The primary requirement for building an online tutoring business is creating a platform and then attracting students with value-based learning services. However, developing an eLearning website is not the only aspect to look out for the entrepreneurs. You may be a good teacher who delivers the knowledge to students, but you also need to become a good marketer to drive traffic towards your business. When it comes to implementing the best practices and starting a tutoring business, marketing is a priority.

In this article, you will learn how to initiate a marketing strategy and build a better online presence with marketing. If you want to learn how to put your best foot forward while presenting your online tutoring business in the market, keep reading.

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Marketing tips for an eLearning business in 2019

Marketing is an integral part of any kind of business. Especially, when you are operating in an online environment, you must know how to reach a wider section of the target audience digitally. With the tactics suggested below, you can expect some positive inputs for increasing your user base in an optimal period.

Make your website SEO and Mobile friendly

Without SEO friendly website, it is impossible to reach your target audience organically through any search engine. You don’t have to be a tech expert to understand SEO. While professional SEO does require some high-end optimizations, you can still make a great difference by doing keyword research, updating Meta content, and optimizing the Landing pages for SEO friendly content. This will surely make a difference on your website.

The most important optimization you might want to consider is making your website mobile responsive. Doing so will give you an upper hand both in terms of usability and SEO. You know mobile is the key to success today.

Spare some budget for paid campaigns. Using services of Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCenter will prove to be a game changer in the early days while your SEO is in progress. They help you to target your audience through ads by geography, location, and keyword searches as well.

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Optimize your website content for better online presence

Well, this is a little different optimization. It's not SEO if you are confused.

You can call it conversion rate optimization (CRO). Once you have a website doing well the SEO part, you need to convert the users. For this, you need to optimize your site for user-friendly content.

The website is the place where you keep your online presence and deliver a strong business case to the target audience. Now, you need to accommodate the factor that drives on-site users to become paying customers.  

You can give discount offers to students, tutoring support, and post anything useful for the learners through your website. In short, present your case as a useful service for the learners. You can start by optimizing your landing pages with user-friendly content and encourage users to purchase your services as a solution to their needs.

Effective use of social media

As you are focusing on online tutoring business, find some online tools to push your business one step ahead. Social media are powerful marketing tools used by everyone these days.

Creating online forums and communities through social media helps in creating awareness and giving support to learners. If you pursue a proper channel at social platform, then the engagement will be much more influential.

Use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts to promote your business offers. They will show related posts to these hashtags if people click on them.

LinkedIn is also a great social networking site that provides a focus for online tutors. You can add connections and follow related people and also target the tutors professionally.


Starting an online business can be an easy achievement for entrepreneurs. However, effective marketing channels like blogging will make your business stand out from the rest.

Blogging is a recommended way to bring more customers into your business. Good articles or blog posts will bring value to customers. The blogs help in generating more leads to your business. This approach will help to grow your online tutoring business.

Blogging can improve your organic search rankings, and also help in building a valuable email marketing list by catching email list through newsletter subscriptions. Catchy blog titles create engagement for the audience and also increase click-through rates.

Create educational and marketing videos

Create special videos regarding your brand and offers. Use explainer videos to create some free educational content and share them on social media and video libraries like YouTube. It would give a sample of how useful your business can be for the learners. This will create a positive outlook in the minds of your target audience about your courses.

Post flyers on schools or local community boards

School is the place where the students come for an academic help. Introduce your business to the teachers, students, and parents about what type of online tutoring services you provide. Tell them about the features and distribute your flyers, posters, and brochures.

You can also circulate the promotional brochures and posters on community centers, public libraries, sports arena, and coffee shops. You will probably need to obtain permission from the authorities before posting the brochures and posters.

Promote on Media

If you want to keep a larger audience into your funnel then you can promote on the print media. It uses advertisements on channels like newspapers and magazines to reach a wider pool of customers.

Advertising on community newspapers is an efficient way to reach out some highly targeted audiences. You can use the ads on the classified section if you have a constraint on your marketing budget. You can generate a short and interesting ad on classified platforms, which can be useful in creating more inquiries and thus giving out some decent traffic.

Digital Ads

Advertisements in print media could be a little more expensive option.  To tackle this, you can leverage the digital counterpart and save on your marketing budget.  You can also reach out to target audience sorted out by geo, IP, device, OS, tastes, and preferences with the help of digital banner ads, search engine ads, and social media advertising.

Email communication can also be a great way to accomplish your marketing goals with lesser investment. You can utilize the same to send utility as well as a promotional communique. Based on your email marketing skills, you can expect some decent traffic from these campaigns alone.

Spread about the brand through word of mouth

This is considered as one of the most cost-efficient approaches. Initially, spreading through word of mouth might be slow, but it will build your brand name gradually over time. Spread the message with everyone you know like family, friends, co-workers, etc. who can refer clients to you. Tell them briefly about the services and offerings on your tutoring business.

Ask your current students to provide recommendations to attract more students to your platform. Offer incentives to your current users in order to bring new users. Create a referral program and give a discount to the new and current for bringing new customers.

Another way is getting feedback and reviews from the current users and sharing those with others on the Internet. Customers in any sphere rely on online reviews to make decisions. They want to know whether to trust a business before buying from it.

Give them user-generated content and they will trust your business. The positive reviews on online channels will give you an epitome of success. They will impact customers with word of mouth online and offline.

Equip yourself with the right software

Many online tutors find Skype as a suitable platform as they begin teaching online. It is very easy and cost-effective tool for beginners that enables one-to-one interaction. But there are certain limitations that give the students poor experience. There are many online tutoring software solutions like Pinlearn in the market that specialize in online tutoring experiences. They offer a range of features that are specifically relevant to online students. The more range of features an online website has, the more flexible it becomes, and the more students will talk about it.

Innovation is always the key to success. Offer what others are not offering and they will come to your business. Invest in platform equipment with innovative features. Customize the user experience for every kind of users and the market will be yours.

Final considerations

It may look like a lot of marketing efforts are required to set up an online tutoring business. However, it is nothing as compared to the returns it promises in the end. You don’t have to just jump into every other marketing channel at once. Keep a gradual pace and adopt the channels that are affordable in your time and budget constraints. Once you are comfortable with the application of a certain marketing strategy, you can easily navigate to the market.

Be advised that Marketing doesn’t always mean advertisement and promotion. It works best when businesses add more value to users. You will surely get an increased customer base, higher sales, and a maximized profit if you can manage your marketing strategies.

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