The SmartyAds team is attending the White Nights Conference. The event will be held on February 13-14 in Prague, Czech Republic.

White Nights is one of the leading European business conferences in the Games Industry, gathering over 1000+ attendees from 40 countries. It covers everything related to games, advertising, and monetization tactics. The White Nights conferences attract influential professionals and brands in the game industry. The events take place 4 times a year, gathering nearly 4000 attendees altogether.

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SmartyAds at White Nights

At the White Nights Conference in Prague SmartyAds presents it’s Supply Side Platform for publishers. SmartyAds SSP is an all-in-one monetization solution, which provides easy to integrate SDK. It utilizes the Header Bidding technology to provide all the means to achieve better results with digital advertising.

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The SmartyAds team would be happy to meet you at White Nights and talk about the opportunities of in-app advertising and the latest technology developments to help publishers monetize their apps. To schedule a meeting please drop us a line at

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