Today's programmatic ecosystem offers diverse video ad networks for publishers with strong video specialization (for desktop, mobile sites, and apps). Despite the current market's capacity, publishers can easily get lost if they don't know where to look.

Advertisers are looking for premium video ad publishers with specific, brand-safe video content to place ads.

Advertisers must also ensure they display relevant video ads to reach the right users at the right time and on the right screen.

We previously discussed how to choose the best CPM ad network for publishers; now, let's look at the video networks for advertisers and publishers to explore in 2022.

The use of video content for online advertising is popular for several reasons. Video ads have become a powerful way to monetize.

While different ad formats have advantages, video advertisements allow advertisers to highlight their products and services.

In fact, according to eMarketer, video ad revenue had reached $22.18 billion by the end of 2021. As the popularity of video ads grows, so does the number of ad networks.

Video networks in 2022: Google AdSense vs. the competition

AdSense for videos is a tool for monetizing video content (through ad channels like desktop, mobile devices, and mobile apps). AdSense earnings are determined by traffic, ad placement, and niche (vertical: entertainment, news, health, technology, sport, etc).

According to a publication in 2022, automation is helping global business growth across all Google Ads campaigns, including video marketing and smart display. So, digital publishers and advertisers don't have to worry about ad server security, payments, or creative video content rendering.

Additionally, alternative ad networks are less expensive than Google ad manager. Information about the difference between GDN and programmatic you can find here.

With that said, video ad networks remain competitive. Other ad networks that provide more functionality to their platforms, such as geofencing, enabled video header bidding, or interactive digital ad formats, are pushing the leaders down.

Top video ad networks to discover in 2022

Check the video networks you should focus your digital advertising efforts on to connect to the open market. We’ll examine them from both perspectives of publisher and advertiser.

Smarty Ads

SmartyAds is ranked first on this list of the top video ad networks. It offers clients robust programmatic solutions. SmartyAds SSP is a publisher-specific ad platform that sells media and fills ad space in real-time.

SmartyAds SSP features

Highest fill rates. The video advertising platform guarantees high fill rates across verticals (focusing on technologies, business services, media, financial services, eCommerce, investment, etc).

Format & environment options. Publishers can choose from a wide range of video ad units for different screen sizes (along with digital formats).

Maximized demand. Publishers can easily connect to premium advertisers using RTB and competitive technologies like header bidding.

Premium video demand. Advertisers seek premium brand advertisements and exclusive video inventory via private marketplaces and direct programmatic deals, allowing publishers to sell it at a higher price.

Publisher controls. Publishers can now fine-tune video campaigns with filters, ad sizes, types, resolutions, and a minimum price (floor price).

SmartyAds DSP works like an advanced video ad network for advertisers.

SmartyAds DSP features

100% brand safety. Protected Media, Forensiq, and manual traffic quality review ensure that ads are never shown next to inappropriate video content, and only viewable impressions are generated.

Efficacy and transparency. There are no hidden fees on the video advertisement platform and campaigns require a minimum prepayment of $1000.

Reach. Through RTB, the platform connects to a global pool of premium publishers and offers high-volume premium direct and PMP deals.

All verticals. Arts & Entertainment, Technology & Computing, Hobbies & Interests (Games, Society, Business, News, Education, Health & Fitness.

High-quality video ad formats. Native video, rich media ads, CTV, etc.


  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • SSP payment method: NET 60 basis
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement for SSP: ~5 million page views per month.

Facebook Audience Network

Audience NetworkThis is one of the best video ad networks for publishers because it reaches people beyond Facebook and Instagram. It also helps advertisers stand out since the ad units appear different on news feeds.

FAN ad platform features & benefits

Affordability. Surprisingly, FAN is a more affordable video network, as advertisers can place ads cheaper than on Facebook.

Pre-roll friendly. FAN is a good pre-roll top video ad network that also serves in-stream video ads (with which the publishers can monetize their video content).

Focus on mobile video ads format. FAN is a video ad network that focuses on mobile video advertising (specific demand and supply). Adsense supports video and image ads.

Reach. It leverages video discovery technology that provides over a billion views monthly.

Reputation and quality. Facebook Audience Network does not buy third-party traffic or first-party data.

Extensive targeting. FAN uses Facebook audience targeting to ensure that advertisers only reach the right demographics.


  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • SSP payment method: NET 21 basis
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement for SSP: ~5 million page views per month.

Xandr (Appnexus)

Xandr, also Appnexus, is a video advertising network that provides both buy and sell-side services. By 2020, it was integrated with Google's DoubleClick and Microsoft's AdECN. Publishers with video players can trade via RTB, programmatic exchange, or directly with advertisers. Xandr also has a DSP and SSP.

Appnexus video ad network features

Different video formats. Advertisers can use the platforms to serve in-stream and out-stream ads.

RTB and DD. The video advertising platform connects large global publishers with advertisers (RTB ecosystem) and direct deals with publishers.

Deals. Package deals help publishers sell mobile video ad inventory quickly. For advertisers, it means lower costs.

Campaign controls. Advertisers can set up their campaigns via the dashboard. Publishers can use the platform dashboard to fine-tune ad rendering.

Predicted yields. The SSP has a handy feature that helps publishers predict future yields.

Data reporting. SSP and DSP both generate real-time performance reports.


  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • Payment: NET 30 basis
  • Minimum Traffic for publishers: No minimum requirement.


ExponentialExponential is among the best video ad networks due to its tiered pricing for publishers, which is convenient for monetizing video ads. Exponential is one of those video ad networks founded by Tribal fusion. They provide high video content CPMs for publishers and set high video traffic quality standards.

Exponential video ads features

Ad formats. Exponential supports popular video formats for desktop and mobile advertising. Advertisers may also run instream video ads (along with other display ads).

Ads for premium brands. Direct deals for premium brand ads are available.

Reach across verticals and categories. Advertisers can place video ads across various verticals and categories, including tech, games, entertainment, science, and education.

Extensive targeting. All video ads have geo, divide, OS, and other targeting options.

Controls. Advertisers and publishers can customize campaign flow via a simple dashboard.

Stats. Reports on campaign and ad inventory monetization performance are generated.


  • Model: CPM, CPA
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • Payment: NET 45 basis
  • Minimum traffic for publishers: 500,000 million page views monthly.


SpotxSpotX is a video ad network specializing in OTT and CTV ad serving. In-stream and out-stream video ads render well in this highly targeted environment that offers various video content types placements. It is a very popular ad network that generates over 3 billion video ads monthly.

The SpotX features

Broad reach. This video ad network connects to a global RTB publisher pool and has over 50 demand-side partners.

Ad formats. The network offers video ads on the web, in-stream, and out-stream video ads units, rich media, and in-content sticky ads.

Advertisers' controls. Advertisers can adjust targeting, video units, daily budget, frequency, etc.

Publishers' controls. Publishers can set up comfortable price floors, multi-currency reporting, ad parameters, etc.

Higher CPMS for publishers. Publishers can earn up to $10 CPM.

Bid reports. Performance reports include metrics such as bid activity, impressions, and ad revenue (for publishers).


  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • Payment: NET 60 basis
  • Minimum traffic for publishers: No minimum requirement


Select MediaSelectmedia is a cross-screen video ad network. It uses RTB to deliver video content to targeted audiences globally. Selectmedia also has 650 direct premium websites in 55 countries.

Selectmedia's features

Video ads for publishers. The network provides cross-screen support for mobile video ads, in-app ads, and desktop.

Direct and RTB deals. It allows both real-time bidding and direct deals.

Safety standards. The high IAB inventory standards and connectivity of traffic safety providers protect the ecosystem.

Yield optimization. The platform promises efficient publisher ad revenue and advertiser ad budget optimization.

Trusted video supply. The platform has an extensive network of supply partners.

Low-cost media. Connections to global supply partners reduce media costs and optimize cost per impression.


  • Model: CPM, CPV, Flat Fee, and Rev-Share
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • Payment: NET 60 basis
  • Minimum traffic for publishers: 250,000 million page views per month.


UndertoneUndertone is one of the best options for in-banner and pre-roll video ads. It provides ad networks for publishers and advertisers with video, multicultural, TV data targeting, social media, influencer, and other ad formats. Undertone partners with Sephora, LG, and L'Oreal to drive traffic across mobile web, in-app, and desktop platforms.

Undertone features

Popular & custom video ad formats. Interstitial, in-line, in-stream, social, in-banner, and pre-roll formats, post-roll ads, including IAB formats, can be delivered across screens.

CBA compliance. All video formats meet CBA and IAB standards.

24/7 support. The platform claims to provide around-the-clock customer support.

KPI tracking. The system tracks ad inventory performance via video ad impressions, conversions, and clicks.

TV video support. The platform can target and retarget users on TV and track campaign performance.


  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPV
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • Payment: NET 60 basis
  • Minimum traffic for publishers: 500,000 million page views per month.

Propeller Ads

PropellerAdsPropeller Ads is one of the video advertising platforms with many options for monetizing video content and other known static formats. Advertisers can also run video ads campaigns across multiple platforms. To date, the company has successfully run over 3,000 ad campaigns, including those with video.

PropellerAds features

Traffic safety. Manual checks and connections to traffic safety providers ensure the purity and health of the traffic.

High-quality video ads. The platform includes banner formats, on-click videos, and in-banner videos that meet industry standards.

Different video ad formats. Many video formats are supported with a focus on-click and in-banner.

Passback. If the inventory is not filled for any reason, PropellerAds provides video ads publishers with a passback, which replaces the ad unit with a different one.

Performance reports. Digital publishers can generate inventory performance for video content.


  • Model: CPM and Rev share
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • Payment: NET 15 basis
  • Minimum traffic for publishers: No minimum requirement


UnrulyUnruly is one of the best video ad networks because it supports video ad units from various GDPR, CCPA, and IAB compliant sources. It also follows the IAB's LEAN standards. This video ad platform connects global advertisers with premium mobile, in-app, and desktop publishers.

How Unruly differs

Easy-to-use dashboard. Dashboard makes setting targeting, budget, and video resolutions easy.

RTB & PMP. Video advertisers and publishers can trade in an open, private, or directly.

Video ads for publishers and advertisers. It allows advertisers to run out-stream video ads, mobile video, CTV, in-app video, social, display, as well as in-stream video ads.

Dedicated account management. Customer service and account managers will assist with campaigns and issues.

Editing suite. Advertisers can boost their ad units using a suite of editing tools.


  • Model: CPM, PPC, CPA
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • Payment: NET 60 basis
  • Minimum traffic for publishers: No minimum requirement

Video IQ

VideoIQVideo intelligence is a contextual video ad publisher network. Contextual matching occurs alongside media analysis (audio, video, brand/person recognition, text). In-stream video ad units are among the most popular ad formats with the highest CPM.

Video IQ features

Broadest reach. Advertisers can deliver video ads to the US, Canada, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, and UK audience targeting.

Video targeting. Contextual video ads are served contextually on websites and apps. They comply with GDPR and CCPA.

PMP. Advertisers get exclusive inventory and publishers get favorable trading conditions.

Cross-vertical reach. Video Intelligence's video ads are very effective in the entertainment, lifestyle, and news niches.

IAB categories. Using IAB categories ensures the best contextual match.


  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • Payment: NET 60 basis
  • Minimum traffic for publishers: No minimum requirement


SpringServeSpringServe is one of the major video ad servers, not a video ad network. It allows publishers to manage yield and serve video ads easily. This ad server will be especially useful for publishers who need to customize the ad serving process.

What sets SpringServe apart?

Supports any video ad format. The configurable ad server supports almost any video ad format.

Auction optimization. Each publisher can adjust its own ad servers to optimize video ad campaigns and auction dynamics.

Transparency. The platform gives you more control over media-selling and serving, making processes and technology tacking easy.

Broad reach. SpringServe connects to other ad networks, direct partners, and agencies for promoting video content.

Easy tag management. Tag management is simplified to track video campaigns.


  • Model: N/A
  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • Payment: NET 30 basis
  • Minimum traffic for publishers: No minimum requirement


AirpushAirpush is an ad network that specializes in mobile video ads. Using this technology platform, advertisers can reach over 150,000 apps worldwide. Its ad network supports static, interactive, and dynamic formats. Airpush has also launched its own video ad unit called the abstract banner. The platform collaborates with Walmart, Nissan, KFC, Huawei, and others.

Airpush’s strong features

Video units for reach and impact. The network supports rich media ads, banners, abstract banners, overlay, push ads, etc.

SDK integration. Publishers can quickly connect and start video monetization of their apps using the platform's lightweight SDK.

Mobile private exchange. Demand and supply can trade via RTB and private marketplace deals.

Easy-to-use dashboard. Dashboard helps advertisers and publishers tailor campaigns and video monetization to their goals.

Ample targeting options. Targeting is available according to geo, OS, divide, traffic type, etc.


  • Reporting: in real-time
  • Countries the platform supports: worldwide
  • Payment: NET 60 basis
  • Minimum traffic for publishers: No minimum requirement


Even though AdSense is one of the largest video ad networks, many other video advertising platforms are available. Using this list, you can quickly assess which video ad networks suit your needs best.

Stay ahead of advertising innovations. Join SmartyAds SSP or DSP as a publisher or advertiser!

Written by
Irina Kovalenko, CMO of SmartyAds
November 2020