Digital audio ads, dynamic ad insertion, audio content consumption, audio streaming, music streaming services, audio technology solutions, and digital radio broadcasters — all these things are changing the advertising landscape towards audio advertising solutions.

On Spotify, people go for music, podcasts, and audio streaming. Meanwhile, Spotify ad studio even purchased Megaphone for hosting podcasts. Amazon also purchased the Wondery podcast network. Many ad networks are refocusing on accumulating more audio ad inventory in their offerings to satisfy advertisers worldwide.

So, what are the benefits of audio ads and programmatic ads? How do you run an audio ad campaign on the audio ad network, and which options do you choose?

What are audio ads?

Digital audio advertising is a type of advertising that is served within the audio content — while users are listening to podcasts or digital radio and while they are streaming the music. As you can see below, spending in this niche is booming.

audio ad spending

As well, you can see the digital audio split between the desktop and mobile environments for 2017-2024.

digital audio spending mobile and desktop

The benefits of audio advertising include:

No ad blockers

Digital audio does not support ad blockers and this means that advertisers' ad budgets will not be wasted.


Podcast publishers and other audio inventory owners don't have to worry about the bad experience for listeners: ads are served one at a time.

Unique listeners

Podcast listeners are normally represented by tech-savvy and wealthy people that can be unique listeners for the ads.

The first radio ads were not digital, they were served during the logical pauses, in between transitions from one show to another. The target audience received the ad message that was channeled toward all listeners.

Meanwhile, interactive ad insertion in audio inventory only became possible in a digital ad environment.

What are programmatic audio ads?

Programmatic audio advertising refers to the method of ad insertion that elaborates an automated placement on online audio mediums such as podcasts, music streaming services, and digital radio. This method includes dynamic ad insertion and the application of data to help advertisers target audiences precisely.

The difference

Like regular programmatic buying, programmatic audio advertising also uses complex algorithms to deliver the digital audio ad message to users automatically.

With all the necessary technical capabilities, programmatic audio can be served on computers, mobile phones, smart gadgets, mobile apps, and other internet-connected devices.

audio programmatic DSP

The benefits of programmatic ads

Programmatic, first of all, delivers targeted advertisements. Programmatic helps brands to reach only specific audiences — on the programmatic platforms advertisers can establish ad quality settings, include or exclude certain audio publishers from targeting (whitelists, blacklists), generate detailed reporting, define ad features, and of course, select who to address with their audio advertising units (based on targeting criteria e.g age range, location, language, device type, OS, and more). Here's what advertisers get with programmatic ad exchanges and DSPs:

Access to major audio publishers (with premium inventory)

All audio publishers that monetize inventory with programmatic advertising solutions can serve audio commercials.

A positive listening experience

Specific buyers channel advertising to only those users, who fall within their targeting category (which prevents overspending budgets).

Access to unique listeners

With programmatic DSPs and ad networks, buyers have access to unique listeners who have more chances to convert.

programmatic DSP for audio

The best audio ad networks

The numerous ad networks that can work with audio format, however, today we've prepared a list of those that work specifically with programmatic's efficiency and precision.


smartyads-logoSmartyAds has built an entire infrastructure of programmatic solutions that include DSP, SSP, Ad exchange, and white-label solutions.

Recently SmartyAds opened an unparalleled opportunity for advertisers to promote their products and services with programmatic audio ads. Apart from this, advertisers can launch campaigns on CTV, mobile web, mobile apps, desktop, and even on DOOH.

Solutions of SmartyAds are highly praised by international experts — the company is regularly receiving awards for excellence such as SIA, The Drum Awards, MartechBreakthrough, The Drum DADI award, and SAMMY. As well, SmartyAds DSP is frequently mentioned as the top users' choice on such software review platforms as G2.


  • Great quality inventory. Advertisers can run campaigns on the greatest quality inventory that is thoroughly selected and vetted for quality.
  • Single interface. Advertisers can get campaign management tools, and analytical reports, and reach the best audio publishers through the single convenient dashboard of the DSP advertising platform.
  • Multi-dimensional analysis. The analytical reports with comparison metrics can be generated in real time.
  • Optimization tools. The platform has proprietary tools that make media buying more effective — CPM Optimizer (Adaptive CPM), Click booster, Optimization rules, and more.
  • Precise targeting. Lots of options for targeting — geolocation, GPS, time of the day, language, browser, OS, device type, carriers, IAB categories, and more.


mediafemApart from audio, this advertising platform also supports display, video, and major known native ad formats. As well, it has hybrid, server-side, and client-side header budding solutions for publishers.

The peculiarity of this solution is in the abundance of format resolutions and styles each of which helps to create a seamless ad experience for users.

For publishers, this solution offers very favorable conditions as income sharing is not dependent on their location.


  • The abundance of formats. This network supports display, video, and major known native ad formats in different styles that make personalization even more effective.
  • Revenue optimization. The platform has revenue optimization algorithms for publishers based on AI and ML mechanisms. Thus, publishers can generate more money.
  • Connection to worldwide partners. This network is publisher-oriented and it provides a connection to premium demand represented by direct media buyers, DSPs, and trading desks.
  • Header bidding for publishers. Client-side, server-side ad insertion, and header bidding.


basis technologyThe peculiarity of this advertising solution is that has an audio-centric buying platform DSP that is frequently rated as the top choice among media buyers on G2. The platform also specializes in programmatic companion banners, as well as direct, search, and social media advertising.

The other thing that distinguishes Basis from other solutions is that it is positioned as a platform that has one of the strongest automation and optimization based on AI.

When it comes to targeting the platform offers cross-device capabilities with an abundance of targeting options.


  • Strong targeting. Hyper-local targeting, and regular cross-device targeting options. Offline TV targeting, behavioral targeting, and retargeting.
  • Contextual placements. With natural language processing algorithms media buyers can opt for contextual targeting that is more privacy-friendly.
  • Interactive filtering. There's an opportunity to filter the supply sources and prioritize them for targeting.
  • Good workflow automation. The abundance of proactive alerts and useful functions simplify advertising routines and boost outcomes.


adswizzAdWizz can be good for small businesses and medium buyers and sellers alike. The platform offers innovative audio formats to let buyers reach users seamlessly and with great impact.

What's also very peculiar about this solution is that platform offers progressive technologies like dynamic insertion and optimization of the campaigns on the go.

The platform has been specifically suited for the audio format, so it has plenty of targeting options that are well-suited for such experiences. AdWizz is also a provider of the newly announced full-service comprehensive podcast cms.


  • Advertising in audio and podcasts. The brand can find its ideal audience while they are listening to the global pool of podcasts and audio.
  • The strong yield on SSP, and campaigns on DSP. Publishers get their revenue optimization on SSP.
  • Ad insertion and SDK for publishers make it easy to integrate with the vast world of audio demand.
  • Strong analytics. Measurement and attribution in real-time are available for buyers and sellers alike.

Your own white-label solution

smartyads logoIs digital audio advertising changing the game? Definitely, and with your own SSP solution you can suit the advertising environments to your own tastes.

SmaryAds white-label solutions make it possible for everyone to start their own programmatic platform in just a few weeks and capitalize on it as quickly as possible.

Read more about WL SSP + Ad exchange.


  • Your own terms. You tailor your ad environment according to your needs — partners, ad formats, and connections.
  • Higher incomes. You receive income from media trading as a platform owner.
  • Optimization and management. You can arrange traffic intelligently with robust traffic tools (to generate higher profitability).
  • In-deep analytics. Analytics is available even at the request level, which makes your system ultimately transparent.

The last word

Activating programmatic audio campaigns can be as simple as any other format on SmartyAds DSP.

Create a campaign

Register at SmartyAds DSP, go to the dashboard, and to the campaigns section. The first step will be choosing a campaign type - select "Audio".

create campaign

Upload your audio creative

Upload your audio creative in the campaign settings.

adding creative

Activate your audio ad campaign

After this, you can set up the parameters of your campaign and air it.

Alternatively, you can use options of the best featured in the list of audio networks, each of which can other its unique capabilities for digital marketing on this new medium. Finally, you can generate revenue on your own while label solution and benefit from the ultimate freedom it gives to new business owners.

Ready to get started? Register at SmartyAds DSP!

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