Olena Dokova, the SSP Operations Manager at SmartyAds, brings a wealth of experience and extensive managerial skills to her role. Prior to joining SmartyAds, Olena honed her leadership abilities in various managerial positions, laying a solid foundation for her current role. With a keen understanding of client needs, Olena excels in establishing and maintaining strong client relationships, serving as their primary point of contact for all digital advertising requirements. Her commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering, as she conducts thorough market research and analysis to remain abreast of industry trends, ensuring that client campaigns are not only innovative but also effective.

At SmartyAds, Olena's managerial prowess shines as she collaborates with cross-functional teams to drive growth and success for clients. She leverages her expertise in data analysis to monitor and evaluate clients' performance, providing actionable insights for optimization and improvement. Olena's attention to detail extends to financial oversight, where she meticulously monitors and reports on client account finances. Through her dedication to excellence and her vigilant monitoring of traffic and ad quality, Olena Dokova stands as an indispensable asset, ensuring that SmartyAds continues to deliver exceptional results in the dynamic realm of digital advertising.