Today we are pleased to announce great news for our advertisers and publishers — SmartyAds is partnering with MezzoMedia, a major Korean digital market leader since 1999.

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Why this collaboration is excellent for our advertisers and publishers

MezzoMedia is a one-stop media service for optimum advertising efficiency and a real digital power instrument for brands striving to advertise in local and worldwide markets.

MezzoMedia offers advertising options for all media in Korea, including Banner / VIDEO / NATIVE and represents over 1515 worldwide brands from various industries.

Now, these amazing opportunities are opening up for advertisers of SmartyAds who will be able to access this omnichannel traffic in a single DSP dashboard. In turn, thanks to this, MezzoMedia will get the chance to monetize inventory that gets accumulated on their supply platform and offer higher fill rates to their publishers.

With this partnership we extend our capacities on the supply side as well — this means that our publishers on SSP will benefit from additional demand that will offer competitive prices for their inventory. Meanwhile, our partner will diversify their inventory pool and extend reach for their advertisers.

SmartyAds will continue to work on new partnerships to provide our customers with the best quality of service.

About MezzoMedia

MezzoMedia is Korea's largest digital media agency, providing a wide range of digital solutions for advertisers and publishers. MezzoMedia was founded in 1999 as Korea's first digital media representative. In 2012, it was officially certified as Korea’s number-one mobile advertising platform.

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