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Publishers and App Developers
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Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners

Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners
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How do they work?

During the gameplay the ad pops up at the screen or the user finds it in the game menu.
The user initializes the ad and watches till the video ends (5-15 sec).
The user gets the reward, returns to the gameplay or goes to advertiser’s site.

Playable mobile game ads: ‘try before buy’

Interactive short demo
Playable ad is an interactive short demo version of the game (5-10 sec. duration), built into the video advertisement, in other words - an ad the users play with when the game pops up on the screen.
Perfect «test-drive»
Playable ad unit delivers a perfect ‘test-drive’ of the new mobile application to the users, which they can try before installation, that’s why playable ads are especially popular among mobile game developers.

Mobile playable ads and countless advantages
they offer:

    Immersive creative ensures a better retention rate
    Since playable ad creatives are interactive, the engagement is easy to track
    These ads have much higher conversion since users want to continue playing
    Outstanding user loyalty
    A prior gameplay experience ensures the user doesn’t delete the promoted app right after installing.
Lift in ROI
Lower cost per paying user
Conversion growth
Higher retention

Connect to your most valuable mobile audiences

Hundreds of global advertisers and developers already fueled their mobile applications with playable game ads on our programmatic platforms. Forget about annoying, boring or irrelevant advertising. Shift towards format that takes full advantage of mobile ecosystem and brings value to developers, advertisers, and users.
For developers:
Sign up at SmartyAds SSP and add your mobile game or app
Select the playable ad format
Integrate SDK into your app or game, start automatic monetization!
For advertisers:
Sign up at SmartyAds DSP
Add the creative, configure the budget and size
Serve your playable ads in the best mobile games automatically
Let our platform make advertising easy and enjoyable!
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