Brands and Agencies

Brands and Agencies

Brands and Agencies
Data-driven programmatic media buying solutions for brands, media buyers, and agencies
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Demand Side Platform
Launch and manage omnichannel campaigns across mobile, display, native, video ad formats
Publishers and App Developers

Publishers and App Developers

Publishers and App Developers
Programmatic ad monetization and yield management solutions for web and mobile publishers
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Supply Side Platform
Get advanced control to manage your demand partners across all channels and formats
Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners

Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners

Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners
White Label Solutions
Fully customizable White Label advertising platforms to launch your own business
Dedicated Ad Tech Team
If you want to hire one ad ops manager or a team of ad management experts, we will find the best solution for you
Ad Exchange
Programmatic ad marketplace with prioritized access to demand partners via direct publisher relationships

Native Ad Platforms

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Native Advertising
Advertise Monetize
Native advertising is a strong communication tool that turns a brand from advertiser into customer’s friend. Native advertising harmoniously blends with website content, matches the context, and brings true value to the user, publisher, and advertiser.

Advantages of Programmatic Native Advertising

Responsive and targeted native ad units appear in real-time at the user’s screen at the right time and context. They correspond to the users’ interests and create seamless uninterrupted experience that translates in much greater performance than you can expect from traditional formats.
  • 35%
    Higher CTR
  • 30%
    Higher Viewability
  • 40%
    Better Engagement
  • 15%
    More Ad Shares

Suited to all stages of the Сustomer Journey

Express the expertise, authority, and leadership in your professional area guiding users through all customer journey stages and applying highest-performing native ad formats. Make customers fall in love with your product in a click by advertising on cost-effective, brand-safe, omnichannel programmatic native advertising platform.
Capture attention
Unlike traditional formats, native ads are not vulnerable to “advertising blindness.” They don’t interfere with website perception catching the user's interest and resulting in better viewability.
Advertise with impact
Launch native campaigns that employ the most engaging and effective formats featuring in-feed, mobile, in-app native, recommendation widgets and custom native units.
Share your brand’s story
Users spend as much time viewing native ads as they do with regular articles. This gives your more chances to tell about your brand or product in details and express professionalism.
Build relationships with customers
Native ads are the most sharable ads on the web. This content-rich format delivers value to your customers, educates and inspires them, contributing to a truly trusted relationship.

Empower your daily Workflow

Target with precision
Apply more than 30+ targeting options like OS, geo, IP, Browser, device type, etc.
Optimize bids
Programmatic algorithms automatically optimize your bid amount to match the best native impression for optimal cost.
Retarget easily
Remind users about your offer by starting a native retargeting campaign on different screen and draw them closer to conversion.
Obtain actionable insights
Generate performance reports about your native campaigns right in the dashboard: CPM, eCPM, Spend, Impressions, Conversions for every period you need.

Meant to make Advertising natural

Useful, high-quality content of native ads engages more than 70% of users to view, read, click, and share the advertising in social media. Designed for all inventory types: website, mobile or in-app, our native formats let you select resolutions that complement the design of your web source and bring substantially higher ROI.
Build loyalty and trust
Instead of repelling users with flashy creatives, select non-intrusive native formats that build user loyalty and engagement.
Personalize user experience
Native ads units are carefully selected by AI and ML programmatic algorithms to match the needs and interests of every user of your website.
Celebrate engagement
In-feed, mobile, in-app native, custom, and recommendation widget native formats delight users and keep them coming back for more, so that you could maximize LTV and time spent on site.
Invite natives on mobile
Mobile app publishers are welcome to integrate lightweight mobile SDK that enables smooth rendering of the most demanding custom native formats.

Boost media-selling outcomes

Manage inventory
Organize your future placements on native ad platforms using filtering options like floor price, filters in categories, whitelisting, and blacklisting to maximize eCPM and fill rates.
Amplify the yields
Programmatic algorithms analyze bids from advertisers in real-time to select the highest and grow your yield from serving native formats exponentially.
Trade on your terms
Establish your own trading conditions for every type of inventory through a single dashboard. Trade with top advertisers worldwide via RTB or high-volume preferred deals.
Analyze what works
Generate custom reports across various metrics in real-time to find out how your inventory performs and which native units bring better yields. Easily track impressions, revenues, clicks, fill rates, and more.
Infeed Ads
Mobile web native
In-app native
Custom Native Ads
Recommendation Widgets
Infeed Ads
Just like the posts on social networks. Stories, listings, reviews fit in exceptionally well.
Mobile Web Native
Same listed native ad formats but adapted to the mobile website environment.
In-app Native
Native ad units designed for in-app ecosystem: in-map, in-feed, recommendation widgets and more
Custom Native Ads
Games, music, videos, editorial content, and other content types can be in-built in custom formats.
Recommendation Widgets
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