In today’s world advertising is not limited to broadcasting one offer in front of huge crowds - there are numerous marketing strategies and techniques, each serving its own purpose. It is a complex process that requires great expertise and understanding of one’s audiences. To create an effective programmatic ads campaign, a professional marketer must align the company’s business objectives and overall mission with clients’ pains and hopes. Also, they need to take into consideration the stages of the customer journey to build a seamless experience.

There are numerous advertising methods and techniques that are used to achieve this, and in this post, we are going to discuss one of the core strategies used by most marketers - reminder advertising. We will first define reminder advertising, examine how one can use it to promote their product or service. As well we will review some of the best reminder advertising examples.

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Why we need reminder ads

To somehow classify the activities involved in general advertising strategies, researchers divide them by the objectives they serve. These usually fall into three broader categories, each playing a core role for a typical full-funnel marketing strategy:

  • Informative advertising used for building brand awareness and getting interest, mainly performed at the top of the funnel;
  • Persuasive advertising used to influence the consideration stage (the middle of the funnel) and applied to persuade customers to act;
  • Reminder advertising used to drive the conversion and stimulate the purchase. Also, it is used in order to foster loyalty and retain customers, which is typical for the bottom of the funnel.

Once your prospective clients have done their research and are choosing between the options, it is a perfect time for reminder ads that would drive your leads to the actual purchase. In fact, numbers show that nurturing your leads can increase sales opportunities by 20%. So what is reminder advertising? And how to get the most out of it? Let’s dive in!

What is Reminder Advertising

Before we examine the most successful examples of reminder advertisements, let us start with the reminder advertising definition. Reminder advertising is one of the most powerful and effective marketing techniques used by brands to retain their target audience. It can be also utilized to keep established products on the top-selling rates or the maturity stage of the product life cycle.

This marketing method is often focused on the consideration stage or in the middle of the sales funnel. While users are choosing between the options, it is important to stay in their sight and keep in touch, persuading them to choose the right one.

Reminder advertising also lies at the core of retargeting, which is a type of targeted advertising focused on advertising to existing customers and keeping the name of an established brand. It is also a specifically useful technique to battle against forgotten shopping carts - oftentimes a gentle reminder about your product or service can be the last nudge that your client needs in order to proceed to purchase.

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Best reminder advertising tactics

Now that we’ve got the reminder advertising definition and know where to apply it, it is time to discover what kinds of tactics and digital ad formats are the most effective with this type of advertising. Here are some of the best-performing tactics that you can use to launch reminder ads on your demand-side platform:

Tactic 1. Fixing abandoned carts. Not every customer who adds your products to the shopping cart eventually buys them. In fact, it often takes an additional step to actually close the sale, and the perfect way to do this is via retargeting push ads or an abandoned cart email.

Banner ads used as a part of retargeting campaigns can become a perfect reminder about your brand to your existing leads and customers. If a prospect visited your website but didn’t complete the purchase, a simple banner ad with a discount encountered on another page can become a good reason to complete the purchase.

Rich media ad formats are a good choice for slightly more detailed campaigns where your message should be vivid and memorable. They generate more engagement and conversions leaving lots of valuable space to showcase your brands’ uniqueness and creativity. These ads would work equally well for email newsletters and content within the websites.

Tactic 2. Driving more users to your offline store. Apart from fixing your online stores’ performance, there are tons of great reminder advertising examples used to improve physical store visits. Push advertising is an extremely powerful format for reminding your clients about you since these ads address the users right on the spot (nearby your shop). Delivering a short and precise message allows your brand to achieve quick results - on the spot purchases. Need successful reminder advertising examples? These could be location-dependent push ads used as a part of geomarketing campaigns. Such ads are delivered to the screens of the users that stay within certain defined areas that you define (these can be your shop, music gig, competitor’s location, and so on).

Tactic 3. Remarketing to potential audiences. If the user didn’t convert the first time they’ve encountered your website, that doesn’t mean you should forget your offers. Sometimes it takes two or even more encounters until your audience decides to take action. Experiment with different products, formats, and channels, as some might perform better than the others. Mobile retargeting is a specifically useful strategy for retail and eCommerce since the majority of online sales are performed on mobile. Mobile ads can be delivered in a variety of formats from video ads to pop-up texts and in-app messages.

These techniques can be used separately or in combination to lead your potential customers from the middle to the bottom of the sales funnel. For instance, some customized messages or offers can be shown to your existing customers to catch their attention once again. The other ads, meanwhile, can nurture new leads among other potentially interested audiences.

Best reminder advertising examples

So how do established brands keep their clients interested for years and even decades? Do they use some secret techniques or require sharing sensitive information for hyper-precise targeting? The real key to success lies in decades of dedication and thoughtful brand image building, achieved through reminder ads. Here are some of the best examples of reminder advertisements from these brands to illustrate it:

Coca Cola is a company that sells one established product and doesn’t need an introduction. In this ad, they aren’t introducing new packaging or taste. Instead, they are just gently reminding that this product exists and provide a new outlook on it with a catchy slogan “Taste the feeling”

coca cola reminder ads

McDonald’s is another well-known brand that is mostly focused on reminder advertising. The following campaign also doesn’t introduce anything new and, in fact, it is barely mentioning anything at all because their brand awareness is already huge. However, the brands’ recognizable design and almost symbolic arches do their job, so that the customer instantly knows where they are directed to.

mcdonalds reminder ad

To sum up

Reminder advertising is one of the most traditional and powerful methods of promoting an existing brand, maintaining the long product life cycle, and retaining your loyal customers for the years to come. It can be used in a variety of formats, both desktop, and mobile, and is specifically useful for eCommerce. For instance, global well-known brands often deliver some of the best reminder advertising examples as a part of their main marketing strategy focused on retaining their audiences instead of acquiring new clients.. Reminder ads can also serve as a perfect tool for pushing prospective clients down the sales funnel, instantly turning your leads into customers.

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