Excellent news for our beloved users!

For SmartyAds team summertime has been productive like never before: our demand-side platform keeps growing technical capacities providing advertisers with the cutting-edge features which help to achieve even greater campaign effectiveness.

Starting from June, 2018 advertisers benefit from the trendiest video formats and enhanced targeting options that make ad serving extra-precise and relevant.

This is only beginning, we’ve got more! Find out what new options will be improving your user experience in the upgraded DSP version:

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GPS and URL Targeting

An extensive set of targeting options is available at renewed SmartyAds DSP - starting from Domain, IP or publisher ID and ending with URL and newly arrived GPS.

GPS geo-targeting enables advertisers to reach the potential customers in the few meters proximity, show them ads real-time and allure them to visit their cafe, shop or service when they’re passing near.

In order to start targeting all you have to do is to configure the coordinates where your potential users can be. It can be as close as few meters near the spot your business is located or as far as several miles away, in the areas where the concentration of your target demographics might be the highest.

For the advertiser who only aims for particular website pages, it is the opportunity to show the ads only at the desired place. Sure that only this or that website page gathers your best audience? Go for the URL targeting and your ad will only be shown there.

Video support and VAST tags

Online video advertising is the most favored and profitable creative ad format of 2018, that’s why now it is also supported on SmartyAds DSP. Video advertising is memorable, yet simple - it needs to grab the user’s attention and capture it for 5-15 seconds until the video ends.

The video ads are getting embedded in the video player but there are no general standards for advertising in the players, for this VAST format was created. The video VAST tags generated by the DSP will help to channel the creatives to the biggest video networks that feature the broadest offer of video-friendly inventory.

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Retargeting is a perfect advertising mechanism that helps to regain the attention of the user who once shown the interest in your product but didn’t convert. Now it is available at SmartyAds DSP. It works this way - the creative is shown only to the audience segment which already visited your website. When you will be retargeting the product, the users visiting third-party sites will see the banners that return them to your promoted resource.

Broader reporting

How can you be sure your campaign performs well or it needs a correction? Right, you generate the report for the particular metric during the last month or week. Tracking the campaign progress has become a pleasure with real-time flexible statistics, track the eCPM dynamics, Impressions, Conversions and many more! See the progress of campaigns and optimize them real-time. Now you can respond faster to changes!

In-house traffic scanning

Caring about brand safety is a crucial point of every campaign running. Working with antifraud technologies helps to achieve a significant reduction of augmented traffic for advertisers. For instance, only a 20% reduction of bot traffic generally results in reduced risks for the brand safety and increases ad ROI by 7 times. SmartyAds DSP scans all inventory with in-house tools like Bot Protection Module, Spoofed Domains, and Mismatch IP Filters. If the tools detect a highly suspicious traffic the source is automatically declined.

Check, double check, triple check. Safety is easy and convenient at SmartyAds DSP!

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