Great news again! One of the largest resources for business software reviews and comparison G2 has featured SmartyAds DSP as the high performer of winter. We are honored to be acknowledged as such because it means that we fall within the best-rated DSPs according to feedback and the bunch of criteria rated by our clients. This title was given to SmartyAds DSP according to the clients’ evaluation of important capabilities ease of use, functionalities, overall satisfaction, and opinion of advertisers who use our DSP. How did we get to the top of DSPs and what does it mean for advertisers, let’s discover.

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What G2 is all about?

G2 is a popular resource that helps B2B businesses compare and choose software platforms based on 100,000 user reviews. It greatly simplifies the decision-making process for managers, entrepreneurs, and investors who strive to get an insider’s view of what it’s like to use this or that kind of software. G2 employs the system of comparison grids, reports, stars, and overall feedback that customers leave on the software's review page. G2 functions independently, it is not related to software providers, this way all information is unbiased as it is based on what customers report.

Why do advertisers love us?

SmartyAds DSP is a programmatic platform that automates and streamlines the process of media-buying for advertisers. The combination of such features as omnichannel reach, access to the vast RTB ecosystem, premium inventory in PMP, and direct deals makes our solution beloved by numerous advertisers around the world. Plus, there are lots of capacities to be really proud of:

  • Media costs optimization. The real-time bidding algorithm platform automates the media trading by 100%. Powered by AI, it singles out only the most beneficial conditions for advertisers and automatically closes the deal in less than a second.
  • Precise targeting. Thanks to a variety of targeting options, it is easy to single out the right audience among the general pool. SmartyAds DSP features 30+ targeting options, geo-targeting, mobile retargeting technologies, and dayparting to successfully narrow down the search and help you to hit the right audiences at the right screen and time.
  • Traffic quality and safety. Connecting to the IAS, Protected Media, Forensiq safety partners, and applying proprietary in-house tools, SmartyAds protects DSP and mobile DSP platforms from advertising fraud and bots, which, in turn, translates into better viewability and cost-efficiency for advertisers.
  • Lots of available ad formats. SmartyAds DSP supports a variety of ad formats - video, display, in-app, native, CTV in order to function as an omnichannel solution. Using advertiser controls, the advertiser can configure their width, height, and resolutions to maximize ad viewability for placement.
  • Real-time reporting. Reports on SmartyAds DSP are aggregated on demand and according to the important performance criteria of your choice: the number of served impressions, clicks, CTR, WinRate, and more (find more in DSP guide).
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Advantages of SmartyAds DSP according to G2

Upon analyzing DSP ratings and the given reviews, it could be right to say that high performer scores were given to SmartyAds DSP for excelling in such quality characteristics as ease of use and campaign management, safety, targeting capabilities, and timely support. Using the functionalities of G2, you can select up to 4 similar products for comparison in the category of Demand Side Platform (DSP). As we’ve picked other DSPs in the Small-Business market segment (competitors), we can pinpoint the strong sides of SmartyAds DSP when compared to other options. Even though the number of reviews on SmartyAds DSP is only growing when compared to other platforms, they already indicate substantial customer satisfaction when we go over the following points:

smartyads dsp ratings

Where do we go from there or what’s next on DSP?

We are incredibly happy to receive the title of the high performer of this winter on G2 and want to thank all of you who reached out to leave their feedback on G2. We promise to keep delivering the highest quality service to satisfy all of your media buying needs and improve our technology continuously so that it exceeds your expectations and grows your ROI every single day. We are committed to our customers and that’s why today we want to uncover what’s more our DSP holds up its sleeve. See what’s coming next:

  • Optimization Rules. With this functionality, our advertisers will be able to create flexible rules for white- and blacklist applications. Based on the stats of the previous auctions this optimization feature will help you to select for targeting (or filter out) certain domains, publishers, sites, and apps.

smartyads dsp updates

  • Billing page optimization. Right now, you can find 3 pages in the SmartyAds DSP dashboard devoted to billing: billing, invoices, and transactions. All three will soon be merged and redesigned into one to provide you with a convenient look and feel experience.
  • Agent account. Very soon we’ll add to the dashboard the new function using which the agent will be able to distribute the rights among advertisers of the company. Thus, if you are an agent and you have, let’s say 3 advertisers, you will be able to create accounts for them, review budgets, analyze performance reports and receive revenues.

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By continuously inspecting the advertising landscape we try to keep the finger on the pulse of the growing technology market and recognize the new needs of media-buyers. Since we first launched SmartyAds DSP back in 2013, we’ve incorporated lots of new capabilities and progressive technologies into the product to help it resolve challenges that you encounter while running your ad campaigns. Today we want to express our gratitude to all our clients who provided valuable feedback and contributed by sharing their thought and ideas. If you want to represent the voice of our advertisers and share your valuable insights with other buyers around the world, don’t hesitate to leave your feedback on the SmartyAds DSP G2 review page.

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