A blog brings an excellent opportunity to generate a decent income, or sometimes even quite a lot of money. You may know some folks who have succeeded in doing the latter. They obviously know a thing or two about how to monetize a website. So what’s their secret?

There are plenty of approaches to monetize your blog or a website. You can offer some courses or consulting services, write and sell ebooks, etc. and keep your subscribers informed about these offers through email marketing. However, a sure-fire way to generate income from your blog is to place ads in it. With this, you can offer your blog as a platform where other companies can advertise their services and products on. Success is guaranteed, provided you do it right.

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Digital ads

The most popular ad formats used to monetize a blog typically involve native ads and banners. The ads can be placed anywhere on the blog: in the posts, in the sidebar, at the end of the page, etc. Every time a visitor clicks on ad, you get paid. This is achieved with ad networks such as Google AdSense, SmartyAds, and others. They allow you to place ads on your site and display those relevant to your content, without any contact with advertisers. This way you can place native ads, banners, or video ads on your blog posts using programmatic algorithms. 

Audio ads

While placing visual and textual ads has plenty of benefits, things seem to be shifting towards audio on a wider scale. The popularity of virtual voice assistants and smart devices is skyrocketing (U.S. smart speaker owners rose 40% in 2018) and we’re witnessing a sort of an audio revolution happening in the world of technology.

Adobe’s State of Voice Assistants 2019 says, more than a third of consumers find voice ads on smart speakers to be more engaging and less intrusive than online, print, TV, and social media ads. Why? The audio conveys more personal experience than any other format. People are already accustomed to the lifelike voices telling them about the weather and traffic, giving them shopping advice, reading the news, and more. On top of that, the capabilities of these virtual assistants are expanding with each day, offering increasingly more functionalities.

These changes are currently creating a ripple effect across multiple fields, blogosphere and websites included. Many blog owners are integrating audio players that create an audio version of their textual content. In an age when productivity and multitasking are highly valued, this means a lot for your potential customers.


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Furthermore, people who have trouble reading content, like those affected by dyslexia or various levels of visual impairment, now have more options to consume content in a natural and intuitive way, in various languages and voices.

These developments are paving the way for completely reinvented advertising in blogs and websites. If we already have audio content in our blogs, why not incorporate audio ads in them as well? We already know consumers react positively to ads they hear on their smart speakers, so placing such form of advertising in blogs shouldn’t encounter resistance.

The technological solutions for implementing this already exist. They involve integration with the website’s CMS and drawing on specifically designed ad servers to dynamically insert ads using Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI). Such a solution can add or stitch custom targeted audio ads into the audio stream. These ads are served on the basis of the individual visitor listening.

Thanks to this solution, bloggers and content creators have an ideal method to monetize their content by offering targeted audio ads backed by a large volume of data and insights. As a result, they get an opportunity to naturally increase their ROI through a more engaging and intuitive experience, tailored to consumers.

So if you want to monetize your blog, adding an audio player is the first step. Having your target audience regularly listen to your content allows you to seamlessly serve them relevant audio ads. But hurry up - things are moving fast and you don’t want to be left behind your competitors.

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Audio ads benefit all sides

Both advertisers and publishers can benefit immensely from audio ads. Advertisers get a new and innovative platform for getting their message across, engaging more closely with their target audiences and being exactly where the change is happening. People will memorize the audio message more clearly than if the ad was visual.

In fact, a study commissioned in 2017 by Pandora, popular music streaming and internet radio service discovered that when audio ads were integrated with the listeners’ personal playlists, their long-term memory was impacted 49% better than radio. Furthermore, 36% better than television, and 29% better than mobile video ads. Although this study dates back to two years ago, these findings are still relevant and illustrate the strong impact of audio ads. This method is lucrative for publishers who choose to monetize a website using audio ads. 

The future is audio

Blogs provide a perfect content marketing platform for spreading awareness about your brand while offering valuable content to the target audience. They also allow blog owners to earn some money on the side through ad monetization. 

Advancing technologies such as voice are opening new horizons and we at Trinity Audio are quite aware of this. Audio ads, in particular, have the power to reach consumers on a more intimate level. The level on which existing and potential customers are more likely to listen and take note of what is being said. It would be a major mistake to miss out on taking advantage of such possibilities.

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