The report delivered by MRRSE (Market Research Reports Search Engine) is promising data web monetization market $708.86 billion growth by 2025 with 21.4% compound annual growth rate for the 2017 – 2025 period. Epic, but when it comes to the monetization methods variety, additional website monetization solutions may cause additional confusions.

How to make money with a website and how to put ads on your website in case you need to achieve really noticeable results? The answer depends on the audience specifics and the product or service that gets offered via blog or website.

Some website monetization methods can be fast but not always working, the others are slow but sure. The ultimate aim of the website owner in any kind of situation will be obtaining the greatest amount of traffic possible with minimum resources invested. Let’s see what to begin with.

Programmatic website monetization

Programmatic belongs to the best website monetization tools offering excellent precise audience targeting opportunities for website owners without traffic limitation or restrictions on budget.

There are two sides involved in the process - a seller and a buyer of website or blog inventory. In order to join the programmatic buying, the publishers (website owners) have to authorize at SSPs. The advertisers register at demand-side platforms in order to reach and bid for available placements on the ad exchange.

Open RTB auctions

Real-time bidding technology helps to monetize your website with ads through real-time auctions. Programmatic website monetization technology includes RTB auctions where publishers meet with advertisers to sell their website inventory. Same way advertising space selling is automated via direct or guaranteed programmatic deals.

How does RTB web monetization work?

  • While the user’s page is loading, the SSP sends the user data (IP, browser, request details) to the Ad network.
  • At ad networks, advertisers are bidding on the impression using DSP.
  • The highest bid offered wins the competition for the ad impression.
  • The winning ad impression is transferred to SSP and is served on user’s browser. The whole process takes milliseconds.

Programmatic direct

Site monetization with programmatic direct can give advertisers a possibility to book guaranteed ad impressions in advance from certain publisher’s website or blog. Programmatic direct includes both guaranteed and non-guaranteed deals.

Publishers who want to focus on the brand safety and seek premium placement on publisher source select programmatic direct as a way to monetize website. Programmatic direct enables finding particular selling ad space.

Programmatic direct enables advertisers to get the first look on inventory that guarantees the premium advertising space access and inventory quality.

Programmatic guaranteed

This web monetization scheme includes the fixed terms and obligations between the publisher and the advertiser considering required amount of ad placements and price. This way, advertisers can book selected website or blog placement ensuring essential placements volume and quality.

Programmatic premium

This scheme enables seller and buyer to monetize website traffic avoiding the actual auction. The publisher and advertiser negotiate and pre-agree value (usually a fixed CPM model) before the auction starts. For website owners it will bring higher incomes from inventory, for the buyer there’s an opportunity to select preferable advertising space that will perform effectively.

Header-bidding auctions

Popular programmatic technology allows to monetize your website via open RTB auction but receiving the bids from several advertisers simultaneously. In the average “waterfall” model the bids are obtained in turns so the best website or blog inventory is usually taken in the first round of bids.

With header bidding publisher receives more control over their inventory as this monetization method gives clearer demand picture. Bidding simultaneously, advertisers suggest a higher price for website or blog inventory so compared to the waterfall approach the profit increases from 10% to 30%.

How to monetize website traffic with SSP?

Nowadays website monetization along with optimizing the revenue with Supply Side Platform evolved into worldwide targeting-based auction sales. With SSP publishers and website owners are selling ad space effectively because they’re connected to the greatest pool of advertisers who want to pay high price for the advertising space.

In the overcrowded world of web monetization SSP platforms reduce the likelihood of mistakes and enhance conversions rates without efforts.

Setting a programmatic website monetization campaign on SSP, website owners may be assured - their interests are protected as well. For the high traffic websites and blogs with premium interesting content, the advertising space cost will definitely be higher. Specifically for such cases SmartyAds SSP allows publishers decide and configure the “price floors” individually, below which the ad space won’t be sold at any circumstances. 

Apart of this, the publishers can block certain ad types, configure preferable ad types and sizes.

SmartyAds is here to offer a wide range of programmatic website monetization solutions featuring targeting options, digital ad buying process, and detailed campaign reporting. We actively use all sorts of programmatic monetization methods, including RTB, header bidding, or direct programmatic deals.

Amplify your website monetization, register in SmartyAds SSP and start catching the best revenue opportunities today!