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The NY-based media agency acquired White Label DMP from programmatic technology provider SmartyAds in order to solve the problem associated with insufficient customer lifetime value and high cost for the new customer acquisition.

The agency has been established in 2013, in 5 years it has gained a broad recognition among brands involved in fashion, sport and beauty areas of business with a primary market location in Los Angeles, US.

The company arranges a full-cycle promotion service for brands including media-buying, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing. The media-buying is performed via purchasing online inventory using Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram Ads with a focus on programmatic buying on demand-side-platform (DSP) when the brand’s campaign demands specific and precise targeting.

Among agency’s clients are also brands that feature expensive products that fall within a “luxury” category. These categories do not belong to mass market, and, it is difficult to achieve success in promotion without aiming for specific demographic niches.


The calculation revealed that the chance of attracting the new customer for the brand typically reaches 5-10%, while the probability of selling products to existing customers reaches up to 60-70%. Realizing it, the agency made a decision to focus on returning customers extending their LTV and attract new ones based on additional user data, such as income level, etc.

The media agency lacked additional data management platform for performing segmentation by behavioral characteristics, interests, purchase history in order to deliver personalized messages to each audience segment at suitable time with dayparting on DSP.

The agency decided to adopt SmartyAds white label DMP in order to achieve these purposes:
    Increase the customer lifetime by 20-30% via detailed audience customization and targeting
    Decrease customer acquisition cost from $50 to $15
    Gain 100% control over customer data in-house: consolidate it, and leverage while taking important strategic decisions


In few months after the agency has launched their DMP, it managed to upgrade the own media-buying ecosystem across various media channels. Using the customer first-party data collected via DMP enabled the media agency to identify the most valuable and high-paying segments of consumers for every brand the agency represented.

The cloud-based DMP platform acquired by the agency on the white-label basis made it easy to accumulate the consumer data from many different sources in one place, organize, categorize, break down into the segments to understand the whole picture.

The data gathered by DMP allowed to streamline further targeting and select the most effective communication channels for each marketing campaign directed towards new customer acquisition.

The platform made a huge contribution to the average customer lifetime extension enhancing it by 30%. The cookie-tracking function and data on advertising campaigns were used to engage those audiences that once came across the product, and had higher potential to convert during the retargeting campaign. Detailed targeting customization at the micro level has helped to decrease the customer acquisition cost from $50 to $15 which is more than 70%.

Due to the fact that in-house DMP platform aggregates both the first-party and third-party data across the channels, the segmentation and targeting sharpened which helped to increase the effectiveness of e-mail, SMM and other campaigns for clients. Google Ads, Facebook, and Youtube Ads were integrated with DMP along with demand-side platform. Same way the system enabled dealing with each pricing model (CPM, CPC, CPL) and ad format, including video/ native/ mobile and others.

The data management platform also facilitates reporting, delivering visualized custom statistics on demand in real-time. The machine learning made it easier to attract new customers and expand the existing customer base through look-alike modeling. Machine Learning also enabled marketing budgets forecasting and receiving suggestions considering viewability enhancement and cost per view reduction.


Due to White Label data management platform integration, NY-based media agency has managed to achieve strategic goals and even surpass initial expectations. Control over the user data made it possible to stay one step ahead of campaign development, rapidly adjust to the changing campaign’s conditions, and significantly boost the performance:
    The LTV increased by 30%
    The Customer Acquisition Cost shrunk from $50 to $15 (70%)
    Efficient automated data processing achieved: reports in real-time, segmentation, look-alike modeling, etc.
    Narrow audience segment targeting achieved