SmartyAds is happy to announce the arrival of brand-new ad format to our DSP, -  meet push notification ads: the source of excellent quality traffic across popular business verticals. This format ideally fits into the advertiser’s marketing campaigns and appears to be a beneficial tool that helps to reach and engage customers. Working as a global content delivery channel, push ads represent premium advertising units that are suited for mobile devices.

So, what is push advertising and how does it work?

An average push ad consists of a short notification message (an alert message, so to speak) combined with an icon that appears on a user screen as soon as it is triggered. 

push mobile ads

Why are they so powerful?

Typical US citizen gets 46 push notifications every day. When it comes to tightening user engagement, the most luck could be found in Europe with the highest push reaction on Android (11,4%), and iOS (5,5%). Push ads immediately capture users’ attention with the short message just at the right time and place. In order to boost your push marketing campaigns, it is worth shifting to this user-friendly and profitable advertising channel that enhances communication with your potential and existing clients. Here are the key benefits that prove the efficacy of push ads for advertisers:

Push notifications guarantee fraud-free environment

Users themselves choose to subscribe to all notifications if they wish to receive them. Hence, push ads are directly transmitted to the users whose subscription numbers are attributed to their mobile devices. That, in turn, ensures high-quality traffic and eliminates even a tiny possibility of fraud which positively affects click-through rate and viewability.

A bigger impact at a lower price

Such small alert notifications require minimum costs as well as efforts. Thus, they drive the highest customer engagement delivering only a short, precise message. Thus, even having a small budget, the advertiser receives a broader reach.

Push notification ads ensure maximum viewability

Compared to other ad formats, online push notifications are delivered right to the user screen, even when they are not searching the web or interacting with an app. Thanks to this, push ads campaigns are more memorable and closer to your audience.

Better retention in the long run

The audience interested in your products or services is eager to know more about updates and hot offers. Push ads are like a constant reminder of your brand presence in customers’ lives – they can turn inactive users into active ones, or simply update existing clients with regular notifications. While with this you can appeal to every client individually, it also increases retention rate in the long-term perspective.

Highest reach

With push ads, advertisers can target their potential users on any device or platform – it helps to attain higher retention rates and reach new clients at global scope. Push marketing campaigns could be successfully used for geofencing and targeting across geos, OS, IP, etc. 

Reduced manual operations due to automation

You can start launching push notification campaigns in minutes as they do not require any special skills – push ads can be easily found and used from the drag-and-drop editor. Push notification ads can reactivate inactive users for onboarding campaigns, incomplete purchases, and transaction notifications as well.

Unique customization

Thanks to instant message delivery along with advanced customization options, you can configure how the user will see the message on mobile (especially important for time-sensitive offers and discounts).

Web push notifications vs app push notifications – what’s the difference?

Both web and in-app push notifications can be regarded as universal advertising formats that are suitable for all kinds of businesses. Their content can deliver promotions, news, alerts, blog posts, news, e-books, personalized incentives, and the list goes on.

Push advertising use cases to straighten your business

Push notification advertising is an indispensable part of omnichannel advertising campaigns. They aim to reveal more possibilities for content promotion to fulfill all your business purposes. Push ads help to generate more leads, views, clicks, as well as to boost brand awareness and increase user engagement across channels.

What could they be useful for:

  • discount announcements, sales messages, or other offers;
  • surveys, questionnaires regarding your brand (for instance, quality evaluation);
  • pop-up notifications about new blog posts or product updates;
  • offers to download an app (app promos);
  • reminders, alerts (about a season discount, hot offer, etc.) based on geo-position;
  • educational information (tutorials that will drive more authority to your brand);
  • latest news, eBooks, and various downloadables.

Considering the above mentioned, we cannot deny but admit that push notifications ads are highly customizable messages that help to capture the attention of your customers, and build user engagement on a more personal level. As a result, pushes allow advertisers to make their push marketing campaigns more diverse and multipurpose.

Push advertising via a single platform

Push notification is a new growing trend that's already knocking to SmartyAds demand-side platform. After registering you can fill your campaign budget and start to advertise with pushes in 3 simple steps:

1) Go to the Campaigns section and create a campaign with [+ Campaign] button. Then choose type ‘push’ and click [Next] to proceed.

push campaign creation

2) In ‘Campaign Settings’ configure when and where you want your ads to be shown. In the basic settings, you can set campaign name, traffic type (only mobile for push), time, targeting, filters, creative tracking tag, campaign budget, and direct deals IDs. (See the full guide). Click ‘Next’.

push campaign settings

3) In 'Campaign Creatives' fill in the parameters: CPM, creative name, brand logo, frequency, add a logo or chose existing creative from ‘Creative Library’. Now save your push campaign and it is ready for launch!

adding new push creatives

Remember, if you serve push ads via SmartyAds demand-side platform, you can augment their effectiveness with precise targeting and omnichannel delivery on all kinds of devices. Hurry up until format is still new and the prices are still low! Need advice or assistance? Our team will be happy to help!

Make your campaign work with push notification advertising and a superior platform in hand! Get Started.

Written by
Lusine Tsaturyan, Head of SmartyAds DSP
November 2019