Publishers in the digital advertising industry are constantly searching for the best methods to maximize their revenue while providing their audience with relevant advertisements. Two strategies that have been developed to tackle this challenge are Waterfall and Header Bidding.

This article aims to clarify the differences between these approaches, providing valuable insights into their workings, advantages, and drawbacks. Whether you're a publisher, advertiser, or just curious about the intricacies of online advertising, this article will help you choose the right ad auction strategy.

What is the Header Bidding Method?

Header Bidding is a modern advertising technique that enables publishers to offer their ad inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously, resulting in improved efficiency and revenue generation.

Publishers use a method of advertising where they request bids from multiple demand sources, including ad exchanges and Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), to determine the winning bid in real-time. Publishers can get the best price for their ads and increase their revenue by using this method. In an auction, the highest bidder wins and their ad is displayed on the publisher's website. This approach gives publishers access to many demand sources, which improves their chances of receiving the best bid for their inventory. 

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What is the Waterfall Method?

In the world of digital advertising, there are two popular approaches to ad auctions - Header Bidding and the Waterfall Method. Unlike Header Bidding, which allows multiple ad networks to bid at the same time, the Waterfall model follows a sequential approach. In this method, ad requests are sent to ad networks or exchanges in a predefined order.

When an ad space on a website fails to be filled by the first network, the request for an ad is passed down the hierarchy to the next network until the ad space is filled or there are no more networks left. Publishers commonly use this approach to maximize their ad revenue by ensuring that the highest-paying waterfall advertising is displayed to their audience.

Waterfall vs Header Bidding - Full Comparison Table

AspectHeader Bidding
Waterfall Method
Auction ProcessSimultaneous auctions with multiple SSPs
Sequential waterfall auction with a predetermined order
Bid TransparencyHigh transparency with real-time bids

Lower transparency due to sequential process


Revenue Potential
Higher revenue potential due to competition

Lower revenue potential due to sequential nature


LatencyIncreased latency due to simultaneous auctions (but 
server-side option avoids latency issues by shifting the load from the browser to the server)
Lower latency due to sequential requests
Integration Complexity
More complex integration
Easier integration
Demand Partner Control
Greater control over demand partnersLess control over demand partners

What is header bidding vs waterfall? In the comparison above, it's evident that both methods offer distinct advantages and drawbacks. Header Bidding provides higher revenue potential and bid transparency but comes with increased complexity and latency. On the other hand, the Waterfall Bidding Method offers simpler integration and lower latency but sacrifices transparency and revenue potential.

Ultimately, the choice between Header Bidding and the Programmatic Waterfall Method depends on various factors, including the publisher's goals, technical capabilities, and audience demographics.

To help you choose the right ad auction strategy for your business between header bidding vs rtb waterfall, it's important to understand the differences between these two approaches. While Header Bidding allows multiple ad networks to bid at the same time, Waterfall Bidding follows a sequential approach. Header Bidding enables publishers to access multiple demand sources and receive the best possible bid for their ad inventory, while Waterfall optimizes ad revenue by ensuring that the highest-paying waterfall ads are displayed to the audience.

When comparing waterfall vs client side vs server side header bidding, it's crucial to note that Header Bidding can be implemented either through the server or on the publisher's side. In the case of server-side Header Bidding, the load is shifted from the browser, addressing latency concerns often associated with client-side implementation or traditional Waterfall setups. Many companies opt for either server-side Header Bidding due to its reduced latency and promise for a privacy-safe, cookieless future, or they choose a hybrid model combining the strengths of both approaches.

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