Native advertising is using paid ads that look, feel and function in the same way as other media ad formats on the website. You will most likely come across native ads on social media or the web as recommended content that you might enjoy. What separates them from display and banner ads is that native advertising does not look like advertising at all. It seems like something that your friends shared on social media or something that is part of the editorial flow on a website. The most important thing is that they are not disruptive and show advertising to the viewers in a discrete way. Since native advertising offers so many benefits, advertisers everywhere are trying to adopt it in their campaigns, and it is becoming one of the most popular advertising methods of 2019. Let’s take a look at digital native advertising trends that will define how we see and digest the new types of ad content.

Native advertising trends: the driving force behind growth

Since native advertising is at the core of pretty much every marketing and advertising strategy, it can easily be adapted to any omnichannel strategy where it will perform very well. Since native advertising has been gaining more and more steam recently, you can expect a lot from native advertising this year. Let’s take a look at what 2019 has in store for native advertising.

According to data from the WaIl Street Journal, native advertising spend in 2019 is expected to reach $41.1 billion (61% of all US digital display ad spend). Furthermore, data from the Native Advertising Institute, shows that revenue generation from native advertising is expected to increase by 46% by 2021.

Native advertising trends

  • More diversification - Both advertisers and publishers will use a greater variety of ad types and platforms when using native ad formats. This especially concerns native that goes well beyond social media because editors everywhere have welcomed programmatic native buying thanks to a powerful combination of great content, extended reach, outstanding efficiency, and brand safety. If you use something other than social media for branding and performance purposes, such as digital advertising, you will be able to achieve a higher level of visibility. Soon, native ads will be available on a variety of formats such as social, SEM, in-feed and more.

  • Brand safety first - One of the native advertising industry trends for 2019 will be a shift to more reliable content platforms, which will prompt brands to start moving away from advertising complemented by user-created content. The two most significant factors that are driving better contextual targeting are GDPR and brand safety. Since native advertising is a type of contextual advertising, it will continue to grow in popularity. As far as brand safety is concerned, native ads allow you to create meaningful relationships and give your audience more value.

  • Programmatic domination - The term “effective advertising” implies deep personalization. Since personalization is a major priority and one of the keys to success, it will play a big part in the development of strategies thanks to dynamic creative optimization, or DCO, which is a programmatic creative spinoff. DCO allows you to enhance ad personalization with real-time user data. Along with machine learning, DCO allows for better campaign optimization since the best performing audience segments will be ranked, matched for better reach and the top creatives will be selected for specific segments. To put it simply, it allows each relevant buyer to see a unique ad creative.

  • More Context - There was a time when social media was a trailblazer of the news feed, but things have changed. In fact, one of the native ad trends that we will see is publishers and advertisers starting to come around to the value that context actual brings. The native ads that can be found on some premium sites offer an increased level of engagement and are viewed as more trustworthy than those found on social media. Currently, social media is more responsible for immediate attention, but it will not give you brand value over the long term or an extended engagement reach. In 2019, a lot of attention will be directed towards improving the contextual targeting of native ads.

  • Authentic storytelling will be the key - Even though we will see changes in the formats, metrics, and channels, engaging content will remain steadfast. As restrictions and regulations change, the digital content area will become more crowded and cluttered, thus making it very difficult to navigate. Authentic and engaging storytelling will serve as a “True North” for brands to follow with their native creative ad units.

Native advertising predictions for 2020

Since the power of native advertising is becoming more and more recognized, many experts predict that this is the year when advertiser finally jump on the native bandwagon. Also, many experts believe that 2019 will be a year of strategic partnerships between brands and publishers. It will provide a better route to collaboration on advertising campaigns and force creative studios to attract external experts to bring more value to their clients.

New advertising channels will start to emerge. While the investment in original content will continue to grow, the problem of getting the right message in front of the right audience will still exist. While Facebook and Instagram will keep their positions as native advertising leaders, advertising channel like programmatic will capture attention of advertisers even more, decreasing acquisition costs and letting the brands advertise beyond social mediums. SmartyAds has effective programmatic advertising solution that lets both advertisers and publishers, get the most of native advertising in 2019.​

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Written by
Iryna Sieliutina, Head of Content Strategy of SmartyAds
April 2019