SmartyAds product team works day and night to deliver a seamless experience across all our digital products. We constantly strive for a better quality to provide our clients with industry’s most innovative solutions. For this reason, we are so dedicated to gathering your feedback and comments that help us to improve our products.

Today we are pleased to announce another series of updates that bring better functionality, robust built-in features and ultimate selling solutions for our publishers.

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Meet Updated SmartyAds Supply-Side Platform!

We are kindly reminding that from October 2017, ads.txt became mandatory for all programmatic sellers, digital publishers, and media owners. Ads.txt is a simple but extremely effective solution that will help to avoid fraud and discrepancies in digital advertising ecosystem.

From now on, publishers can easily download ads.txt and implement it directly from SmartyAds Supply-Side Platform. By uploading the list of the authorized digital selling partners, publishers can have transparent relationships with buyers and complete better deals.

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Updated Functionality of SmartyAds SSP

  • We offer new adaptive design for all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets);
  • Newest CPM settings by countries are available;
  • Innovative banner, video and native ads formats for all mobile inventories;
  • Integrated Prebid.js for header bidding;
  • Programmatic direct - a separate tab with deals;
  • Updated API is available for all types of placements for editing & creating, API reports, accessible for all kinds of placements for API requests;
  • Granular reporting on clicks and revenues by countries, conclusions to all types of reports, ability to export statistics in xls, xlsx, pdf, csv files;
  • Finally, you can access SmartyAds support chat 24/7 and instantly receive help or advice.

Updated SmartyAds Supply-Side Platform brings new opportunities to publishers of any size.

With the new functionality, you can get most of your inventory, selling it to trustworthy demand partners from all over the globe.

Test our fresh updates now and start enjoy programmatic sales to the fullest!

Try Updates - we are looking forward to your feedback! If you have any questions regarding SmartyAds SSP, please contact us via and we will be happy to help.

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