Brands and Agencies

Brands and Agencies

Brands and Agencies
Data-driven programmatic media buying solutions for brands, media buyers, and agencies
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Demand Side Platform
Launch and manage omnichannel campaigns across mobile, display, native, video ad formats
Publishers and App Developers

Publishers and App Developers

Publishers and App Developers
Programmatic ad monetization and yield management solutions for web and mobile publishers
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Supply Side Platform
Get advanced control to manage your demand partners across all channels and formats
Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners

Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners

Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners
White Label Solutions
Fully customizable White Label advertising platforms to launch your own business
Dedicated Ad Tech Team
If you want to hire one ad ops manager or a team of ad management experts, we will find the best solution for you
Ad Exchange
Programmatic ad marketplace with prioritized access to demand partners via direct publisher relationships

Demand Side Platform

Individualized customer’s path to conversion is a direct path to your brand’s growth.
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SmartyAds DSP provides advertisers, agencies, and media-buyers with an omnichannel programmatic suite for running targeted, forward-thinking, and highly-engaging ad campaigns that turn your audience into customers in real-time.

Trusted solution for omnichannel media-buying

SmartyAds DSP is an award-winning, omnichannel media-buying technology deeply integrated with the world’s best supply partners including Pubmatic, Smaato, InMobi, AdColony, Cheetah Mobile and other trusted ad networks. As a part of a vast full-stack programmatic infrastructure, SmartyAds DSP directly connects advertisers to the top-quality supply sources via SmartyAds SSP.

Smart optimization towards measurable goals

SmartyAds DSP helps advertisers to run AI-powered programmatic ad campaigns across channels, formats, geos, and business verticals with a minimum budget but maximum ROI achieved through narrow targeting and programmatic optimization. Achieve thrice higher conversion, user acquisition, and engagement.

Core Features of SmartyAds DSP

Our platform automates 99% of media-buying activities reducing advertising costs up to 50% with dynamic bid optimization. Drive higher ROI and conversions instantly and minimize spend. Access system with transparent and comprehensive pre-pay based on CPM model.
Brand safety
Brand safety
Total brand-image protection, 100% human-viewable traffic from trusted partners, and 24/7 traffic purity - it’s all about SmartyAds DSP. Our Forensiq and Media Trust partners along with in-house traffic-scanning tools identify and block fraudulent traffic on a pre-opportunity basis.
Omnichannel reach
Omnichannel reach
SmartyAds DSP lets you align your messaging, goals, objectives, and creative formats across each channel and device that your customers use: desktop, in-app, mobile or CTV. Launch impactful campaigns that reach your users simultaneously on all screens.

Dynamic and interactive Ad Formats

Build your own creative library with engaging desktop, mobile, and video ad units. Upload tag-based creatives from major creative tools directly to Smartyads DSP and enjoy advanced tracking and optimization.
Rich Media
Connected TV
newPush Ads

SmartyAds performance DSP opens a gateway to banner, interstitial, mobile display, in-banner video, and rich media ad formats. Serve banner ads in various sizes and configurations, including IAB Leaderboard, Skyscraper, and Billboard.

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Wrap your content into immersive pre-, mid-, and post-rolls or rewarded video ad formats and appeal to broader audience segments. Combine various video ad formats on SmartyAds DSP and reach peak ad message performance.

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Use DSP for native advertising with in-feed, in-app, custom, and recommendation widgets that seamlessly blend with website’s interface, deliver additional value to the users and maximum ROI to advertisers.

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Rich Media

Creatives that play, expand, and float on the screen are available in SmartyAds DSP as rich media formats. Select among interstitials, pushdowns, sliders, expandable banners and add third-party creatives in JS tags, HTML or JavaScript.

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Connected TV
Connected TV
SmartyAds DSP allows you to advertise on TV and all Internet-powered Smart TV devices. CTV is a perfect medium for immersive and more vivid impressions on 35 to 49-inch screens. Launch your campaign on CTV platform.
Push Ads
new Push Ads
Universal push ads will adjust to any screen size and type. No matter if it’s a coupon, time-sensitive alert, content recommendation or special offer, they will always look organically and bring the best ROI.

that matter

Campaign Builder
Campaign Management
Campaign Analysis
Advanced targeting
Let the right message find the right person with more than 30+ ad campaign targeting options that involve: Geo, time of the day, browser, OS, IP, category etc.
Conversions tracker
There’s more than Pixel or TAG conversion tools at SmartyAds DSP. Understand your users better tracking creative interactions through JS Tags, Iframe, VAST, VPAID, MRAID, and HTML Tags.
Hyper-local advertising
Address the users who stay in the vicinity of your business with highly-targeted ads. Make timely and up to the point propositions, hot offers, and special discounts.
CPM bidding
Advertise with the most affordable, consistent, and transparent pricing model based on cost-per-thousand-impressions that lets you pay for viewable impressions.
List management
Choose websites that suit your campaigns best. Make whitelists of domains you prefer to work with or exclude them with blacklists to achieve higher ROI, optimize results, and protect your brand.
Users who once visited your website are 90% more likely to convert. Now you can catch up on them on different screens and devices launching retargeting campaigns on SmartyAds DSP.
Granular level budget spend
Keep the hand on the pulse of your budget to make your campaigns last longer. Limit the daily spend, the number of impressions and clicks per each visitor based on the goals and budget of the campaign.
Managed-serve advertising
Address the users who stay in the vicinity of your business with geofencing ads. Make timely and up to the point propositions, hot offers, and special discounts.
Self-serve advertising
Experience smooth workflow on self-service demand-side platform: a full-fledged, transparent interface with an overview of markets, bidding agents, and all convenient tools for launching and running campaigns in seconds.
PMP and RTB deals
You can purchase high-quality traffic on real-time bidding auction and at Private Marketplace. Maximize your profits with per-impression RTB buying process or opt for PMP to always be sure what kind of ads you buy.
Experience is important when it comes to strategic programmatic planning. Our skillful full-service professionals will seamlessly navigate, optimize, and measure your advertising campaigns, providing you with support and advice.
Analytics in real-time
No worrying about where your purchased ads are displayed and how they perform. SmartyAds DSP analytics provides complete transparency across any metric you want to measure in real-time via automatically generated reports.
In-deep audience insights
React faster on changing preferences of your customers and be able to address new raising opportunities. Easily integrate DSP with data management platforms for prompt segmentation and user data management.
Automated Optimization
SmartyAds DSP automatically optimizes your bid according to your budget. Based on multiple data points, our automated optimization tool streamlines ad campaigns so that they quickly achieve your adjusted marketing goals (CPM, CPC, CTR, CR, and more).

Trusted supply partners only

SmartyAds is trusted by thousands of businesses globally for proved traffic quality, extensive 7+ years of experience, and exceptionally safe advertising ecosystem. Our traffic partners include:

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