Since General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) has come to enforcement in May 2018, many ad tech companies have embraced new data standardization practices and in-app GDPR compliant SDKs. SmartyAds has been the one among pioneers who adapted their Privacy Policies and SDK at once.

As you might recall, GDPR has established that in case the company is collecting, storing, and processing personal data of EU-based individuals, it needs to satisfy user’s fundamental rights for access, portability, alteration, and deletion of data within one month. If you sum up all of the requirements of the general data protection regulation, it gets clear that they’re based on the following principles:

  • Provide a clear form for gathering user data consent in-app with an option to opt out.
  • Provide the purpose of data collection.
  • Enable users with functionality to manage their data (including a mechanism for data removal).

From the point of data protection regulations, applications for all platforms should have a robust roadmap that defines the mechanism of work with personal user data. This provides an understanding of what data in the app can be attributed to the personal, and how to correctly store, organize, and protect it from potential threats.

However, for app publishers monitorIng and controlling personal data according to the GDPR requirements is challenging. On average, one application integrates more than five different partners that entail five different SDKs. In case each of them is compliant with data protection regulations, there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, the app may violate legislation of the European Union and expose the user data to unjustified security risks. Therefore, it’s important to make a revision of GDPR compliance SDKs in your app.

SmartyAds GDPR Compliance SDK: What’s New?

At SmartyAds we believe that the outcome of GDPR penetration into the mobile landscape should be equally beneficial trading for publishers and advertisers. Data protection regulations establish higher standards of personal data protection and ensure transparency for all digital market participants, including app users.

That’s why we’ve released a new updated version of GDPR compliant SDK. The latest SDK versions for Android and IOS include the cutting-edge functionality that enables automatic collection of user consent (when needed), opting out function, data erasure, and more.

The updated version of API for Android and IOS in SmartyAds SDK enables the app publishers to automate the process of gathering user consent in several ways. In the first scenario, the API allows gathering the information from users after the opt-in status is confirmed. In the second scenario, the app is collecting the user data but doesn’t process it until the users opt-in. This helps to collect user data while the servers are busied with the status confirmation.

SmartyAds GDPR compliant SDK makes it possible to cease the data collection completely on the device and erase all personal data from servers in case the user sends a request to be forgotten. Using profile API you can configure the attribute “privacy_delete” which will trigger the function of automatic personal data erasure for a particular user.

GDPR Compliant SDK Improvements

App publishers and developers can download SDK for Android or for IOS and install them in a few steps. Worth notice, that SmartyAds SDK also works as mediation which means you won’t have to deal with each demand partner’s code individually or review their GDPR compliance.

As soon as a request for impression pops in, SmartyAds SDK picks up relevant advertising in accordance with preferences that app publishers establish via supply-side platform. In addition, developers can set a higher priority for particular advertisers or geos with SSP white and blacklistings.

Apart from mediation, SmartyAds SDK supports long-awaited in-app header-bidding auctions, both client-side and server-side. Header-bidding wrapper solutions solve the trouble related to testing dozens of SDKs of various ad networks before implementation. More importantly, a unified auction substantially elevates the publisher’s yield via simultaneous bidding that intensifies the competition and the bid amounts as a result.

Are you already working with a GDPR compliant SDK partner? Easily add them to SmartyAds SDK and manage your new and old partners under one roof!

Have a question about GDPR? Be sure to visit our GDPR F.A.Q or contact us directly!


Written by
Irina Kovalenko, CMO of SmartyAds
May 2019