We have amazing news for our advertisers this July — SmartyAds has recently partnered with Meitu, a global developer specializing in photo-video editing. This collaboration will provide both parties with extensive advertising opportunities, as traffic capacities will be significantly extended. The traffic exchange among partners will help our media-buyers to advertise in Meitu apps that span over 1.1 billion unique devices in the world. Meitu, meanwhile, will also benefit from traffic exchange with SmartyAds, which brings in engaging user experiences and relevant ad content.

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A few words about Meitu

Meitu is a worldwide beauty app development leader. Founded in 2008, with headquarters in Xiamen, Fujian, Meitu has offices in 39 countries, including Japan, Singapore, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and the USA. Meitu is not only a top beauty app developer, but it is also engaged in the production of smartphones and software development. In 2020, Meitu was featured in Apple’s app store as the third-largest app developer in China.

What it means for SmartyAds advertisers 

With millions of active app users, Meitu represents previously unexplored and highly potential advertising markets for in-app media-buyers. SmartyAds recognized this collaboration as a chance to explore a new vacant niche and, in particular, a popular beauty app business vertical that can be labeled as the highest-yielding. This is a win/win collaboration, and it is also beneficial for Meitu, as their apps will be monetized with highly personalized, relevant, and engaging ad content.

What’s next?

Obviously, Meitu is a rapidly developing video editing company, which means that we’ll soon see an even larger number of apps available for advertisers. Thus, it is a perfect chance to advertise with SmartyAds, this way you can be among the first advertisers who explore unparalleled in-app advertising horizons. SmartyAds guarantees prime quality traffic coming from our trusted traffic partners and encourages advertisers to join in and start advertising campaigns that generate great ROI, user loyalty, and in-app retention.

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