We’ve been quite busy in the previous months with technology development, challenging the ever-existing industry issues, and driving more growth to our clients.

Yet we have a thing or two to share about the company progress. This summer SmartyAds received not one, but two prestigious industry awards.

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SmartyAds gets included to the RedHerring TOP100 list for North America

In June SmartyAds has become the winner of the RedHerring TOP100 award. SmartyAds was recognized for the company’s input at creating effective programmatic technology that helps advertisers and publishers to achieve excellence while delivering their ad campaigns and monetizing the inventory.

The RedHerring TOP North America Award selects the most progressive and innovative companies across various industries in North America, determining the list of the top 100 winners. The previous lists include Skype, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, Alibaba, Google, Kakao.

After the list of several thousand is cut down to a hundred, the entrants are invited to the Awards ceremony, where they get honored with the prize.

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The SmartyAds technology was recognized with a Stevie Award

On August 9 SmartyAds was honored with a Stevie Award. The full list of the Stevie International Business Awards is available here. This year over 3,900 nominees from 74 countries were reviewed for the award. Only 34% received high-enough scores from the 270 professionals who participated in the judging process. SmartyAds was recognized as the most innovative company of the year. We are extremely honored to receive such a high praise for our cutting-edge technology.

SmartyAds continues to сreat high-end tech solutions to ensure the efficiency of advertising in the everchanging martech world. Currently, we are exploring the opportunities of the blockchain, as well as creating highly customized white label solutions.

Also, we’re recognized as a top Ad Agency on DesignRush.

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