25 September 2018, - SmartyAds has turned 7: young enough to lose the knack of throwing good parties - old enough to start bragging about personal achievements and outstanding team, hooray, let's make it happen! This is a great milestone in our development but it all wouldn’t be possible without our clients and partners whom we appreciate and value above all. Thank you for being with us, and let’s get to know each other a little bit better.

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The starting point of our history has begun in September 2011, when three ad tech enthusiasts started an ad network designed for publishers. Back then, the share of programmatic advertising expenditures among total display advertising was no bigger than 5% - a really small number contrasting with the whopping 50% in 2018. Nevertheless, the team firmly believed - programmatic was going to revolutionize ad buying and selling in the near future.

Everything was right, the progress was just around the corner. In the next couple of years, the advertising landscape has changed beyond the point of recognition. With a critical mass of data accumulated, the manual ad campaigns' management could no longer compete with algorithmic buying. The brands massively started shifting to programmatic, and so did SmartyAds.

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During 2012-2018 we created a number of solutions that turned into a robust programmatic full-stack: DSP, SSP, White Label Solutions, Blockchain Ad Stack, In-house Toolbox, CPI platform, Android & IOS SDKs.

These decisions helped to liberate the costs, time, and efforts of advertisers and publishers who could finally start focusing on important business objectives instead of the routine tasks. In 2018 SmartyAds was honored by Red Herring and Stevie Awards for the excellence in service and cutting-edge ad tech contributions.

Over these 7 years, we’ve made a long way - it was time for development, constant improvement, and introduction of new technologies. Today is the first day of the rest of our mutual story, and we are sincerely hoping it will keep being awesome. May all of your advertising wishes come true!


SmartyAds Team.

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