with trust and support coming from our clients, partners, and employees. This story would never happen without you. Cheers to this and let’s keep partying!

Sincerely yours,

SmartyAds team.

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