Native Advertising

Larger market slice for brands and guaranteed payouts for publishers

B2B solution that drives results at scale



Native advertising totally blends with the web-site content. It is a future of digital marketing. Native ads create strong connection with the consumers, people receive information they are looking for and brands get loyal customers.



Such ads don’t annoy user, they may include useful information



The ads fit the web site pages, their size, content and forms



Visually pleasant ads, increase of customer satisfaction

What do we offer?

Our pledge lies within a modern way to engage with users and online ads consumers. What we allow our clients is to explore native advertising along with SmartyAds and probe endless opportunities for rapid growth is has to offer.

Our team creates a room to fulfill the innate thirst for creativity and customize ads to make them appeal to the right users more. Our native advertising tool brings ad space owners and creative agencies a unified platform to play with the ad impressions without waiving on great user experience.

Make each effort meaningful along with SmartyAds

Our platform is designed to help ad agencies looking for alternative ways to increase popularity of their offerings easily and content publishers blend native ads into their website bringing exceptional user experience to each viewer.

For marketers: whether a user browsing on smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer, we ensure that native advertising tool by SmartyAds helps marketing campaigns aim at potential clients and secure returns on each ad dollar spent.

For online publishers: digital publishers no longer need to sacrifice profitability trying to improve the level of user experience. Unlike regular banners that might become a spoil-sport if too many, SmartyAds’ native advertising solution lowers CPM by showing the ads website visitors are eager to see.

As a powerful B2B tool allows a seamless and smooth user through native advertising. SmartyAds sticks to its promise and offers programmatic growth with measurable results.

Deep dive into the sea of endless opportunities for growth

We allow serving the ads users want to see and spur better outcome of both marketing campaigns and monetization strategies of digital ad space.

Enjoy full customization to grow your business through native smooth advertising with the help of RTB.

SmartyAds native promo tool allows advertising market players to deep dive into a handful of benefits.

Team up with SmartyAds and discover the advantages of being a partner with a leading developer of native advertising as well as variety of other digital marketing solutions.

  • 1Native advertising by SmartyAds is a kit that brings dozens of varied types of texts and images and lets marketers exchange ad dollars to quality leads from all over the world.
  • 2Reliable money-making tool to increase brand awareness and maximize web content visibility and effectiveness in the universe of native advertising.
  • 3SmartyAds native offering is an advertising solution meant for our b2b clients that creates a unique opportunity to complement user interface with engaging ads.
  • 4Infuse native advertising into existing business strategy to control CPM and place ads to the right spot to put the label you promote in a good light.

Sustainable growth is what we deliver!