Push network is a tricky thing to choose when you have an abundance of options. Push notification ads seem to belong to the format that looks different on every device, OS, and in different browsers. Even though push notifications don’t make the novelty of the year, they are steadily increasing in popularity, push notification ad network is what helps affiliates to connect to their audiences easily and quickly.

Push ads have become the main tool for targeted ad campaigns and remarketing alike. Just take a brief look at the advertising network landscape - there are hundreds of opportunities that offer all kinds of push traffic for all types of environments: mobile, in-app, desktop. In case you chose a good option you will be able to engage and address more users, this, in turn, will translate into more impressions and thus, more sales and better brand awareness. At the same time, with the market getting increasingly saturated it becomes harder to separate the wheat from the chaff: how to choose the right option for your needs, what functions to look for, and finally, how to compare?

Let’s examine the best push notification networks in 2022 to discover what push traffic they offer and what kinds of push notifications they serve. Still, before we dive in, let’s examine the specifics of the push notification traffic, just so that you know what to expect.

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What are push ads and what is push traffic?

Push notifications are short, limited-length, notifications that pop up on the screen of the device. As a rule, they have a title and consist of up to 125 characters. Website owners, online stores, and various services use them very actively since this format is relatively fresh: previously, pushes were only used for system notifications on the device. Hence, they don’t cause ad fatigue like static advertising formats. On top of that, pushes are interactive, and as a rule, they deliver much better engagement rates and clicks to the advertisers (when compared to static formats). Currently, every user in the U.S. receives approximately 45 push notifications on a daily basis. Push traffic is a pillar of affiliate marketing and push advertising. In fact, pushes turned so popular among affiliates that push notifications ad networks started to open like mushrooms after the rain.

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Does push traffic convert easily?

Push notifications indeed can bring in high-quality traffic to your website or app. A good push notification ad network can connect to thousands of traffic sources at the same time, which is a guarantee of a good reach. How do these people who receive ads are treated? They receive push notifications regularly throughout the day. It seems to sound annoying. However, unsubscribing from such ads is a true piece of cake - the user simply turns notifications off in the device settings. However, as the practice shows, only 2% of people unsubscribe. The users who genuinely like and need the apps they use aren't easily scared away by push advertising; on the contrary, they sometimes like such ads as they deliver additional bonuses.

What is a general performance for push traffic?

  • Push notification advertising is booming. Push notifications on average have a very high opt-in, meaning that people willingly subscribe to receive those. For the Android this rate reaches 91,1% and for the IOS around 43,3%. The same source of statistics also delivers the following data about push traffic performance:
  • Push notifications have the best reaction rates (11.4% for Android and 5.5 for IOS).
  • The highest opt-in rates for push notifications are noticed in Africa (45.2% overall), Spain (93.4% on Android), and France (45.3% on IOS) as well as South American countries (93.8% overall).
  • Push traffic sources can generate very high CTR rates that reach 4.1% on Android and 1.7% on IOS.
  • Push notifications show their peak in activity during Sunday/Monday period, especially for such top 5 push ad niches like eCommerce, Media & publishing and blogging, BFSI, Software and SaaS, Digital marketing agencies.

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What is a push notification ad network?

Basically, a push notification ad network is just like any regular ad network except it specializes in push traffic. What are ad networks? These are platforms that aggregate online ad inventory from publishers and sell it to advertisers, typically in real-time, using programmatic advertising algorithms. Advertisers and publishers can freely join such platforms and start trading according to the trading conditions they configure in the dashboards of such ad networks. Thus, advertisers typically instruct the system regarding what type of push traffic they want to buy, for what price, to whom the ads should be shown, and where and when (targeting options). Publishers, meanwhile, configure the minimum prices for impressions (price floors), and the parameters for push ad (size, placement, format, resolution, etc.). Plus, both publishers and advertisers can set up lots of filters that will single out only the right push traffic or the right kind of advertisers. Last time we revised the list of the best CPM networks for publishers, while today, we will discover the best options for push affiliates. First, let’s try to find out what qualities to look for.

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The formula for choosing the good push ad network

Push notifications ad networks can be very different; that’s why there’s no universal formula that can be applied to ease the selection process. Affiliate marketing vendors develop a plethora of technologies that facilitate push traffic purchasing in real time. If you want to buy high-quality traffic, first of all, it is important to understand your own objectives and needs.

  • Payment model. If your primary goal is to increase brand awareness, then you should aim for reaching the maximum number of daily impressions. CPM revenue model is the best option for it because you pay for 1000 impressions. In CPC networks, you pay for a fixed number of clicks. Impressions cost much cheaper than clicks; still, if your ad is interesting, you inevitably get more clicks out of those 1000 impressions you paid for.
  • Reach. Local push ad campaigns are easier - you aim for local audiences in your own country. However, if you work worldwide, then you probably want your push ads to reach as many users as possible. Push ad networks can work only with certain vendors in certain countries, still, if they function on a real-time bidding basis, it means they aggregate all push traffic sources that trade by RTB. Thus, it increasingly maximizes your potential reach.
  • Traffic quality. Push traffic buyers typically look for high-quality, fraud-free, viewable, and easily convertible impressions. In order to deliver healthy and pure traffic that is free from bots, the ad network platform needs to be equipped with traffic safety scanners that continuously monitor the system and protect it from fraudsters. Apart from it, the system should have IAB’s authorization standards for publishers and their inventory (e.g like adx.txt, Sellers.json, supply chain object, etc).
  • Platform functionalities. Targeting options, budget configurations, and an abundance of digital advertising formats all play a great role when you choose a push ad network. Publisher controls are also very important for inventory sellers as well as technologies like header bidding, and the ability to participate in the private marketplace, direct deals, and so on. Before choosing the push ad network try to research the available options and prioritize what features you really need to have on your platform.

Best push notification ad network 2022: what does it look like?

As was mentioned earlier, there are plenty of ad networks that specialize in push notification ads. Certain affiliates with clearly defined target audiences may want to serve push notifications only across certain geos or in particular environments, let’s say only in the apps or only on the desktop. In such a case, you can review a selection of the best push ad networks that we’ve prepared today in this list and see if there’s one that satisfies your requirements. The good news is, even if you notice that ideal ad network characteristics are scattered across several options, there’s always a chance to try them all or combine them until you see which one works best for you. While some of those in the list specialize only in push traffic, the others can serve different advertising formats that can extend your advertising opportunities. With this being said, it’s time to compare push ad networks and see what they have to offer for affiliates in 2022.

Push notification ad network comparison table

Push ad networkAd types supportedPayment modelTraffic typesTop verticalsTargeting options
1. SmartyAds

Video, Banner, Native, Rich Media, CTV, Rewarded video, Playable

CPC, CPMMobile, desktop, In-app, DOOH, CTV, audio

Business, Financial, Software, Employment, Consumer Electronics, Travel, Sports, Lifestyle and hobby, Media and entertainment

GEO, GPS, IAB categories, Connection type, Age, Gender, OS, Browser, Device, Language, Device brand, Retargeting

2. PushubPush, Pop, Parked domains, NativeCPC, CPMMobile, desktop, In-appLead Gen, Sweepstakes , Finance, Trading / Investing , Desktop Software, Mobile Software, Nutra, Ecommarce, Push-to-SearchGeo, browser, carrier, OS, device, domain, category, Push User age, impression, and click Frequency cap
2. PropellerAds

Push, Onclick ads, In-page units, Native, interstitials

CPC, CPMMobile, Desktop

Arts & Entertainment, Computers, Electronics & Technology,Science & Education   

User activity, GEO, OS, Device & Connection types, Mobile carrier, Browser & Language, Dayparting, Frequency capping

3. EvaDav

Push, Pop-under, In-page, Native

CPC, CPMMobile, desktop, In-app

Arts & Entertainment, Computers, Electronics & Technology, News & Media, Sports


GEO, Dayparting, Device, Browser, ISP, Carrier

4. RichAds

Push, Native, Pop-up, display ads


Gambling, Dating, Nutra, Finance, Mobile apps


Device model, User activity, Connection type, Carrier, OS, IP


Push, Widget, Smart feed

CPCMobile, desktop, In-appSweepstake, Vouchers & coupons, Dating, Gambling, Finance, Health & beauty

GEO, Browser, Browser language, OS, Mobile connection

6. AdCash

Push, Native, Interstitial, Banners, Pop-under



Mobile, desktop, In-appAutomotive, Clothing & Fashion, Consumer Packaged Goods, Dating, eCommerce, Energy and Utilities, Entertainment, Financial

GEO, SSPs User Interests, Keywords, Website, Categories, Connection,  Zones, Carriers, (ISPs)

7. AdSterra

Web Push, Pop-unders, Banners, Direct Link, Native, Vast (video), Social Bar, Interstitials

CPM, CPA, CPI (PPI), CPC, CPL, CPOMobile, desktop, In-app

Dating, Gaming, Utilities, E-commerce, Gambling, Binary & Crypto, Sweepstakes, Pin submits, Sports, betting


User activity, GEO, OS, Device & Connection types, SP/Carrier, Browser, Language, Retargeting, Demographic

8. RUNativePush, Native


Mobile, desktop, In-app

Dating, Gaming, Gambling, Sweeps, Nutra, Crypto, CBD


GEO, Languages, Devices, Operating Systems, Browsers, Carriers, IP Ranges

9. MegaPushPush, First-pager, Pop-ups, SMS campaignsCPCMobile, desktop, In-app

Dating, Sweepstakes, Gambling, Nutra, Crypto, Adult, Casino


Audience & demographic options, OS, platform/country, Browser, ISP

10. Ad-MavenPush, new tab (pop), interstitial, banner


Mobile, desktop, In-app

Coupons, Sweepstakes, Dating, Nutra, Betting, Casino, Extensions, Software, Mobile Apps


Browser, OS, ISP, Location, Whitelist, Blacklist

11. DatsPush

Push, In-page, pop-under, Native



Mobile, desktop, In-app

Nutra, eCommerce, Finance, Sweepstakes, Gambling, Betting, Dating, Pin submits, Binary options

Web/Mobile, Geo, Carrier/IP, Browser/Platform, Black/White lists, Source/Audience
12. DaoPush

Push, In-page push, Pop-up

CPCMobile, desktopGambling, Dating, Adult, Finance, eCommerce, Sweepstakes

GEO, Carriers, interests

13. SelfAdvertiserPush, Pop-upCPCMobile, desktop

eCommerce, Health & Diet, Finance, Sports & Leisure, Utilities, Mobile, Content, Travel, Gaming


Carrier, ISP,  OS,  GEO, Browser, Type & Version, Connection

14. HilltopAds

Push, Pop-up, Native, Video, Direct links, Display, banners

CPM, CPAMobile, desktop

Gaming, Downloads, PinSubmits, Dating, Sweepstakes, Video Streaming, File Hosting, Entertainment


Carriers, OS,  Browser, Device,  GEO retargeting, dayparting, white and black lists, keyword



SmartyAds specializes in developing programmatic media-buying platforms that affiliates can use to purchase high-quality traffic across different formats. Currently, push formats are not available on the platform. However, a plethora of formats, such as CTV, DOOH, in-app, mobile web, audio, desktop, and more, make this platform really versatile and unmatched. Their demand-side platform can be considered as a robust network that serves billions of impressions per month based on both CPM and CPC payment models. The United States, India, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, and other top-tier countries are their primary traffic sources. Their platform features a set of unique opportunities for affiliates (see core features).

Core features

  • Cross-environment ad formats. The platform supports ad formats that are easily rendered across environments: in-app, mobile, desktop. Apart from this affiliates can extend their media mix with video, banner, native, rich media, CTV, and other digital ad formats. The easy and clean dashboard makes it easy to adjust all sizes, ad formats, and resolutions of ads for all screen types and sizes.
  • RTB, programmatic, PMP, direct deals. Advertisers can participate in RTB auctions as well as in private marketplace auctions and direct deals (to access exclusive inventory).
  • Precise targeting. 30+ ad campaign targeting options (geo, age, gender, OS, browser, device, connection type) make sure that your ad is only shown to the right audiences.
  • UI/UX automation and reporting. The platform ensures 100% automated optimization for affiliate marketing campaigns as well as performance reports delivery.
  • Brand safety. All of the traffic is safe for brand reputation and secured from fraud with in-house safety tools and connection to traffic safety providers: IAS, Protected Media, Forensic+.

Is it right for you?

SmartyAds is an excellent choice for those who look for a variety of traffic sources (as there is a connection to RTB and programmatic). They support all kinds of ads and serve them in various environments, which is also very important to achieve great reach. Ad networks like these (CPM) are especially beneficial for branding affiliate marketing campaigns as the cost per impression is much cheaper than the cost-per-click model. Still, the platform also offers a CPC model where you pay only for clicks (which is great for performance marketing campaigns).


Pushub is a global push notification-focused demand-side platform (DSP) for agencies, Media Buyers, and Master affiliates. It has a strong focus on push notifications ads. However, pMaximize Impact With SmartyAdsushub also supports pop, parked domains, and native formats. Pushub utilizes innovative technologies, smart campaign optimization mechanisms, and an active customer success team. Their top geos are United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, India, and Australia.

Core features

  • Unique Push traffic – Pushub Push Notification traffic comes from in-house Content and News sites on different niches, such as newsvot.com and cryptovot.com. This creates a very segmented Traffic. Adding to that, Pushub is integrated with a handful of Premuim Push notification supply partners offering traffic from content sites.
  • Various Payment Methods – Pushub supports PayPal, Capitalist, USDt TRC20, USDt ERC20, US Local Bank Wire & International Bank Wire.
  • Precise and rich targeting. Reaching the right audiences is possible thanks to the targeting according to geo, browser, carrier, OS, device, domain, category, Push User age, impression, and click Frequency cap.
  • Lots of available ad formats – Push notifications, Pop, Parked Domains, Native.
  • Many performing verticals - Lead Gen, Sweepstakes, Finance, Trading & Investing, Desktop Software, Mobile Software, Nutra, Ecommarce, Push-to-Search.
  • Optimization - Pushub features many leverages for effective campaign optimization, including pre-filtering of invalid clicks, CPA goal optimization, User age optimization, and user frequency control. The platform features creative insights, Blacklists, and Whitelists for ROI optimization.
  • Advanced Management models. Pushup offers three service models: self-served (with email support), managed (with a Personal Customer success manager), and agency (full service). While self-served is for media buyers who prefer to work on their own with a Minimum budget, Managed and Agency models provide solutions for advertisers that have substantial budgets and need more assistance, insights, and tools from a Direct Customer success manager.

Premuim features (Agency Account)

  • Pre Lander Creation Tool – this service allows to Create an interactive click-through landing page at a click of a button, which makes it Perfect for quick A-B testing.
  • Custom Pre Landers – Pushub team of content writers, Designers, and Performance managers create a custom Pre lander for Advertiser campaign, which increases conversion Rate and ROI.
  • Full-service Platform Management – setup, optimization, adjusting campaigns - done by Customer success Team, A-Z.

Is it right for you?

Pushub can be the right choice for those who look for a push-focused environment with extended campaign optimization leverages. An advertiser or Media Buyer can sign up on the platform and deposit a minimum budget for a self-served account, which starts at $200. Another smart option would be asking for a Managed Account, starting at a minimum deposit of 1000$, getting all the important Extras – a personal customer success Manager, detailed insights, and advanced optimization.


PropellerAds is one of the biggest push networks that gathers an active audience of more than 250 million users monthly. This network is pretty universal in terms of ad formats, but exactly for pushes, it offers extensive optimization opportunities. Extensive targeting, reporting, and campaign controls are those leverages that help affiliates turn their push advertising into a great source of income.

Core features

  • Beneficial pricing models. This network operates according to both CPC and CPM pricing models, which gives you the added advantage of paying less for push traffic if your CTR is high.
  • Lots of ad formats with opportunities for testing. Aside from pushes (600 million real users), affiliates can serve onclick ads, in-page units, and native interstitials. Plus, you can test different variations of creatives to find out which ones perform better.
  • Automated optimization. Smart AI system optimizes your creative settings on the go to ensure that you get the optimal number of conversions that you strive for.
  • Proven sources of traffic. The traffic is being constantly scanned with anti-fraud tools, on top of that the platform only works with high-quality, legit sellers, and resellers.
  • In-deep reporting. As an affiliate, you can make use of real-time reporting to find out all about the traffic you get and campaign performance.

Is it right for you?

PropellerAds can satisfy the needs of experienced push affiliates and newcomers equally well. It is a self-serve platform. However, it has a reliable support team that can assist you with campaign tuning and other questions. What’s also important is that affiliates give affiliates a chance to test the creatives and choose between different pricing models.


EvaDav is a CPM and CPC network that specializes in different ad formats including pushes and those that are very popular among CPA marketers and affiliates. Their platform daily delivers 2+ billion impressions and has onboard 32.2K publishers. With this platform, affiliates have everything it takes to navigate their campaigns and stay in control of their incomes.

Core features

  • Predictive audience behavioral algorithms. Around 10 billion push notifications this platform serves monthly. With this volume, the platform also utilizes smart algorithms to ensure that each impression is delivered to the right targeted user.
  • Global reach. With programmatic algorithms, it is easy for the platform to deliver your pushes globally, plus the platform has a specific focus on the US, RU, IN, China, Europe, and other world regions and countries.
  • Intuitive admin panel. Through one panel, you can manage all of your ad campaigns with ease: set up campaigns, configure them, verify traffic, and track performance.
  • Minimum budget threshold. The platform makes it possible to start your campaigns with a bare $100 budget minimum.
  • Price optimization. The bidding algorithms make sure that the prices you bid with stay competitive enough to win the impressions you need.

Is it right for you?

EvaDav is a solid option for affiliates who strive to make the most out of their push campaigns and benefit from serving other types of creatives as well. They provide you with an essential level of flexibility to choose between formats and pricing models that are most relevant to your current marketing objectives. Also, if you search for the really high-volume push traffic, don’t forget about trying EvaDav.


If you've already heard the name RichAds, that's probably because they offer high-quality push traffic in high volumes all around the world. This is a CPC push notification platform that specializes in the delivery of highly targeted push and pop ads and other ad units across the majority of popular business verticals, including VPN&Antiviruses, Crypto, Gambling, Betting, Sweepstakes, Dating, and more.

Core features

  • Reach across geos. According to their website stats, the platform serves 4 billion impressions on a daily basis (in such countries as the USA, Brasil, Thailand, Turkey, Poland, Deutschland, Philippines, and the list goes on).
  • Team of ad experts Personal account managers will help to guide you through the onboarding process, make creatives for your ads, fully manage your campaigns, share traffic insights, and more.
  • Premium Sources. Premium Subscriber Lists Group is the highest quality push traffic. It includes only the sources which consistently show excellent conversion for many different offers.
  • Calendar push format. It helps to get high-quality push traffic from iOS and macOS devices.
  • A plethora of targeting options. You can channel the ad to the right audiences utilizing more than 17 targeting options (country, OS, browser, device, browser language, connection type, carrier name, operating system, IP, and so on).

Is it right for you?

If you are looking for high-quality traffic, this ad network is for you. If you are in search of a broad reach, especially across very specific business categories (like dating and gambling), this network will also be a good choice. This network is CPC so it also will work specifically well for performance ad campaigns.


MGID is one of those CPC programmatic ad networks that has been in the market since 2004, they have established a set of solutions designed for affiliates. Because of the image and reputation, the network attracts serious affiliates and publishers globally. They feature global coverage and serve not only to push but also the vast ad formats for all devices and of all resolutions.

Core features

  • Quick push implementation. The push notification is quickly downloadable in the dashboard after this technology serves them to the target audiences in real time.
  • Responsive creatives. Push notifications, as well as other ad types (push, widget, smart feed), are automatically adjusted to fit every screen and device for an effective, high-quality user experience.
  • Smart bidding. The smart system can dynamically change CPCs to win the best impressions during the auctions.
  • Predictive price tool. The platform has a handy ML recommendation tool (which is based on achieved positive profit margins) that gives you recommendations on future price bids (that can help you win more deals).
  • Fraud protection. The system is connected to the traffic safety providers that monitor it and ensure that impressions are viewable.

Is it right for you?

MGID is a perfect ad network for those who want their push notification ads to be served on a variety of devices and through various channels. They have advanced algorithms in place to optimize the bidding process and will suit those affiliates who have a limited ad budget - account funding starts with a $100 minimum deposit.


Adcash is actually a DSP that affiliates use as a network for serving push notifications. Just like the options described above, it offers a range of useful tools to the affiliates, those tools that enable broadening reach and achieve impeccable affiliate marketing campaign execution. The platform serves no less than 200 million impressions every day and is considered to be one of the biggest networks as it has been on the market since 2009.

Core features

  • An abundance of ad formats. Aside from pushes, every affiliate can find lots of supplementary ad formats on this platform, so options are not limited: native, interstitial, banners, and pop-under.
  • Push optimization controls. The dashboard has controls using which affiliates can optimize the push ads: size, resolution, and delivery.
  • Convenient dashboard. In one dashboard, affiliates can trade with 200+ leading SSPs alongside Adcash’s exclusive supply partners.
  • Reporting system. Reporting works in real-time and notifies the campaign creator about performance aptly.
  • Smart bidding technology. The bids are adjusted automatically without manual intervention; they are optimized to capture only the most beneficial deals.

Is it right for you?

Adcash is a good option for all affiliates who look for high-quality traffic sources and exclusive inventory and have their own supply partners. Worth pointing out that their traffic security mechanisms are also in place to guarantee a fraud-free advertising ecosystem. In fact, they are well-known for giving extra care to safety. This platform will also perfectly suit affiliates who need support as they have a well-established account manager team.


Adsterra can be considered one of the biggest networks as it offers a plethora of traffic sources to affiliates and advertisers - it serves 30 billion impressions per month. Their network has been in the game since 2013 and now it can help you to trade programmatically with over 12.000+ Direct Publishers. The platform has a set of individual functions and options that affiliates can take advantage of, including target CPA.

Core features

  • Flexible navigation. The platform has numerous controls using which you can adjust the traffic according to your needs: filters, black and white lists, campaign manager dashboard.
  • Most extended payment models. Affiliates can opt for the most suitable payment model that satisfies their needs: CPM, CPA, CPI (PPI), CPC, CPL, CPO.
  • Three-layer security system. The advertising ecosystem is safeguarded with a three-level security system (third-party protection tools and in-house mechanisms).
  • Custom reporting. Campaign flow and success can be tracked down with custom reports that are generated in real-time.
  • Targeting and customization. There are lots of options to choose from in terms of targeting (User activity, Geo, OS, Device & Connection type, SP/Carrier, Browser, Language, Retargeting, Demographic). Also, this progressive self-serve platform enables additional optimizations and tracking: generate ad codes, adjust your own ad settings, and so on.

Is it right for you?

Adsterra is a pretty universal solution that can serve push ads and other popular advertising formats, mind that in case you plan to run more than just push campaigns. The number of verticals and targeting options that they offer, as well as payment models, are very impressive. Most importantly, you can target CPA, CPM, CPI, and other impressions. Still, you should remember that this platform is self-serve which means you need to have at least basic experience in campaign management.


RUNative has been specializing in digital advertising for more than a decade. In 15 years of serving ads, they gathered the right kinds of technologies that boost and performance and optimize workflow. Affiliates can use their programmatic platform as an ad network and open exchange marketplace. Push traffic is a new but nevertheless already strong niche of theirs because they implemented the following functionalities:

Core features

  • The broad reach of direct publishers. This advertising network generates over a million impressions on a daily basis and works with RTB and direct global publishers alike.
  • Flexible payment options and models. RUNative affiliates can start different kinds of campaigns based on CPM, CPC, dCPM pricing models. You can pay either in PayPal, Wire TransferPlus, Credit Card, Paxum. It is totally possible to launch a campaign starting from a $100 minimum deposit.
  • Ad Spot Creator. The dashboard has a variety of preset ad formats that can be easily adjusted and customized for individual campaign launching.
  • Advanced optimization tools. Affiliates are free to split-test their campaigns, apply an anti-ad block system, and fine-tune the rest of the campaign optimization leverages how they want.
  • Traffic protection. RUNative employs third-party traffic protection mechanisms and a set of in-house tools to prevent ad fraud on its platform.

Is it right for you?

Due to the abundance of functions, RUNative is a very convenient platform for affiliates who are looking for additional opportunities to adjust their traffic and obtain broader reach. This advertising network has testing, optimization, and other tools in place to ensure high-quality, individualized campaigns. This platform will suit self-serve affiliate marketing campaigns. Still, it also offers managed services for affiliates that need assistance.


MegaPush is also characterized as one of the biggest quality traffic providers when it comes to push ads. Ever since they first launched their platform in 2017, they’ve been serving billion daily impressions - today, they can brag about more than 450 million active users, 70 push traffic sources, and an eCPC of 3.1 cents. This push network has an in-built set of automated rules that affiliates can adjust according to their campaign needs. Here’s what they offer:

Core features

  • Broadest reach. Over a billion daily impressions are what significantly broadens your affiliate advertising opportunities. As well, they have CPC worldwide traffic sources and traffic from more than 100+ traffic partners.
  • Advanced push formats. The platform specializes in push notifications, so it features a plethora of specific desktop and mobile push formats, including pushes, first-pager, and other formats like pop-ups, SMS campaigns, etc.
  • Affordable traffic and convenient payment options. The minimum bid on the platform starts from $ 0.001. In addition to this, they offer a 3% referral program and a very flexible funding system (PayPal, MasterCard, Wire Bank, Web Money, VISA, Bitcoin, etc.).
  • Advanced filters for campaigns. Aside from white, blacklists, and general filters, they have the budget limit and click limit filters that prevent overspending.
  • Handy interface. The dashboard is user-friendly and is easy to navigate, no matter how many ad campaigns you run simultaneously.

Is it right for you?

Obviously, MegaPush will suit those affiliates that gravitate towards affordable push traffic and an abundance of optimization features for their ads. It has convenient automated rules for traffic filtering and bidding. This one can be considered as one of the top choices for affiliates that want to benefit from high-quality yet affordable traffic across the broadest niche categories, including casino, Nutra, dating, adult, binaries, and so on.


Ad-Maven serves push notifications relatively recently, but the ad network itself was founded almost a decade ago. Apart from pushes, this advertising network can serve pop-under ad formats; this platform can boast 2.5 million daily impressions across the majority of top-tier countries. This platform provides traffic from direct publishers and guarantees the quality and safety of impressions they provide. Here’s what they offer:

Core features

  • The abundance of push formats. They offer pushes in all possible sizes and resolutions as well as pop-unders to diversify your media mix with full-screen, half-screen, and all-screen-fit units.
  • First-hand traffic sources. The platform has 1 billion active users, and 90% of them you can target through high-volume direct deals that offer unique deals. New subscribers connect eye day.
  • Account manager support. For those who lack experience in campaign tuning, the platform offers managed services and assistance.
  • Auto optimization. Ad-Maven features optimization mechanisms to improve the rendering and performance of any ad format you choose.
  • Safety. The platform protects traffic sources with in-house tools and connections to third-party traffic safety providers.

Is it right for you?

Ad-Maven advertising network can be a very good choice for affiliates that look for the highly-convertible traffic in certain business niches. The platform has strong targeting options and auto-optimization leverages that can be configured individually or with the help of an account manager team. All these functionalities make Ad-Maven suitable for both experienced affiliates and newcomers.


DatsPush is a relatively new advertising network, which, nevertheless, has already positioned itself as one of the top traffic sources for omnichannel push advertising campaigns. Whereas other options in the list may serve a billion impressions per day, this one delivers 24 million clicks. This CPC network is a self-serve platform that can equip you with essential tools for launching affiliate marketing campaigns of any level.

Core features

  • The abundance of ad formats. The platform helps you to run push advertising campaigns as well as in-page, pop-under, and native formats the size and resolutions of which you can adjust for yourself.
  • Lots of targeting options. Targeting is possible according to Web/Mobile, Geo, Carrier/IP, Browser/Platform, Black/White lists, Source/Audience, and other targeting options in the dashboard.
  • Flexible payment. The platform offers a flexible minimum deposit for funding your advertising campaign in the dashboard; it starts with a $50 minimum per campaign. The bids start from 0.001$
  • Automated rules. There are a set of automated rules that help the platform to optimize your campaign's flow, apply blacklists, and the right filters.
  • Great reach. The platform is regularly serving thousands of impressions in more than 250 countries around the world, with a median bid averaging at $0.0040

Is it right for you?

DatsPush generates good-quality traffic and can serve as a great network option for affiliates, especially those who look for affordable push rates. It is a self-serve platform, but nevertheless, it has a strong support team that can assist you as a customer if you have questions. Of all those networks featured in the list, this one has the humble minimum deposit of $50, which can be especially valuable for affiliates that have limited advertising budgets.


DaoPush is an excellent finding for affiliates because it generates excellent traffic that easily converts. The platform is new; it was created in 2019, and still, by that time, it managed to accumulate a giant base of active subscribers that spans 50+ countries worldwide. The collaboration options it features will satisfy the needs of advertisers, affiliates, and media buyers alike. Here’s what they have to offer for clients in 2022:

Core features

  • Clean traffic. The push ad units can be served on mobile and desktop screens. Every impression of such type on this platform is absolutely human-viewable and free from bots, spam, and fraud.
  • Small minimum budget. You can start running an ad campaign with a bare minimum of $50 on your account. AS their website indicates, now it is also available with a $10 minimum deposit.
  • Affiliate-oriented ad formats. The most popular ad formats affiliates are here on the platform; they include not only pushes but also pop-unders and in-page notifications. The pricing starts from $ 0.1 per 1000 clicks.
  • Very beneficial deals and perks. High-volume buyers and certain partners with a proven reputation get exceptionally favorable conditions and offers on a regular basis.
  • Own base of subscribers. The platform claims to have 40 million loyal push notifications subscribers.

Is it right for you?

DaoPush is the most flexible option when it comes to the minimum deposit necessary for the campaign to start. It has a very low entry barrier and will also suit those affiliates that want to advertise in the narrow or restricted niches like adult and dating. This network is also a good option for affiliates with a good reputation because it offers special conditions and perks.


SelfAdvertiser is a push advertising self-serve network that was founded in 2014 by a company called Intango. The specifics of this platform are that it functions based on PPVC push and pop traffic and provides advertisers with great opportunities to buy high-quality impressions. Worth pointing out that this push network wasn’t specializing in pushes until 2019. However, the functionalities that they offer today can already impress even experienced affiliates.

Core features

  • Broad reach and geo coverage. The platform serves more than 180 million push ad impressions per day across different top-tier geos and channels.
  • User-friendly dashboard. The interface of the dashboard is very simple and clear. It has intuitive navigation and easy-to-grasp the logic that makes campaign management a simple and straightforward task.
  • Optimization features. The platform gives users an opportunity to optimize the traffic flow by applying filters, extensive targeting options, and inspecting performance statistics. The platform also has an in-built bid optimization mechanism.
  • Extensive targeting options. Thanks to the smart targeting, all push impressions are channeled to the right people at the right time and screens (Carrier, ISP, OS, GEO, Browser, Type & Version, Connection, and so on).
  • Reporting. You can quickly get a glance at what’s happening with your push traffic using campaign stats in the reporting section.

Is it right for you?

SelfAdvertiser is a decent option to make the utmost of desktop and mobile push traffic as they have essential functions for campaign tuning and optimization. This one will perfectly suit experienced affiliates who know the specifics of the push traffic and how to adjust campaigns so that they would deliver greater outcomes.


Initially created as a pop-under traffic network HilltopAds has grown with time and diversified to pushes. Today it could be called a robust CPM/CPA push network that has its own ad servers and RTB bidder. This is a self-serve platform that features optimization controls, targeting, eCPM optimization, traffic from direct publishers, and other advantages that can elevate your campaigns to a new level.

Core features

  • Direct traffic sources. The platform has direct sources of traffic and collaborates with reputable publishers from all around the world.
  • Broad reach. This network has an RTB bidder and its own ad server. It serves 12 billion monthly impressions across top-tier countries and can easily satisfy the needs of those affiliates who aim for big traffic volumes.
  • Deep and precise targeting. Affiliates can find lots of targeting options on the platform, including Carriers, OS, Browser, Device, geo, retargeting, dayparting, white and blacklists, keyword, and a set of others.
  • Verified traffic. The viewability of traffic is granted by connection to anti-fraud traffic safety providers and filters that fight malware, as well as bots and block invalid traffic.
  • Flexible payment options. Affiliates and advertisers can pay using Bitcoins, ePayments, Wire, WebMoney, EpayService, Paxum, and other alternatives.

Is it right for you?

HilltopAds will perfectly suit those affiliates and advertisers who want to advertise with push ads and also have additional formats to choose from. It also has everything in place to optimize your campaigns and make them personalized for every user: targeting options, filters, and budget settings individualize every campaign so that it can fit particular marketing objectives.


Push advertising is like a gold mine in the affiliate world these days. Whereas many verticals are still prohibited or restricted on many advertising platforms, push networks successfully work with such creatives. As we’ve seen in this list, a typical push network works without problems with sweepstakes, gambling, and adult topics. If you are currently searching for a push notification ad network, remember that many of those we’ve featured in the list allow you to start campaigns with a minimum budget, so starting off shouldn’t be a problem.

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