Greetings to all fellow readers. It’s obvious that one of the main parts of development as professionals in the advertising industry is communication and sharing our expertise with other industry professionals.

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And is there any better opportunity to see and be seen than big industry events? That’s what we were thinking about and that’s why we’ve decided to participate in Israel AdTech 2016 which starts on the 19th of April. And if you by some chance still aren’t sure if you want to attend or not, we have an answer for you. You should without any doubts. There’s going to be plenty of interesting discussions and reports. By the way, amongst them, you can learn something new about Stock Exchange practices in digital marketing from our CEO - Ivan Guzenko.

The best industry experts will gather in Tel Aviv and will share trends and cases. It’s something you just can’t miss. And if you have any ideas, inquires or you just want to have a little chat with us - meet us at Israel AdTech 2016.

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