Greetings to our dearest advertisers!

SmartyAds is now rolling out a series of DSP updates to refine our product for optimal performance and make programmatic ad buying even more appealing. Since the last SmartyAds DSP update in June 2016, we’ve been committed to excellence and invested heavily in research and development. We were searching for solutions that would cater to each of your needs by gathering bits and pieces of suggestions from you. We are honored to have such loyal clients! Today, we are proud to announce the latest upgrade of SmartyAds DSP to 3.1 version! And now we would like to showcase some of the major SmartyAds DSP 3.1 additions. Ready?

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We are now partnering with Protected Media! What is Protected Media?

If you haven’t heard yet, it’s a pioneer in fighting ad fraud with cyber security technologies. Protected Media easily detects malware and fraudulent activity, safeguarding 100% of human traffic. How does it do it? By adding a protective layer to every ad whether display, video or mobile, providing you with critical, real-time insights! What does it mean for you? From now on, you have an opportunity to get your traffic scanned by Protected Media’s next generation click fraud/bot detection system! Protected Media is always on guard to protect your media budget! Check out their website:

Your reporting user interface is now improved!

Explore the benefits of the improved reporting interface of SmartyAds DSP 3.1. We challenged ourselves to include new navigation features and add a separate column that displays the data on the quality of traffic listed for each domain. What does it mean for you? Well, we both agree that the quality of traffic is better than quantity. With this new feature, you have a better way to analyze real-time traffic. The estimation column shows traffic patterns and a numerical traffic value.

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Enhanced list management!

Now you can add necessary websites to your list with a click of the mouse! You can choose websites that suit you best, manage site lists and optimize your campaign results! Based on your comments, this functionality is finally here.

Exporting reports is now available!

The new feature allows you to retrieve your analytics report into real-life Microsoft Excel ® (.xls) spreadsheet file. The file then can be opened in version 2003 or newer and you may continue comfortably working on your report, viewing, sorting and filtering your data.

Thank you for choosing SmartyAds Demand Side Platform. We hope you are pleased with its functionality, powerful features, and intuitive user interface. We will continue to make every effort to further enhance our services. Your contribution, however small, will go a long way in helping us to improve the quality of our products. If you have any comments, recommendations or suggestions, please share with us!

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