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SmartyAds Ad Exchange is a robust programmatic marketplace that connects ad networks, advertising agencies, and third-party demand-side platforms with a high-quality inventory from worldwide publishers in real-time. We provide premium access to RTB auctions, direct publisher deals, and programmatic guaranteed so you could cater your ads to relevant audiences at global scale.

Deliver ads to audiences that matter

Buy first-class display, native, video, mobile web, and in-app inventory from thousands of premium publishers. Serve ads to targeted audiences, launch brand awareness and direct-response campaigns across screens and formats. Boost your marketing ROI and increase your income with SmartyAds Ad Exchange.

Buy inventory the way you want

Choose the best media buying strategy to optimize every step of your advertising campaign. Whether it’s open exchanges, private marketplaces, preferred deals or programmatic guaranteed - with SmartyAds Ad Exchange you will be taking advantage of every opportunity.

Protect your clients with brand-safe media

SmartyAds Ad Exchange is a secure and transparent ecosystem where every publisher is carefully verified and approved. Your ads will appear in a brand-safe environment in front of the right audiences to drive traffic, boost efforts and generate conversions. We integrated innovative fraud detection mechanisms into the framework to keep the traffic quality as high as possible.

Revolutionary SmartyAds Ad Exchange Features


Unlimited Supply of Ad Inventory

SmartyAds integrates hundreds of supply partners, media owners, publishers, and app developers under one roof so you could always have a choice when buying ad inventory.

Audience-Driven Advertising

Integrate demographic, behavioral, and contextual data in one place to find out more about your target audiences. Segment your audiences, deliver ads, and track the campaign performance.

Support for Mobile and In-App

Diversify your campaign by serving engaging ads on the mobile web and in-app. Access the world’s largest pool of mobile inventory, reach your prospects on smartphones and tablets.

High-Performing Video Inventory

SmartyAds helps marketers to deliver full-screen immersive video ads. Connect with video publishers worldwide and launch interactive video campaigns that both amuse and educate users.

Ad Viewability Metrics

Track every step of the ad campaign. Analyze traffics, CTR, conversion rate, average pageviews per visit, time on site, and return rate. See how many people saw your ads with SmartyAds Ad Viewability metric.

Fraud-Free Ecosystem

We collaborate with Protected Media fraud detection company to ensure the highest quality of every impression. Our proprietary traffic scan tools allow you to trade in an ultra-safe marketplace with no compromises.

Blockchain-Based Transactions

SmartyAds now offers an option to join our premium Blockchain-based network. Decentralized digital ledger technology secures your data while you focus your efforts on digital advertising.

Customized Features

Our Ad Exchange is a technologically advanced platform that connects loads of data. To analyze this data sets, we’ve created sophisticated machine learning algorithms that help in prediction and decision-making.

Join the most comprehensive
digital marketplace

SmartyAds drives revenues for ad campaigns of any size.
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SmartyAds DSP

SmartyAds provides a robust programmatic demand side platform for media buyers. Get access to premium publishers from all over the world and launch your digital marketing campaigns with just a few clicks.
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SmartyAds SSP

SmartyAds supply side platform is a powerful asset for digital publishers. Monetize your ad inventory and explore new revenue opportunities with the access to millions of advertisers.
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