Today we are pleased to announce great news for our advertisers — SmartyAds has partnered with SQUID, a fast-growing, millennial-focused company. Squid Newsfeed is pre-installed on Huawei smartphones.

The SQUID makes breaking news easily accessible by offering a wide range of topics, allowing users to select and create personalized news feeds. In addition, SQUID collects news from the best sources on the Internet, enabling users to keep abreast of the latest events and instantly share them with friends on social networks.

SmartyAds appreciates this collaboration. We believe this new partnership will provide additional value to SmartyAds and SQUID alike. SQUID will serve as a pool of the finest quality traffic, where advertisers can get proven, highly-converting and brand-safe ad inventory. This way, advertisers can expand their reach and address unique audiences represented by millennials and young, tech-savvy people.

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Advantages SQUID offers to advertisers

  • Advertisers get the opportunity to place ads in their news feed as a list, that is, in the main news feed. One ad every six articles.
  • The company offers news in local languages. Their partnership network is represented by 20,000 publishers in 60 markets, which creates a large market for advertisers.

SQUID has over 4 million daily active users in over 60 countries, 1,200 million ad requests per month and 3 million clicks per month. SQUID, in turn, is now able to connect to a huge pool of SmartyAds advertisers, effectively monetizing inventory with different formats that are best suited for advertising.


Developed in 2014 by Njuice AB, a media company based in Stockholm, Sweden, SQUID is a millennial-focused social newsfeed that helps young people discover the most exciting content in an easy and fun way. This is a one-stop shop for all news stories and a place for social interaction and engagement. Users can mark up the news and add the article to their library. Overall, SquidApp has over 1 million downloads.

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