Whether you believe it or not, YouTube marketing can take your business to nauseous heights. With how popular the platform has become, YouTube now has over a billion viewers. That contains sizeable market potential waiting for you to dive in and reach out to. Marketers have leveraged YouTube to promote their brand, monetize their blogs, share value-added product information, and more. You, too, can wield the platform to increase your sales. Let me share these four tried and tested YouTube marketing tips that you can use for your e-commerce business.

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1. Set the right thumbnail size.

You can never downplay the power of thumbnails when marketing on YouTube. Thumbnails may be small, but they hold immense power in drawing in potential customers to watch. As the preview on your YouTube channel and embedded players, a thumbnail is the first thing people see before watching your video. It can either attract them or repel them. One of its attributes that can draw in viewers is its size.

To market your eCommerce effectively on the platform, you need to set the right YouTube thumbnail sizes for your videos. The perfect thumbnail size will give you a significant advantage over your competitors. A thumbnail with a low resolution or small size is likely to appear blurred and hurtful to your viewers, and repel them to watch your marketing video. Thus, you must set them at the right size and with a high resolution, which is at 1280 x 720 pixels. You can pre-set them when you’re making your custom thumbnails on any photo editing software.

Through an online tool called Snappa, for instance, you can set the perfect thumbnail size before designing:

youtube marketing tips

Some tools require you to set the dimensions manually, and some automatically.  In Snappa, you have the option to do either. 

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2. Leverage your description or About section.

The description or About section in your YouTube channel holds a lot of marketing potential for your eCommerce. It’s the part where you can introduce and explain what the video or your business is about. Viewers who encounter your business for the first time often read the About section so they can understand your brand better. The content you write in this portion can sway your viewers on whether or not they subscribe and patronize your product and channel. It will do you well to leverage this section with dynamic and informational content. You’ll want to elaborate on your story and emphasize any product value or info you would like them to know, especially if they are first-timers.This section is also an avenue to build your brand consistency narratively. 

Learn how James Wedmore, a famous trainer in online entrepreneurship, leveraged the description section:


youtube marketing tips


James comprehensively provides details about the video and his guest speaker, from their names to a supplementary link, summary, and their social media and website details. It gives the viewers an overview of what to expect and how viewers can reach and subscribe to them on other platforms. Talk about all-out YouTube marketing! So don’t belittle this marketing strategy; instead, leverage it.

3. Brand your eCommerce consistently across platforms.

Your YouTube channel is an extended version of your eCommerce website. Hence, they must have the same feel, so your regular and potential customers can still identify you. Whether on your eCommerce site or social media platforms like YouTube, your brand should be consistent. It takes five to seven brand impressions, on average, before your brand becomes memorable to a person.

For the website visitor to visualize your brand and remember you later on, they have to see your post five times at the least. As such, it is essential that you appear like you’re the same business on each platform, especially on YouTube. That principle also applies when you’re updating your website content and transforming them into other formats such as infographics, social media posts, and YouTube videos.

Learn from this example by Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko:


youtube marketing tips

He maintains the same color-even the same shade-of green across its videos. He also uses the same font and stands at the right side of the screen. You can recognize the same shade of green and the logo on his website. Brian Dean even appears at the right side just like in his videos!

4. Work with influencers for product reviews.

Upfront and genuine product reviews help establish credibility. Statistics show that 70 percent among millennials, for instance, are influenced by friends in their purchasing decisions, and 30 percent by non-celebrity bloggers. You can work with these non-celeb promoters, also known as influencers, to create video reviews of your products as a marketing strategy on YouTube. Product review videos are informational and value-filled. They also commonly educate, tell a story, and recommend.

If you decide to work with YouTube influencers to review and market your products, you should look for those whose background matches your eCommerce industry or product genre well.

For instance, if you’re selling cosmetic products, an influencer who’s into outdoor adventures may not connect well with your viewers. There are tools online to help you find the right YouTube influencer for you, such as Klear:

influencer marketing tools


With Klear, you can narrow down your search by selecting YouTube as your platform, the skill, and location.  You can also select the preferred kind of experience in the influencer industry, such as if they’re celebrities, casual influencers, or novices.

Don’t forget: Market your YouTube videos

Once you’ve enhanced your videos with these tips and uploaded them on the platform, don’t forget to market them. Think about it: every minute, people post 300 hours of videos on YouTube. With that competitive number, you will have to promote your videos so people find you.

Advertise your videos with their links on your communication channels like your email campaigns, your website’s blog, social media postings, and various other channels. The more opportunities you provide your potential customers to engage with your brand, the better your chances are in winning them over.

What’s next?

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