Push notification ecosystem was definitely a rich place in 2023 and this is true for affiliate marketers and advertisers. What makes this advertising scene so fruitful and promising, and where can you find the best push traffic in 2024? Let’s discover.

Apple is introducing new metrics for push notifications

Push user-base potential just got bigger! Some time ago, at the WWDTC22 conference, Apple announced that they are opening web push notification technology for Safari and IOS in the coming year. Safari will use the standard W3C Push API that other browsers like Chrome and Firefox utilize.

This case simply destroys the previous image of push as a too-intrusive ad format. Considering the fact that 15% of global desktop devices run on MacOS and 25% of mobile devices worldwide operate on IOS (much more in the US), this represents a unique market shift that can potentially deliver much better advertising opportunities in 2024.

Additionally, closer to the end of 2023, Apple has introduced a new feature in the Push Notifications Console, providing developers with detailed metrics on notification delivery through the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). The user-friendly interface offers insights into delivery statuses, push types, and priority breakdowns, empowering developers to optimize their notifications. Apple's transparency on why certain notifications may be discarded enhances developers' ability to reach their audience effectively. 

Bottom line: Push ad format is growing in Status and Volume in 2023-2024

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Advertisers rethink push experience

Keeping a healthy ratio between content and push notifications is a key to successful campaigns in 2024. One might think, "The more ads, the better", but it's no longer the case.

2-4 push ads per user a day is a balanced number. It's enough to cover different times of the day (morning, noon, evening), and with 1 "wild card." This number is optimal and sufficient to catch the user's attention without making the user look for the "unsubscribe" or “opt-out” button.

Additionally, when you show push ads to users in between actual system notifications it gives your ad extra credibility, improved conversion rate, and conversions with higher value offers. Generally speaking, 1 Site push notification to 1 ad push ratio is a good balance of volume vs quality.

Bottom line: A happy user is a converting user. Advertise with happy push users

Creatives Diversity

A-B (and even C-test) different Creatives, Keywords, Texts, and images, use pre-landers and try different landing pages since it is a key to success on any click-based ad format, and it's easy to understand why.

In 2023, push notification ads were no longer a new ad format, and if you want to engage the right audience in 2024, you have to "get creative" with your push ad units and deliver different ads to various segments of audiences.

Determine what keywords, texts, and images might suit each segment of your target audience best. It is better to try using pre-landers and use different landing pages as well. The healthy logic of what should work doesn’t always work, so it’s better to go through a trial with robust testing done beforehand. And if we are on the subject of creatives, use pre-landers to increase ROI.

Bottom line: the right creative can change a losing campaign to a profitable one, so keep testing

Pre-landers working as push notification funnel

Imagine you walk by your favorite Apple store and suddenly notice a push banner on your phone screen picturing the new iPhone 1X-something at a discount sale. Curious, you walk into the store and go to the stand. You reach out your hand towards the device with excitement, and click on this push ad that brings you to the landing page with a notice "It costs 1500$ today instead of 1700$, buy now!".

Are you reaching for your credit card or the nearest exit? As an advertiser, you want to let the user explore, become aware of the product, experience it, and get attached to the brand. You ask to "buy now" only after.

From becoming aware and curious about the push ad to becoming ready to "buy now" (landing page), you must add a sense of discovery, connection, and desire to get the product (use pre-lander). Pre-landers will uncover a lot of information, benefits, social proof for customers, comparison to other products, etc. Most importantly, pre-landers will not ask to “buy now”, instead, they will route the users to the landing page, by offering a free trial, and suggesting to learn more.

Bottom line: use Pre-landers

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Sources of subscription matter 

The way users get subscribed is very important, and it greatly affects users’ interaction with a push notification ad. Let’s review each subscription source and see how it is characterized.

Generic websites (streaming, downloads). With high volume and cheaper CPC, this source is easy to find and advertise on. Sometimes, users are not well aware that they are subscribed, and they are not determined to pay for or buy something. So, this source will perform for simple flow offers, like mobile content or simple lead flow. Still, it will not work as well with higher-value CPA offers, especially those that include sales or credit card submission.

Content websites. These sources offer phenomenal performance, as well as substantial volume. They are stricter about quality and more challenging to get access to. Imagine a user receiving a push from his favorite cooking site where he gets daily new recipes, and, every once in a while, sees your ad for a DIY cooking e-book. His mindset and level of engagement are high, and the option to target his behavior (interested in cooking) to customize your ads, makes this a game changer. It will work on simple CPA flows as well. Still, it might be difficult to compete with the higher CPC rates.

Advertiser landing page. Nowadays, advertisers themselves subscribe users to their landing pages, creating a small to medium-sized subscription base of engaged users who were already in the sales funnel once. The volumes are usually small, but the performance is great across all verticals.

**Important Mention** push notifications from apps. They work best for other apps like games and utilities (since you run an app, it makes more sense to advertise other apps). It’s also good for investing and lead generation. First, the user installs the app and indirectly agrees to receive notifications. In this case, the user’s engagement with the app will affect the advertisement results.

Bottom line: the more the user is aware and engaged at the push subscription stage, and the higher the quality of the content of the site, the better the results

Advertising verticals define success

Some niches are perfectly suited for push notification advertising. So, which ones are trending in 2024? Let’s see:

  • Sweepstakes. Here, you can find an easy and simple lead generation flow. Users usually leave their details for a chance to win a product or a service. This type of campaign asks little of the user to accomplish. This niche is classic for high-engagement formats like a push.
  • Finance. It includes verticals such as car insurance, financial aid, loans, credit cards, etc. Push notification ads become highly effective for finance campaigns when they are shown to users who subscribe to commerce and news sites.
  • Trading / Investing. These include crypto, forex, investing apps, and Trading services. These verticals have increased in popularity, especially in the last two years, where we have seen increasing popularity in Trading of Stocks and Cryptocurrencies. Each drastic change in the markets brings new investors looking to make money.
  • Software. These include large-brand antiviruses, mobile utilities such as performance optimizers, VPNs, and more. Since everyone has a computer and a phone, and and they all need protective software; your target market is - everyone. And since push notifications arrive next to other system notifications on your device, it makes perfect sense that a user will consider purchasing or installing software when seeing your ad in that context.

Bottom Line: follow the trends and work with several verticals to be flexible and in sync with changes.

Most importantly - choose wisely

There is a lot to know and understand about the art of advertising with Push notifications. Most importantly, you should focus on Choosing the right Push notification advertising partner. Apart from having the best traffic source, they should be professional, communicative, and proactive. Such a partner will want you to succeed and will do their best to reach your goals.

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