CPM ad network technologies go through the rapid development stage if we take a look at the modern programmatic ecosystem. If previously only such cpm advertising companies like Google AdSense almost single-handedly ruled the ball, now former market leaders are experiencing serious competition coming from companies that compete through innovation and develop groundbreaking solutions full of targeting options, real-time stats, and functionalities for mobile ads.

Ad networks for publishers introduced previously unfamiliar concepts of real-time bidding for media owners back in the 2000th. Today smaller companies that work with media as efficiently as leaders have evolved to offer publishers an affordable CPM revenue model of monetization. So, let's review the functionalities of leading and new rising star ad networks to compare them and find out when each of them may come in handy.

revenue SSP

Advantages of CPM ad networks for small publishers and medium ones

Publisher ad network based on CPM (cost per mille) means that payment for media owners is calculated according to the CPM revenue model. Advertisers pay the cost per thousand impressions, and it is beneficial for them because they can get more clicks from generated impressions. In the CPC ad network model, meanwhile, the advertiser pays for a fixed number of clicks. As soon as those clicks are achieved, the campaign is considered complete, and the impressions are no longer shown to the users. That's why CPM advertising is used predominantly for brand-awareness campaigns instead of performance-based. With the CPM advertising model, the publisher's ad revenue is formed according to a per-served impression basis.

Benefits of CPM ad networks:

  • Ease of ad performance tracking for publishers;
  • Payment is transferred to the publisher’s account each time the page is loaded (no matter if clicks occur or not);
  • The high volume of traffic;
  • CPM ad networks for small publishers and blog owners can feature a lower threshold traffic eligibility.

Low cost for advertisers makes this model the most widespread. Thus, it can be commonly found in different ad exchanges. Publishers are getting paid in eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions). It comes as a standard using which publishers measure the yield they get from sold inventory. A high eCPM means that the publisher has earned a lot of money from ad serving, and a lower eCPM signifies more ordinary income. In order to figure out eCPM, use the following formula: eCPM = Total Revenue/(Impressions/1000). Using an ad network that runs on CPM publishers can increase monetization revenues up to 60% since exactly this ad revenue model implies high traffic volumes. In case you are a small or medium publisher who receives at least 1000 daily visitors, you can easily monetize this traffic on the ad networks (without traffic thresholds) mentioned below.

Best CPM ad networks

CPM ad networkAd typesMin payout, $Min traffic
CPM rates
SmartyAdsRewarded videos, interstitials, native ads, banners, and other formats.50~300 000
monthly views
60 days
(NET 60 basis)
10 to 25 USD and above for tier 1 traffic
Google AdSenseDisplay, text, in-feed, in-article, matched content ads, video ads, games ads, mobile ads.100No30 days
(NET 30 basis)
From 0.71 USD
AppnexusDisplay, mobile, video, native.50No30 days
(NET 30 basis)
From 0.51
to 20 USD
33 acrossDesktop, mobile, social display, tablet.100No30 days
(NET 30 basis)
From 5
to 15 USD
Media netSearch, display, native, video, and mobile.100~50,000
monthly views
30 days
(NET 30 basis)
From 1
to 20 USD
Propeller AdsInterstitial ads, popunder ads, quality banner ads, display ads, native ads, pop-unders.100No30 days
(NET 30 basis)
From $0.50- 1 USD for most of the websites
RevcontentPush, display, native, video, and mobile.5050,000-80,000 monthly views30 days
(NET 30 basis)
From 0.44-3 USD for most of the websites
RhythmOneDisplay, video, mobile,
rich media, and native ads.
1005000 monthly views60 days
(NET 60 basis)
From 1 USD
for most of the websites
Conversant MediaDisplay, rich media, video, native, mobile.253000 monthly views60 days
(NET 60 basis)
From 0.50-3
for most of the websites
BuySellAdsNative ads, content ads, podcast ads, display, and email ads.50No60 days
(NET 60 basis)
From 0.25-0.75
for most of the websites
ExponentialIn-stream, display, mobile, tablet.40500,000 monthly views45 days
(NET 45 basis)
From 0.20-2 USD for most of the websites
PopAdsPopunders5No30 days
(NET 30 basis)
From 0.89 USD
for most of the US websites
EMXVideo5030,000 monthly views30 days
(NET 30 basis)
From 1.03 USD
for most of the websites
UndertoneVideo ads for in-banner and pre-roll.50500,000 monthly views60 days
(NET 60 basis)
From 3-10 USD for most of the websites
BidvertiserBanner ads, skyscrapers, pop-unders, smart links.10No30 days
(NET 30 basis)
From 0.4-0.75
for most of the websites
SSP SmartyAds offer

15 best CPM ad networks for publishers: features and peculiarities

1. SmartyAds

smartyads logo

CPM publisher SSP (CPM ad network) from SmartyAds is a part of the vast programmatic full-stack infrastructure developed by the company over 8+ years. It incorporates proprietary DSP and ad exchange, meaning publishers are granted immediate access to myriads of premium-class advertisers and additional tools essential for effective inventory monetization.

SmartyAds SSP publisher platform serves billions of impressions per month and is able to generate one of the highest fill rates across popular geos, verticals, and ad formats. Top tier countries at SmartyAds SSP publisher platform are the U.S, Israel, UK, India, Germany, etc.

Core features:

  • Omnichannel monetization. Rewarded videos, interstitials, native ads, banner ads, and other formats.
  • Header-bidding (including lightweight header-bidding SDK solution for mobile apps).
  • High-volume private marketplace deals. Private marketplace deals provide publishers with an opportunity to sell their most valuable and exclusive inventory. Choose between programmatic direct or RTB deals.
  • A publisher-oriented logic enables configuring ad campaigns according to the publisher's requirements: filters for ad types, resolutions, advertisers, floor price, etc.
  • Analytics. Real-time performance measurement: impressions, revenues, fill rates, etc.
  • >90% viewable impressions and one of the highest fill rates across ad networks.
  • Clean traffic. All requests are scanned with Protected Media and Forensiq. The ad network is featured in ads.txt file as an inventory reseller, GDPR compliant.
  • Extended verticals: all verticals for blog owners, small, big, and medium-traffic publishers with the most significant segment in business and financial services, software, investment, travel, commerce, media, sports, etc.

Is it right for you?

SmartyAds is one of those platforms for publishers that can deliver the highest paying CPM ads at $8 CPM and 10 to 25 USD for tier 1 traffic. Payment method: Wire Transfer, PayPal. G2 User Rating (stars) gives it 4.5 stars out of 5 based on user reviews. You can choose it as a viable alternative to Google AdSense, whether you are a small blogger or a bigger publisher.

2. Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Most publishers know and use AdSense because it is one of the largest CPM ad networks operated by Google. On the other hand, Google also offers what it calls its DoubleClick range of Google products; for instance, AdX is a premium version of AdSense explicitly designed for premium publishers and advertisers. Upon transition to AdX, you also access the best tools for creative optimization, better targeting, and payout options.

With Google, AdSense publishers are free to use both CPM ads and CPC (cost-per-click campaigns). It is a secure and high-paying monetization system, however, before the campaign starts, you need to make sure your inventory is eligible since the approval system of Adsense is quite strict. Publishers get 68% of the revenue, and Google obtains 32%. AdSense helps publishers pick from 450 categories of ads and offers publishers a reach of 2 million advertisers worldwide.

Core features:

  • Ad Balance Controls. Automatically selects only the highest-paying ads for your website (which don't harm user experience).
  • A/B testing of creatives. Publishers can predefine settings for creatives in the dashboard and then test them as a part of the A/B test campaign to analyze what performs best.
  • Automatic optimization. The system can give suggestions regarding current campaigns in real-time (to optimize placements, categories, and site-related issues).
  • Analytics. Automatically generate reports regarding performance with the ability to sync with GA.
  • Simple work. No need to involve developers; publishers just need to register and add a few strings of HTML code on their websites to start monetizing.
  • Payouts are flexible and available in 51 currencies (Western Union, Check, and Bank Transfer).

Is it right for you?

Google AdSense is still one of the best CPM ad networks in the world. Ads placed on the blog can generate $1.5 per click, and go up by 25 USD on the tier 1 traffic (depending on geo and other conditions). Ads reviewing process is strict, but the platform offers a wide variety of publisher options when it comes to campaign controls, payment, etc. AdSense has 4.0 stars out of 5 on G2.

3. Appnexus

xandr logo

AppNexus is also one of the leading ad networks that offers publishers lots of opportunities and tools for content monetization. This ad exchange features a special suit explicitly developed for publishers who can apply audience extension mechanisms and audience acquisition forecasts.

The platform boasts 11 bn impressions served in the system daily, plus, the company also claims to have 400 technology experts on staff including support. (For comparison, Google AdSense support line doesn't have a phone number.) Like the first two mentioned, Appnexus offers multichannel ads serving different categories of publishers.

Core features:

  • RTB and PMP. AppNexus provides a single platform with access to the direct, customized, invitation-only marketplace and RTB auctions at the same time.
  • Support of the different ad formats with emphasis on video (in-stream, out-stream, and support of video header-bidding technology).
  • Inventory controls. Ability to control floor prices, the appearance of delivered ads, positioning, etc.
  • Analytics. Ability to check inventory performance across metrics for suitable periods.
  • No solid traffic threshold for publishers.
  • Inventory quality protection and built-in traffic scanners.
  • A broad selection of categories featuring News & Media, Arts & Entertainment, Computers Electronics & Technology, Games, and 20 more.

Is it right for you?

AppNexus is a good ad network for guaranteed quality, excellent coverage, and yet high CPM rates.

The platform has no definite requirements regarding necessary traffic amounts, which makes it easier to start with. Like with other platforms, CPM ads will heavily depend on geo. AppNexus has a user rating of 3.8 out of 5 on G2.

4. 33 across


33 across is one of those CPM ad networks for publishers that feature connections to the global pool of advertisers (including 100 direct ones). In turn, this guarantees a better supply of ads and quick access to direct publishers who look for inventory across different verticals and geos.

How to distinguish 33 across among similar ad networks? This platform has excellent support, and they issue an account manager to publishers to extract the maximum value from every impression served. The other distinctive feature is that publishers can have a more in-depth look at their site performance as a platform has in-deep stats developed specifically for this.

Core features:

  • Granular UI. All necessary controls to configure future ad placement: position, resolution, price floor, etc.
  • Header-bidding functionality. Support of unified auctions for publishers.
  • Variety of ad formats for desktop, mobile, social display, tablet.
  • Analytics. Strong analytics across performance metrics.
  • Functionality to analyze content performance.
  • Direct connections with advertisers like Amazon, Duracell, Airbnb.
  • Extended integration opportunities: via TAG, server-to-server, additional adaptors.
  • The most popular verticals are arts & entertainment, computers, electronics & technology, science & education, news & media, and 20 other categories.

Is it right for you?

33 across has no minimum traffic requirements, making it easy for publishers to join this ad network without effort. The ad network will work specifically well for publishers in the United States, France, Taiwan, Indonesia, and 152 other countries. Like in different ad networks, the CPM level depends on geo and other conditions. The payment methods it accepts are PayPal, SEPA, and others.

5. Media.net

Media Net

Media.net is considered to be one of the best CPM ad networks for publishers since it works well for local and international advertisers and serves Yahoo and Bing ads. When it comes to advertising formats, Media.Net supports IAB standard resolutions and all kinds of desktop and mobile formats, including but not limited to interstitials, native, display, and video ads. This network also supports search ads.

Some of the most renowned publishers that belong to this ad network include Forbes, Reuters, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire. Since there are no minimum traffic requirements, the ad network can suit even small blog publishers and blog owners.

Core features:

  • A convenient dashboard that helps to manage, edit creatives, and navigate advertising campaign flow.
  • A real-time reporting system that allows analyzing campaign performance briefly.
  • Ability to serve CPM, CPC, CPA ad campaigns that can replicate the look and feel of Google ads.
  • Direct demand from global advertisers and agencies.
  • A pool of specific demand non-reliant on cookies.
  • Variety of ad formats, including search - Yahoo and Bing.
  • Specializes in following verticals: Computers, electronics & technology, food, and drink, arts and entertainment, news, media, science, education, travel, tourism.

Is it right for you?

Media.net is a great choice for publishers who search for ad networks with no traffic threshold. Specifics of this ad network also enable three types of campaigns - CPM, CPC, CPA, and search ads of Yahoo and Bing. The payment methods it accepts are PayPal and Web Money. If you join the ad network with a partner link, you also can add 10% to your revenues for the first three months—user rating on G2 4 out of 5.

6. Propeller Ads


This CPM publisher ad network works with more than 150K global publishers and offers a variety of ad formats like native, display, video, mobile, and affiliate services as well.

When it comes to the resolution of the banner ads, you should expect all standard and custom sizes, including 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, and 120×600. They have 3,000 active ad campaigns, and the marketplace also aligns with Google AdSense.

The distinguishing feature of Propeller ads is that they support ads in different languages, not only English, which means that publishers can show ads in the language specific to their visitors. They also offer CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI, and CPA advertising models and no minimum traffic threshold for joining the ad network.

Core features:

  • Traffic from top-tier countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • Flexible minimum payment threshold: $5.
  • The platform supports ads in English and other languages.
  • Manual automation ensures that ads are rendered in high quality and non-fraud environment. This feature protects from fraud, both advertisers and publishers.
  • A proprietary ad-block fighting algorithm replaces annoying ad formats with user-friendly ones like, e.g., native to ensure that inventory is monetized to the fullest.
  • The abundance of ad formats, including full-screen pop-unders.

Is it right for you?

Even though this ad network doesn't have traffic requirements, it will best suit those publishers who generate significant traffic coming from such countries as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, since CPM across those countries is high. Propeller ads will also suit those who want to stay flexible regarding pricing models (CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI, and CPA).

The payment options are diverse and include PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Skrill, and ePayments. User rating on G2 4 out of 5.

7. Revcontent


Revcontent publisher CPM ad network has been specializing in native ads for a long time, but now it also supports display ads, pushes, video, and mobile ads.

The platform delivers more than 250 bn of content recommendations to U.S households and claims to generate 20-40% higher CPM rates than other ad networks due to its high service standards and innovative monetization technologies.

Popular publishers across various business verticals join this ad network to reach the best direct advertisers from all over the world. Among these publishers featured Wayfair, Forbes, and Bank Of America.

Core features:

  • Great opportunities for premium publishers to get the broadest reach of direct advertisers.
  • A dedicated support team that's always on the line.
  • Publisher widgets like native, non-native, and custom API that enable publishers to make ads more functional and effective. As well, you can create sponsored content feeds.
  • Premium CPMs for publishers across geos.
  • Additional widgets for gaining audience insights. In real-time, publishers can find out who their audience is and use this data to better adjust content and ads on pages.
  • Desktop and mobile app monetization options available.

Is it right for you?

This ad network works with lots of premium publishers, so you should mind that their traffic threshold is quite high - 50,000-80,000 monthly views. Their ad approval is also very strict, but publishers don't have to worry about low-quality or inappropriate ads.

If your traffic volumes match requirements and search for advanced monetization tools, this ad network can be your choice. The payment options supported: ACH Transfer, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. User rating on G2 3.3 out of 5.

8. RhythmOne

Rhythm one

RhythmOne is a publisher CPM ad network designed for media owners who search for diverse monetization opportunities enabled by technologies like header bidding, RTB, and programmatic direct advertising.

Previously known as Blinkx and Radium One, RhythmOne grew its capacities and network of partners over a long time, and now it has a strong advertising infrastructure for serving ads across channels.

This ad network also appreciates the safety of publishers, and that's why it continually monitors the traffic to prevent all kinds of fraudulent activities that may occur during monetization. For this reason, they collaborate with Confiant, Moat, Pixalate, IAS, DoubleVerify, and other traffic safety verification companies.

Core features:

  • Clean, safe, and protected traffic monetization - IAB, TAG, and other safety certificates.
  • The abundance of ad formats that work well for different inventory types, including but not limited to videos, banners, display rich media, etc.
  • SDK monetization solution is available for mobile publishers.
  • Inventory performance analytics with reports generated in real-time.
  • Reliable support center that provides timely consultations.
  • The private marketplace is available for premium publishers who want to create higher revenues when selling unique inventory.

Is it right for you?

This CPM ad network will suit publishers who have additional requirements in tracking their audiences as it provides excellent insights into visitors and their behavior.

However, before you can join the network, you need to make sure your blog or website generates 5000 monthly views. Payment methods that are supported at RhythmOne: PayPal, ACH, and Wire Transfer. User rating on G2 3.4 out of 5.

9. Conversant Media


Conversant Media is an ad platform for publishers that serves over 5 thousand ad campaigns monthly, and that's why it is perfect for media owners who function across different business verticals.

The system is transparent and intuitive due to the clear campaign reporting options focused on revenue stats and performance review generation.

The peculiarity of this CPM ad network is that it specializes in mobile device advertising, as well it is characterized by cross-delivery. In addition to this, publishers can benefit from standard desktop formats, display ads, rich media, video, native, etc.

Core features:

  • Smart campaign management. Campaign adjustment for publishers: ad types, size, filters, floor prices, etc.
  • Ability to run CPM and CPC campaigns.
  • Worldwide reach. Direct advertisers from all over the world.
  • Open-source, first-party cookie support.
  • Header-bidding unified auction for publishers.
  • Additional API integrations SSAPI, and direct tagging.
  • The responsive support team, is ready to help with integration and campaign assistance.
  • Real-time analytics regarding performance and revenue dynamics.

Is it right for you?

This network will suit publishers who want a convenient payout system as here they can get money as soon as the $25 threshold is achieved.

It will also suit those publishers who have only English content as other languages are not supported. The network supports two payment methods - check and PayPal and has a rating of 3.1 out of 5 on G2.

10. BuySellAds


With BuySellAds, publishers can expect to get 75% of the revenues that they gain from serving ad campaigns. It directly connects advertisers with publishers, plus, it gives a chance for both to participate in RTB and private marketplace auctions.

For the publishers, it is, first of all, an opportunity to sell their inventory at fixed prices. For now, this network gathers more than 1200 small, medium, and big publishers worldwide.

The standard formats that this CPM ad network supports include display ads, native ads, content ads, podcast ads, and email ads. The platform is also an omnichannel solution that will fit desktop, mobile, and in-app publishers who want to monetize their inventory.

Core features:

  • Basic campaign optimization features filters, ad unit type configuration, floor prices, etc.
  • Direct deals with advertisers and PMP helps publishers to sell premium inventory at the best prices.
  • Google AdSense compatible system helps to serve ads in a variety of resolutions and combine them with Google Adsense ads.
  • The network specializes in a variety of categories: Computers & electronics, technology, hobbies and leisure, arts and entertainment, games, community and society, news and media.
  • Real-time analytics across critical performance metrics, including revenue.

Is it right for you?

Since BuySellAds has no traffic restrictions, small advertisers and bloggers can easily tap into this network. The other favorable condition is that this network can make payouts to publishers twice a month on PayPal.

The minimum payout sum is also quite convenient and starts from $20 for PayPal. For those who use checks, the threshold begins from $50. The user rating of BuySellAds is 2.9 out of 5 on G2.

11. Exponential


Exponential is considered to be one of the best CPM ad networks when it comes to website-friendly ad formats that complement user experience. Formerly known as Tribal Fusion, this network carefully selects publishers and lets them monetize their inventory through a variety of ad formats like In-stream, display, and mobile.

This network features a reasonably high CPM but, at the same time, requires at least 500,000 monthly views to join the system. Upon entering, publishers will be able to gain 55% of the revenues they receive from ad serving.

Core features:

  • Great variety of ad formats suitable for all environments like mobile, in-app, desktop, and table (pre-rolls and rising stars).
  • Context-friendly targeted ads are easily adjusted to the design of inventory.
  • The strong publisher controls designed to determine price floors and creative details.
  • Global advertisers in top-tier countries like the U.S.
  • Performance statistics are generated in real-time via custom reports.
  • Most extensive range of business categories Including games, arts & entertainment, computers, electronics & technology, science & education, and 19 more.

Is it right for you?

The minimum payment threshold of Exponential is 45 days, which makes it convenient for publishers to get their payment via PayPal or check frequently.

It can suit all kinds of publishers, including those who have blogs and niche websites. Still, the publisher has to have at least 500,000 monthly views to join the network.

12. PopAds


PopAds features a cost-per-mille option for publishers and a CPV model, which stands for cost-per-view (advertisers pay for every interaction with a video triggered by a user).

The unique feature of this network is that it serves only pop-under ads and offers pretty high CPMs.

PopAds can be regarded as a most loyal network because it accepts all kinds of websites and inventory, including adult content. As well, with PopAds, publishers can get payouts on request starting from a minimum of $5.

Core features:

  • On-request payments from $5 available in more than 50 countries all over the world.
  • Ability to configure the look and feel of pop-up campaigns individually.
  • Real-time statistics for ads with essential metrics.
  • Above-average CPM rates for pop ad formats.
  • Daily account payments are easy to track in statistics.
  • Publishers can set up minimum bids, frequency of impressions, and floor prices.

Is it right for you?

PopAds can be a perfect choice for publishers who are not afraid to be limited in their ad format options. This network offers only pop-up campaigns.

At the same time, those who monetize inventory solely through pop-ups can count on the highest CPM rates and exceptionally favorable and convenient payout conditions. Apart from this, PopAds frequently rolls referral commission programs. The payment methods are PayPal or AlertPay. The current user rating on G2 is 4.5 out of 5.

13. EMX


EMX is a CPM publisher network that joins publishers and advertisers at an open marketplace for unbiased media trading.

What differentiates EMX from other networks is that it specializes in fixed CPM pricing units. Primarily, this marketplace is created for those publishers who want to trade with advertisers in the U.S, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Due to the proprietary modules and in-built functions, reportedly, the network is able to increase the density of bids and also maximize the value of each served impression.

Core features:

  • Biddr360 function will maximize the number of bids, which consequently will attract more premium media buyers.
  • The worldwide network of advertisers spans across various countries, including top tier ones: the US, UK, Canada, etc.
  • Digital header-bidding wrapper helps publishers to participate in unified auctions.
  • Private marketplace deals help to trade with advertisers directly.
  • Campaign controls: ability to choose among all sizes, resolutions of popular video ads, a function to limit the number of views, floor price configuration, etc.
  • Automatically generated statistics across performance metrics in real-time.
  • A friendly support team is ready to assist publishers with questions about campaign configuration, optimization, etc.

Is it right for you?

This CPM ad network can be right for everyone as soon as they achieve a minimum of 30,000 monthly views. It will also suit those publishers who strive to have fixed CPMs and collaboration with advertisers primarily in top-ties countries.

It provides decent CPMs for video ads; however, it is the only format available on this network (which can be a limitation for certain publishers). Payment method - credit card or PayPal.

14. Undertone


Undertone can be regarded as one of the best CPM ad networks for publishers searching for a variety of ad formats in different sizes and categories.

Apart from standard IAB rising star formats, publishers can monetize their ads with video ads, in-banner, and pre-rolls that drive excellent user engagement.

This network claims to deliver CPM rates, which are significantly higher when compared to other similar networks. As the company claims, ad placements are regularly reviewed to avoid possible cannibalization of existing ad products.

Core features:

  • CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPV - those are available pricing models at the ad network.
  • Cross screen ad formats for different traffic channels.
  • Publisher controls help to easily adjust advertising up to the tastes of every publisher: appearance, performance, floor price, etc.
  • A real-time reporting by the campaign.
  • CBA compliant, user-initiated ad experiences.
  • Mobile-friendly campaigns. The network offers a variety of controls to make the user mobile experience seamless and non-intrusive.
  • Ability to choose between traditional and programmatic deals.

Is it right for you?

Undertone has pretty steep requirements regarding ad quality, but it also requires publishers to reach a minimum of 500,000 monthly impressions to be eligible for ad serving.

Plus, it will also suit those who want to keep their options open when it comes to advertising models: CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPV. Payment method - check PayPal, Wire Transfer.

15. Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser is a part of Bpath LTD network, it has been founded as a PPC network, but now it also offers CPM and CPA campaigns. The platform claims to deliver very high CPM rates because publishers earn money not only from clicks (according to CPC) but also from and conversions.

Ad formats that CPM ad network supports include banners, skyscrapers, pop-unders, rectangles, and smart links.

Their proprietary point-and-click mechanism allows each ad to be optimized and suited to a particular website layout so that ads complement the design and don't irritate the visitors.

Core features:

  • User experience-friendly ad formats that can be explicitly suited for inventory type via publisher controls.
  • High-quality targeting helps publishers to segment their visitors, package this data, and use it to improve CTR and revenues generated from ads.
  • Contextual ads compatibility. Bidvertiser works well with Google AdSense so that publishers could improve bid density, fill rate, and ad revenues.
  • Transparent stats can show publishers the clicks, click-through rates, incoming bids, winning bids, and revenues made during the period.
  • Automated quick approval for publishers ensures that inventory is monetized as soon as possible.

Is it right for you?

Bidvertiser network is a very flexible network in terms of payment threshold; the minimum is only $10. This feature makes Bidvertiser a number one choice for small publishers who only tap into monetization. As well, the inventory approval is very convenient, and there's no traffic bar that publishers have to meet.

At the same time, publishers should be prepared to set a list of advertisers they prefer to work with to reach the best CPMs. Payment method - PayPal, Bitcoin, Check, Bank Wire. The user rating on G2 is 4.0 out of 5.

To sum it up

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that even though Google AdSense is currently one of the largest monetization platforms, as you can see, there is plenty of fish in the pond. All these cpm advertising networks for publishers mentioned on the list have their advantages and unique features that effectively compete with renowned ad tech players. If you want to choose the best CPM ad network, keep your priorities in mind. Assess the most important objectives for you: CPM ad rates, an abundance of formats, and publisher controls, and then you'll be able to make the right choice.

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