We are happy to present the latest update of SmartyAds Demand-Side Platform for advertisers, featuring the new retargeting tool.

We wanted to provide our clients with additional opportunity to deliver their messages to the target audience and improve their campaign results. Therefore we have added the new retargeting feature to SmartyAds DSP functionality.

With the retargeting feature, you can direct your ads to users who have shown interest in your products before. It allows to create audiences and collect users who visited your site or viewed your ads before. These users will be directed to a special campaign. The users included in the audience will see ads about what they have searched before and get special offers to satisfy their needs.

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About SmartyAds DSP

SmartyAds DSP utilizes an OpenRTB protocol that allows creating direct server to server connections for Bidders and Supply Side Partners. Its intuitive interface makes creating and maintaining ad campaigns as easy as possible.

With OpenRTB protocol, SmartyAds ensures access to thousands of publishers, ad networks, and ad exchanges. The sophisticated optimization algorithms and precise targeting provide the opportunity to get ad space at a lower price, yet higher value. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about SmartyAds cutting-edge solutions please contact us at support@smartyads.com.

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