Traditional television is gradually, but irrevocably, taking a back seat after subscription-based streaming content consumption. When it comes to streaming video content, there’s nothing like CTV, whose capabilities are broader and more flexible compared to cable television.

The growing popularity of Connected TV advertising increases the chances of advertisers reaching the desired audience at the most suitable times – namely, by combining the precision of digital targeting with the effectiveness of TV advertising. As CTV ad spending is poised to reach $40.9 billion by 2027, CTV publishers should learn how to monetize in the new realms in order to achieve better yields and sustain a smooth user experience. In this article, we embark on a journey through the art of CTV monetization for publishers. We will review how new functionalities on SmartyAds SSP can elevate this process to a brand new level.

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Understand your audience

In the world of CTV, knowing your audience is akin to having a personal connection with each viewer. It's about more than just numbers; it's about turning their advertising experience into an interesting and helpful journey.

Blend quality with quantity 

CTV publishers must carefully curate their inventory. It's not about bombarding viewers with a deluge of ads but rather presenting them with a carefully curated selection of engaging, relevant content.

For example, more than 55% of US households utilize multiple streaming services and gadgets when it comes to CTV. This implies that a single user might encounter the same ads across various applications, and it is important to define the number of impressions the user sees daily.

Another thing about quality is sticking to the industry standards and making the right choices. For example, with oRTB 2.6 now finalized by the IAB Tech Lab, the decision to implement the new features lies with advertising platforms. The introduction of pod bidding and channel/network fields presents valuable enhancements, so it is important for the publishers to opt for those platforms that are future-proof and fully equipped with the latest ad-serving practices on CTV.

Quality is also about the safety and transparency of media trading; at SmartyAds, we urge publishers to prioritize transparency within the digital advertising ecosystem and endorse the adoption of app-ads.txt. This standard is crucial in combating ad fraud, particularly in OTT and in-app advertising domains. It empowers publishers to safeguard against potential issues with resellers and guarantees that advertisers can effectively reach their target audiences.

Embrace the right ad formats

CTV ad formats are the various instruments in your advertising orchestra; they can be static, dynamic, and interactive. Each has its own unique purposes and strong sides. Today, CTV ad formats serve as very powerful leverages that can engage viewers and enable them to make a certain action – open the conversion page via a QR code, subscribe to a newsletter, or more.

CTV publishers should choose formats that align with their content and resonate with their audience. Whether it's skippable ads for user flexibility, interactive overlays for engagement, or immersive experiences for a captivating narrative, the choice of format should complement the monetization efforts and increase the publisher’s yields.

Embrace programmatic technology

Programmatic technology acts as the conductor, ensuring that each ad impression is orchestrated with precision. It automates the process, allowing advertisers to reach their audience at the right time with the right content, which is very beneficial for publishers since ad personalization maintains a meaningful experience for their users.

Thanks to the superpower of programmatic advertising platforms, publishers also instantly connect to the right advertisers who participate in the RTB auctions, guaranteeing the best price per impression for publishers.

Last but not least, by leveraging programmatic CTV platforms, publishers can streamline operations and unlock the full potential of their inventory –  protect their yields by defining the right price floor per impression, include or exclude certain advertisers (with white and blacklists), define what kind of ad creatives to serve, and more. 

Prioritize engagement and personalization

A programmatic Supply-Side Platform (SSP) for CTV publishers goes beyond just facilitating ad serving and revenue generation. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing user engagement. By leveraging programmatic technology, publishers have the capacity to deliver highly personalized ads that resonate with every viewer.

This personalization is not solely geared towards financial gains but also serves to assist users in discovering products or services they need. This tailored approach enhances the overall viewing experience. Ultimately, a programmatic SSP platform acts as a dynamic tool for publishers, enabling them to deliver content that is not only monetarily rewarding but also genuinely valuable to their audience.

Opt for Holistic Monetization Strategies

CTV publishers should explore various monetization strategies because relying solely on one approach can be risky. You spread your revenue potential across different channels by incorporating a mix of direct deals, private marketplaces, and open exchanges. This ensures a stable and consistent income stream, safeguarding your monetization efforts against unforeseen shifts in the market.

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Harness the power of CTV Ad Pods

Ad pods are like carefully curated playlists that enhance the viewing experience. By grouping complementary ads, you create a narrative that captures the audience's attention. Ad podding creates groups of ads that are played back-to-back, just like you see in the traditional linear TV world. Within each ad pod, you have multiple ad slots, which can provide contextual data for marketers to increase ad relevance, which is super important in our privacy-driven times.

Additionally, the introduction of ad pods has provided a strategic solution by presenting multiple ads consecutively within a single break. This innovative approach ensures that ad creatives featured within a pod are thematically aligned, belonging to the same brand category. This deliberate structuring effectively mitigates the risk of overexposure to repetitive content, thereby enhancing the overall viewer experience.

On SmartyAds, SSP publishers can freely utilize the ad podding technology to achieve seamless and privacy-friendly CTV ad serving on their inventory. Increase your revenue potential by selling multiple ad slots in one go, reducing the chances of unsold ad space. Advertisers are often willing to pay a premium price for a slot within a pod to target specific viewer segments; as a publisher, you also increase your ad yield significantly while ensuring the best experience for your users. 

ad pods smartyads

On the screen above, you can see that you are free to choose among structured, dynamic, and hybrid pod options.

  • Structured ad pods consist of a predetermined number of slots, each allocated a specific duration (e.g., one 15-second ad, followed by two 30-second ads, followed by another 15-second ad). 
  • A dynamic ad pod has a set total length (e.g., 120 seconds) but allows flexibility in the number and lengths of ads. For instance, it could contain various combinations such as four 30-second ads, three 30-second ads, two 15-second ads, or other combinations based on the total duration. 
  • A hybrid ad pod blends elements of both approaches: the publisher defines a portion, while the remainder is left flexible. For instance, a seller may stipulate that a 120-second ad pod begins with a 30-second ad, allowing for dynamic filling of the remaining time.

Just bundle multiple ads into a single pod and get progressively higher yields, reduced unsold ad space, and an amplified viewing experience!

Master performance reports

schedule reports smartyads ssp

Performance reports are your backstage pass to the audience's reactions. They provide invaluable insights into how effective your monetization is. That’s why you should use the programmatic CTV platform's reporting tools to track key metrics. 

These may include the completion number of served impressions, requests, revenue, eCPM, fill rate, clicks, CTR, and more. This data empowers you to make informed decisions, allowing you to refine your inventory and amplify your results for future campaigns.

In fact, keeping a close eye on your inventory's performance has never been easier, thanks to Email Performance Reports that are now available at SmartyAds SSP. 

With this feature, you can receive regular insights delivered straight to your inbox. Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly reports, and customize them to track the metrics that matter most to you. 

Plus, the flexibility to add up to 10 email recipients ensures that your entire team stays in the loop regarding the progress and success of your CTV inventory monetization.



To wrap it up

In the dynamic realm of CTV advertising, defining how to maximize your publisher yields is paramount for publishers. From understanding and engaging the audience to leveraging programmatic technology and embracing innovative ad formats, each step is very important in the art of CTV monetization.

Transparency initiatives and the power of ad pods further enhance the viewing experience and ensure that CTV publishers get the true value for their inventory. Additionally, by mastering performance reports, publishers can gain invaluable insights to refine their inventory and amplify future campaign results. With CTV ad spending on the rise, these strategies ensure publishers maximize revenue and deliver a seamless user experience while leveraging the most advanced technological platform.

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