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When we talk about excellence in form and function, we talk about native ads. Native ad unit harmoniously blends with the rest of your website’s content and allures the users in without causing irritation. Apply mobile native ads, in-feed display, in-feed video and other formats programmatically and get more user clicks, better ROI and retention.

Native Advertising Formats

Native ad format is the best fighter against ad fatigue. Unlike banner ads, these units appear as content recommendation widgets, in-feed content blocks, sponsored and branded content.

Native ad formats complement the user experience, the publisher’s website and advertiser’s ROI. Attracting the gazes and sharing the useful information with the user, native ad formats raise the purchase intent at least on 20%.

On programmatic SSP and DSP platforms, native advertising format can reach even more. Instantly optimize purchasing and selling of native ad format with a power of automation, programmatic auction and real-time bidding.

Infeed Ads

Social infeed ads replicate the look of posts on social networks, content infeed takes the form of written stories & videos and infeed commerce comes in the form of product listings, reviews, product details.

Mobile Web Native Ads

Mobile native ads are designed specifically for mobile website versions. They represent social infeed, in-feed content, in-feed commerce, recommendation widgets, and native custom ad formats.

In-app Native Ads

In-app native ads are shown in-game & in-app alike. These ad formats encapsulate infeed commerce, in-feed social, native custom format, recommendation widgets and in-map ad format.

Custom Native Ads

Custom native ads are developed by brands individually. Those can work with AR and augmented reality integrations offline and feature games, music, videos, editorial content, etc.

Content Recommendation Widgets

Content recommendation widgets display the sponsored links in the form of recommended content at the end of the article or at the end of the feed.

Boost advertising with native ad types

Standing in between of useful content and advertising, native ads make up a hybrid format that delivers a value to the users, increases the loyalty, engagement, and amplifies the message of the brand. Want to get more targeted response from native advertising? Serve mobile ads, app install ads, desktop and more programmatically!

Deliver relevant experiences to your users with programmatic native advertising!
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