The holiday shopping rush is here, and it means two things: some of us will be hectically spending the money while the others will gain them.The majority of us, however, will be at both spending and gaining sides.

While spending the money has never been a rocket science, the gaining task requires a little bit more of a strategic thinking, patience, and awareness of the “hot spot’ trading venues, preferred transaction methods, and habits of the purchasers to whom online ecosystem is a natural habitat.

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The best opportunities await the retailers in 2018

We found out that this year people are more inclined to take valuable actions and spend even more than they plan for presents - $1,250 per each holiday.

In such circumstances, it is important to reach your consumers when they’re interested in discovering the products and engaging with new brands the most. As well, it is crucial to provide them with individual offers that correspond to their interests.

Smarty team conducted a little survey, the aim of which is to help you find out where to look for your audiences and how to make them offers they won’t be able to resist.

Today, we’re sharing the insights of how shoppers tend to spend their money during the holiday season in 2018 (from Thanksgiving to Christmas day)

Uncover the best practices retailers apply in order to maximize their ad revenues!



P. S During this season, we took time to reflect upon all the good things we have, like our partnership with you. We appreciate working with our partners and vendors and hope that the holidays and the coming year will bring you professional success and prosperity.

May all of your ad campaigns be strong, advertise effectively on SmartyAds DSP!

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