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Brands and Agencies
Data-driven programmatic media buying solutions for brands, media buyers, and agencies
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Demand Side Platform
Launch and manage omnichannel campaigns across mobile, display, native, video ad formats
Publishers and App Developers
Publishers and App Developers
Programmatic ad monetization and yield management solutions for web and mobile publishers
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Supply Side Platform
Get advanced control to manage your demand partners across all channels and formats
Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners
Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners
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Fully customizable White Label advertising platforms to launch your own business
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Creative Ad Formats for:

We offer a wide range of programmatic-friendly ad formats to enhance your digital advertising campaign. Static, video and animated ad creatives allow marketers to capture the entire customer experience across all touchpoints along the journey. With traditional display, interactive rich media, organic native and unique video ads, brands get the chance to design their story that engage and delight. Discover, reach and convert your audiences, driving higher ROIs with industry’s most effective ad formats by SmartyAds.
Maximum Monetization
From a single SmartyAds platform, publishers can easily access information about the most responsive ad formats, compare various ad units and select ad creatives that resonate mostly with their audiences. Digital publishers and app developers can choose multiple ad types of various sizes that adapt across screens, run seamlessly and deliver rich consumer experiences. Tracking performance through real-time analytics allows optimizing inventory efficiently and on demand. Unlock the full potential of your traffic, provide premium ad environment for media buyers and generate yield impressive results!

Experience how different ad units perform in real-life environment.

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Digital Ads Format


Mobile Web Ads

Reach your consumers while they browse the web on the smartphone, tablet or smart device with highly responsive mobile search ads.

In-App & In-Game Ads

Complement your Android or iOS mobile app with visually compelling full-screen ad creatives to improve call-to-action, boost conversions, drive more clicks and app-installs.

Mobile Video Ads

Generate the highest CPMs possible with innovative, 15 to 30 seconds lightweight mobile video ad formats that entertain users and ensure maximum interaction.

Mobile Native Ads

Unlock extra earnings with non-invasive ad units that come in variety of shapes and forms designed to deeply resonate with your mobile audiences.

Mobile Banner Ads

Instantly monetize your mobile traffic with easy-to-employ display ads that guarantee massive reach, increased brand awareness and added customer retention.

Mobile Rich Media Ads

Enrich user experience within your app with interactive ad units such as interstitials, pop ups, expandables and in-banner units that generate maximum yield.

Desktop Web Ads

Maintain the balance between text and visual content on your website adopting classic banner*, billboard*, rectangle*, leaderboard* and skyscraper* ad formats that drive optimal performance.

Video Ads

Discover powerful possibilities presented by user-initiated in-banner*, in-stream*, pre-roll* video formats that deliver the brand story effectively and simply in just 15-30 seconds.

Native Ads

User-friendly native images* or a short text title/description* ad formats naturally blend with your webpage and in-feed content without disrupting the user experience.

Rich Media Ads

Explore rich media creative ad types that include video, audio and interactive elements to trigger

Find out which ad formats bring the most value to you and your brand!

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