Ad Exchange for Publishers

Maximize the Value of Each Impression

SmartyAds Ad Exchange® for publishers is an innovative programmatic solution designed for supply partners looking for ways to generate revenue through website or app advertising. Our holistic platform is tightly integrated with the largest sources of demand (DSPs), including SmartyAds DSP, top-performing advertising networks and leading agency trading desks.

SmartyAds Ad Exchange® allows publishers and app developers to sell their inventory across all digital channels programmatically, achieving the most lucrative outcomes available. Publishers gain ultimate control over the price of each impression and choose what advertising content appears in front of their custom audience.


Powerful Publisher-centric Toolbar

Using our supply-side platform or header bidding technology, publishers can instantly connect to SmartyAds Ad Exchange®, manage their ad inventory and boost revenues with higher CPMs through a single intuitive interface.

Global Reach at Your Fingertips

Expose your website/app to advertisers from around the world, and take advantage of the real-time bidding competition. By offering up your most valued audiences, brands will fight to display creative ads on your page. In such a competitive ecosystem, you have a chance to make the best deals and sell the impressions to the highest bidders, increasing the value of your inventory.

Manage Your Ad Property

With flexible inventory settings, publishers maintain full control over pricing, blocking and ad creatives. Maximize CPMs by specifying price floors, and decide which advertising content would be displayed on your page. Protect your source by selecting advertisers that can bid on the inventory and blacklist those you wish to avoid.

Enjoy the Transparency

Get full visibility into who is interested in your inventory and how much they bid on it. We will show you every dollar that you’ve earned so you can use this data to optimize your future campaigns and drive even more sales.

Challenge Others with 100 Percent Fill Rate

We use artificial intelligence to build sophisticated predictive machine learning algorithms that match a supply with unlimited buyer demand. When publishers plug into SmartyAds Ad Exchange®, you are sure to find a buyer for every impression you serve. Be ready to sell out all inventory — even the remnant one.

SmartyAds Ad Exchange® was built to help publishers monetize their ad space more efficiently and help advertisers to find their perfect audiences. Therefore, we want to make programmatic buying enjoyable for both sides. Here at SmartyAds, we care about the quality of service we provide, so every seat on our Ad Exchange is granted to trusted advertisers that were exclusively accepted into our ecosystem.

We guarantee to deliver only secure traffic, so we collaborate with the best brand safety and fraud-detection companies (TMT, GeoEdge) in the industry that double-check every ad tag for you. That’s how we serve highly relevant ads that engage your audiences.

Ready to begin? Contact the SmartyAds support team to find out how you can increase yield with SmartyAds Ad Exchange for Publishers.